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A Summer Ready Home

With Spring in full swing and summer getting closer, I thought I would talk about everything I am doing to get my home summer ready. I love giving everything a good deep clean and organise, so a change in season is the perfect excuse to do it once again! I feel so much more relaxed knowing my home is as clean and tidy as physically possible to begin the summer. Summer can be so busy with holidays and visitors that sometimes the housework and keeping on top of the organisation can be forgotten, Summers are meant for having fun with family and friends so relax and dont let the housework hold you back!

Below is my easy to follow guide to create a summer ready home!

Where to Start?

I aim to go through a room a day, Some rooms are larger than others and will need more sorting so allow myself to do these rooms on  those days where I have very little planned. I tackle a room a day following this basic routine;

  1. Tidy
  2. Clean
  3. De-clutter

I find using this easy to follow step by step method is the easiest way to get your home summer ready. Its simple and not to overwhelming. I love following it!

What To Use?

IMG_4671If your anything like me, knowing exactly what products I need to clean and how to do it can be overwhelming. there are so many products available and knowing which to choose can be scary. I personally love walking into a freshly cleaned room and it to smell amazing. That why I have found myself with a rather large collection off Zoflora. I adore this stuff! basically if you dont already know, zoflora is  concentrated disinfectant that can be used in hundreds of different ways! and they come is loads of IMG_4675amazing smells. Just hop on to pinterest and search uses for zoflora and you will be amazed!

I love using it to clean my whole kitchen pretty much floor to ceiling, when I am finished the room smells incredible for hours, For this clean I decided to use these two spring scented zoflora, I love the “hello Spring” and I am sure I am on at least my 3rd bottle of the stuff.IMG_4683[1]

TOP TIP! Keep your old reed diffusers and re-fill them with neat Zoflora they work amazingly well as a read diffuser and they are so much cheaper too!

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven can be a messy and smelly business. that can IMG_4681take ages and can leave you feeling all achy. this certainly does not sound fun! I discovered this Oven Pride kit and I love it. Its a deep cleaning kit that has everything you need to get your oven sparkly clean! I follow all the instructions on the box to the letter, however I leave it for around 30 hours to do its stuff, rather than the recommended overnight suggestion. This is the easiest and most effective way of cleaning my oven and I recommend it to everyone!

What Next? 

Re Organise-

After everything has been cleaned a de cluttered, I like to spend some more time re organising. this makes the whole home feel almost brand new and refreshed. I like to move furniture around in the living room and bedrooms and organise my kitchen cupboards in different ways. I enjoy finding new photos and ornaments to spice up shelving units and windows. I love doing this part, I find it so relaxing.

TOP TIP! Search your charity shops for new home ware, this can really change up the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Get Green-

IMG_4670[1]I enjoy doing this all year round, however with warmer weather approaching I feel this is even more important. I find filling a home with fresh flowers and plants, helps create a bright and happy area to live in. With an English summer being far from tropical, I find injecting colour in every room in the form of brightly coloured flowers creates a happy and sunny atmosphere and they also look beautiful so what is there not to love! If your budget is tight I really recommend popping to your local Aldi Or Lidl their flowers are super cheap and last for ages. I especially love their Roses for around the £2 mark!

TOP TIP! I personally find roses always look too busy with all their leaves on, so I take them all off, I love the look this gives, even in a old pasta sauce jar! Anything can be a vase.

Have a Tick-list day-

This has got got be something that I find the hardest to try and do. I allow myself a whole day to sit and work through my to do list. Not only will you benefit from having all those jobs ticked of your list. you will also feel amazing to. Working through and crossing off items from a to do list is so important in order to spring clean the mind. A clean and tidy home will be no good if your brain is all busy with endless jobs to do.

TOP TIP! Before starting, spend sometime (preferably with a cuppa tea) to write absolutely everything you have to do down, maybe categorise them in order of priority or area of life. This will give you an easy to guide to follow for the day and you wont feel so overwhelmed. 

A Perfect start!

by now you have probably spent what feels like forever cleaning and organising. Your home looks amazing and your brain is free from things to do. Its now time to relax and enjoy your home and start making those all important plans for summer. I like to throw myself a pamper night to celebrate my hard work, this may sound silly but it really does but the cheery on top of the cake! I like to run a bubble bath and use all my “special” products and maybe even buy some brand new ones to try. I will allocate almost a whole afternoon and evening for eating yummy food,  binge watching TV and pampering myself to the max. A perfect start to the best summer ever!

If you have anymore tips for getting your home summer ready let me know in the comments!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Preparing For Christmas Day

With Christmas day just a few days away, it is time to start preparing for the big day! All your presents have been brought and wrapped and all the shopping is done,  Its now time to prepare your home, body and mind.

Here are a few things I make sure I do to get ready for the 25th…

Deep Clean

Christmas can be so busy and often everyday housework jobs get neglected. That’s why a few days before the big day I deep clean everything. I work top to bottom and ensure their is not an inch that has not been scrubbed. By doing this the Christmas clear up shouldn’t be half as a big job. Also with people likely to be coming in and out for me its super important the flat is clean, tidy and well presented. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that everything is clean and ready to go!

Make Room For New

Along with a super clean home, its the perfect time of year to declutter and get rid of your old unused bits and pieces. I take some time to go through my makeup and bath and body products and throw out anything I don’t use, is empty or is out of date. This frees up so much space for potential presents and you can really see what you do and don’t have. I try and do this with everything. 

A Clutter Free Home Is A Clutter Free Mind After All…

Is Everything Washed?

Another thing I like to do in preparation for the big day, is to plan my Christmas outfits and make sure everything I need has been washed, dried and is ready to wear. This makes things so easy, as you know everything that you want to wear is ready, contributing to a stress free Christmas. I also make sure I have a bedding set already washed and dried. I do this because on Christmas eve I always make sure its a clean sheet night. I don’t want to be spending Christmas eve doing laundry so I do all the washing a day or two before…easy peasy!

Have Some Me Time

Christmas is a time of year for family and friends and often during the few Christmas days your surrounded by other people. In the lead up to Christmas I take the time to make sure I get in as much “Me Time” as possible. I think this is so important as it prepares your mind for some crazy busy days. Take some time to unwind and relax maybe have a Cosy Christmas night in? whatever you do…enjoy it!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. I find I can totally relax and really get into the Christmas spirit once I have ticked all of these of my forever long to do list. I would love to hear if you do anything to prepare for Christmas? is there anything I should be doing?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



A Festive Night In

For me long winter nights are the perfect excuse for a pamper and chill out night, and that is why for today’s post I am going to be sharing with you my top tips for having the most perfect festive night in!

Todays post is also a collab with with amazing Chloe from, she is so sweet and she has also shared her Cosy Christmas Night In with everyone over on her blog, so make sure you have a little look at her post and share some love their too!

Tip Number One:

me time.jpgSet aside plenty of time, During this busy season finding time can always be a little bit tricky. I am a true believer in there is always time if you plan for it. if you can rearrange your plans and routine just a little bit, I am sure you can find a few hours of just you time. It super important we allow ourselves time to relax, it keep the mind healthy and during the Christmas time we all need some “me” time.

Tip Number Two:

IMG_40331.jpgI always find the best way to start a night in, is by having lots of yummy food to hand. I thoroughly recommend a takeaway or just having lots of yummy sweets,crisps and chocolates ready. During the festive season I absolutely adore gingerbread especially the cooperatives mini gingerbread men their scrummy! and terry’s chocolate orange! or why dont you go all out with a cheese board! whatever you love to eat, this is your time so enjoy them!

Tip Number Three:

bathI think this is the most important step to creating your perfect festive night in, and that is have a bath. what is there not to love about a long soak in the bath. Now is the time to fill the bath so its over flowing with bubbles, use your fancy and special body washes and lotions, turn up the Christmas music or read a cosy festive book. however you love your bath do it! Maybe be wild and combine tip two with tip three! eat your snacks in the bath maybe?

Tip Number Four:

I think this is my favourite step to a festive Night in. Time to get cosy! being cosy is my elf.jpgfavourite ever thing to do, I love it and its when I am happiest. It is now I would recommend grabbing your festive PJs and fluffy sock! if you do not have festive pjs maybe just wear your favourites, turn on them fairy lights, light your scented candles (I highly recommend candles from MelsMelts) and make your self a hot chocolate! I am cosy just thinking about all of this!

Tip Number Five:

This is my final tip and I think its the perfect way to end your festive night in. Time to snuggle down with your snacks, hot chocolate and blankets and watch a Christmas movie,  I have a whole post about my favourites here if you want any recommendations!

I hope you have enjoyed my tips for a festive Night in, If you have anything you think I should add let me know! what are your favourite way to chill out during the Christmas period?

Make sure you also have a look at chloes post, its so lovely and really made me feel ready for a night in!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx