How To Fall Asleep

If there is one thing I love that’s sleep, I would sleep all day if the world would let me. But sometimes I find it hard to get off to dream land after a busy day, For today’s post I am going to share with you my top tips for a good night sleep!

Wind Down Time

I always find I really struggle to get of to sleep if my brain is all busy and going at 100 miles and hour. To avoid this I try and allow myself half an hour to an hour of wind down quite time before I want to go to sleep. I find reading a “easy read” book or a easy watch TV program works the best. Nothing to stimulating basically.

A Warm Drink

To accompany my wind down time I like to have a hot drink. Nothing with Caffeine in though of course! I love a chamomile tea or a hot chocolate these make me feel all cosy and sleepy or even just a decaffeinated earl grey tea.

Lavender Oil
How to fall asleepThis has got to be the thing I recommend the most! A few drops of lavender oil on my pillow, soles of my feet, wrist and behind my ears. Work a charm on getting me of to sleep. I really notice that I don’t have a good night sleep if I don’t use my lavender oil. If you don’t use it already you must! I really recommend the Miaroma Soothing Lavender oil. Its currently on sale at Holland And Barrett to. When buying essential oils make sure they are an essential oil and not a fragrance oil. fragrance oils have the lovely smells but without the amazing health benefits of an essential oil.

Avoid Naps

Sometimes it’s so tempting to have a afternoon nap however I find if I do this I struggle to sleep at bedtime, I was once told if you are desperate for a afternoon power nap limit it to just 20mins this should be enough to get you through the day


My final tip is something I love doing. I find I will always nod off rather quickly if I lay  still in bed and imagine each part of my body relaxing. Starting with my toes I imagine each part of my body becoming completely relaxed I do this all the way up my body. I am left feeling  relaxed and sleepy. This technique has been used in basic meditation for years and really helps me fall asleep.

Hopefully now you feel you have the right tools for a good night sleep. If you have any more tips you think I should try let me know!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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A Festive Night In

For me long winter nights are the perfect excuse for a pamper and chill out night, and that is why for today’s post I am going to be sharing with you my top tips for having the most perfect festive night in!

Todays post is also a collab with with amazing Chloe from, she is so sweet and she has also shared her Cosy Christmas Night In with everyone over on her blog, so make sure you have a little look at her post and share some love their too!

Tip Number One:

me time.jpgSet aside plenty of time, During this busy season finding time can always be a little bit tricky. I am a true believer in there is always time if you plan for it. if you can rearrange your plans and routine just a little bit, I am sure you can find a few hours of just you time. It super important we allow ourselves time to relax, it keep the mind healthy and during the Christmas time we all need some “me” time.

Tip Number Two:

IMG_40331.jpgI always find the best way to start a night in, is by having lots of yummy food to hand. I thoroughly recommend a takeaway or just having lots of yummy sweets,crisps and chocolates ready. During the festive season I absolutely adore gingerbread especially the cooperatives mini gingerbread men their scrummy! and terry’s chocolate orange! or why dont you go all out with a cheese board! whatever you love to eat, this is your time so enjoy them!

Tip Number Three:

bathI think this is the most important step to creating your perfect festive night in, and that is have a bath. what is there not to love about a long soak in the bath. Now is the time to fill the bath so its over flowing with bubbles, use your fancy and special body washes and lotions, turn up the Christmas music or read a cosy festive book. however you love your bath do it! Maybe be wild and combine tip two with tip three! eat your snacks in the bath maybe?

Tip Number Four:

I think this is my favourite step to a festive Night in. Time to get cosy! being cosy is my elf.jpgfavourite ever thing to do, I love it and its when I am happiest. It is now I would recommend grabbing your festive PJs and fluffy sock! if you do not have festive pjs maybe just wear your favourites, turn on them fairy lights, light your scented candles (I highly recommend candles from MelsMelts) and make your self a hot chocolate! I am cosy just thinking about all of this!

Tip Number Five:

This is my final tip and I think its the perfect way to end your festive night in. Time to snuggle down with your snacks, hot chocolate and blankets and watch a Christmas movie,  I have a whole post about my favourites here if you want any recommendations!

I hope you have enjoyed my tips for a festive Night in, If you have anything you think I should add let me know! what are your favourite way to chill out during the Christmas period?

Make sure you also have a look at chloes post, its so lovely and really made me feel ready for a night in!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx