Where Have I been? A New Blog?

It has been such a long time since I have written on here, almost two months to the day! this has been for many reasons but the main one being that my mental health had took a bit of a turn, and my motivation and desire to write was just not there anymore.

But that being said in the past few days something has clicked in me, I started to really miss writing and creating content for you, and as a result my mind started to think about the future of and the sort of topics I would love to talk about in upcoming posts. I feel as if I want to make a few changes to my blog and focus on what I really want to create rather than what I believe you would want to read about.

If I am being honest with you, before my break from bogging I feel as if my love for blogging had deteriorated a little. I got myself so caught up in how can this make money, or what posts will get me the most views and this resulted in loosing why I really enjoyed blogging to begin with. I feel as if I lost my spark and individuality and I am so ready to bring that all back!

blogging means so much to me, its a chance to sit back and relax and the end of a busy day or share experiences and thoughts with you, maybe even give you some advice and tips and tricks along the way also. Blogging is not my full time job its my hobby and I love it for just that.

I hope to publish one post a week at 3.00pm on Saturdays, previously writing multiple posts a week amounted to so much pressure and stress and it just was not enjoyable anymore. For now one post a week sounds perfect for me and I am excited for what’s to come in the future!

I hope what I am saying kind of makes sense? I have written and re written this post so many times its all starting to look the same haha! I wanted to end this post with what I have planned for future posts, I feel like this is the perfect time to sort of re launch my blog and write about topics I am truly passionate about and interested in. If you want to keep up to date with me I would love it if you would subscribe to me, don’t feel you have to though ❤

 Posts to expect from

  • Days In The life
  •  Recipe’s
  • Organisation And Cleaning
  • Womens Health
  •  Living Eco-Friendly
  • Mental Health

These are obviously very brief descriptions of what is to come and I would love to hear what you would like to see more off in the upcoming weeks

Love Fern






Week in the life

Day In The Life….

For Today’s post I thought I would do a bit of a day in the life kinda post… I have not done anything like this before so I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Today I woke up at around 6.30 and continued to snooze my alarm till 7.00 this is so typical of me and it’s a habit I need to break! I popped the kettle on and then made the bed I love making the bed I find it super satisfying just me that finds this? Anyway yesterday I couldn’t find my Fitbit charger so I turned the flat upside down to try and find it, Anyluck? No! I don’t understand how something can just vanish so I headed to Argos on-line and ordered a new one! It cost a whopping £17 so I am not to impressed!

By 8.00 my tea had gone cold so I re heated it in the microwave I am forever doing this! And then made myself a huge bowl of porridge, I am working today so I need all the energy I can gather, it is only a short three hour shift but the short ones tire me out so much haha! While the porridge was heating up I gave the kitchen a quick tidy and wipe over with bouquet Zoflora (I forgot to do this last night!) I also popped a Load of washing on aswell it’s amazing just how much you can get done in two minuets.

While I scoffed up my breakie I checked my social media, I also had a read and comment of some blog posts too. I do this pretty much every morning and I love it. Leave your blog links in the comments. I  would love to discover some new ones! While I was doing this I created a Vero account would love a cheeky little follow over there…Life With Fernie Thankyou!

Skincare products I used today.

28504584_10209003364319928_134600312_oAt 9.00 it was time to get ready for the day. As I’m only at work today I opted for minimal makeup and hair in a pony tail it took just 20minuits to do including my skincare routine and getting dressed, so I decided to spend a good half an hour or so giving the flat a good speed clean and tidy and put another load of washing on it’s not stop glam for me today!

10 o clock came and it was time to think about a cup of tea! I was gasping for one after all the cleaning! I was rung up by Work asking if so could come in earlier so with my cup of tea I had an extremely early lunch! You see that’s the downside to working shorts shifts over lunch time! No chance to eat lunch at a sensible time! Today for lunch I decided on a tomato and herb mug shot pasta, if you28554977_10209003364039921_680675365_o haven’t tried them you must, they are delicious and are less than 1% fat. With that I had a Mediterranean herb wrap to dip in my pasta (is that weird?) and finally a bag of sweet popcorn and a Alpen bar. That should keep me going till Tea time later!

I got in from work at around half 3 and oh me oh my I was starving! I literally could not stop eating! I decided to cook an extremely early tea! Tonight we had sweet potato chips (homemade) with chicken kievs and veggies yummy! We decided to cook together today which was really lovely! I love cooking with Liam,I wish we did it more often.28504420_10209003363279902_593206300_o

With Tea in the oven it was time for a well deserved cuppa. I was super busy at work so it was well needed! I just can’t get enough of earl grey tea, I’m pretty sure it’s becoming a serious problem!

28641113_10209003363119898_1993598660_oAfter we had eaten our tea I washed up and put everything away! This is such a good habit to get into, if you can wash and dry up straight away it always feels like your winning at life! I also took this opportunity to make me and Liam’s lunches for tommorow, we’re both working so it’s a lunch box kinda day.  I am feeling so bloody organised!

It’s now 5.15 and I am going to sign off this post here before it gets mega long! My plans for the evening are fairly boring but I can’t wait for them! My plans are to catch up with some accounts, edit and upload this post then have a pamper session and binge watch Friends with Liam and I can’t wait for it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading a totally random post from me! I have loved writing it and it’s put me in the best mood! If you have liked this and want to see more of them please let me know! I may make this a weekly kinda series. Let me know what you think?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx

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Our 5 Years

Feeling Fabulous!


Food Shop Haul And Meal Plan

Today I thought I would share with you a weekly shop for both me and Liam. If you read my last post Dear 2018 you would know that one of my New Years goal was to loose some of the weight I have put back on. So We tried to plan this weeks meals more healthy than we are used to but still enjoyable.

This food shop cost us a total of around the £40 mark and that should keep us going for a week we had some bits left from last weeks food shop aswell. We did our main bulk of shopping in Lidl and brought the fruit from Sainsbury’s. In me and Liam’s opinion the fruit from Lidl never last longer than a day. Everything else from Lidl has been super yummy and can’t complain at All! I hope you enjoy this slightly different post and if you would like more of these let me know!

I Meal Plan every week and hang up the weeks menu in the kitchen. I brought this lovely chalk board from B&M bargains ages ago now and I love it. With out meal planning I would be lost, and I love how it looks in my kitchen.

I only tend to plan our evening meals, this works best for me and Liam as we both work shifts so meal planning lunches as well would be a nightmare! I always make sure there is wraps and an array of fillings for our lunches and there is always some other bits and bobs in the cupboard for lunch as well.

This Week We Are Having…

This is the Main bulk of our shopping. We love the wraps from Lidl so soft and they keep really well to! The tropical juice has also been a bit hit to! I love it. It’s the perfect drink to have at breakfast and tastes amazing to. Me and Liam eat so many rice cakes at the minute, I especially love them with cucumber and a little cream cheese a delicious lunch.

Here we have everything for the freezer. We decided to buy lots of frozen veg that we can have with out meals. Me and Liam eat a lot of chicken so we picked up this huge bag of chicken breast for around £3, we are yet to try it but fingers crossed they taste as good as the Lidl chilled chicken breast. I had meal planned to have a ready meal one night while Liam is working late and I came across this chicken and vegetable pasta. It looked really yummy and was fairly good for you to, so I thought I would give it a go.

We picked up a handful of bits for the fridge too, we go for semi skimmed milk as it tastes almost identical to whole milk while being a little bit better for you. We also picked up some light cream cheese, I love this on my rice cakes for a snack or a quick lunch DELICOUS!

I absolutely adore crisps! There my favourite go to snack! So when I saw these in lidl I had to pick them up. I’m hoping there going to be a slightly healthier to my favourites. This girls can not give up her crisps!

Finally from Sainsbury’s we picked up a couple of different types of fruit for snacking on throughout the day! The strawberries I have already eaten a couple and they were lush! And the apples were amazing too! Really good quality fruit which only came to a couple of pounds, happy days!

I hope you have found this post somewhat interesting and if you would like more of these let me know, I rather enjoyed writing them.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

Monthly Wishlists

Dear 2018

After a short break over the Christmas season, I am back with a new post. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and received some lovely gifts. I am so ready for 2018. I have deep cleaned the flat, the Christmas decorations are down and I have been thinking about some goals I would like to achieve in the year of 2018.

If you have any goals for 2018 I would love to hear from you, we can do this together!

My Main goal is to be a happier and more content version of myself and I have a few ideas about how ill get there!

Number One:

This is going to be the hardest to achieve. I have decided its time I  started loosing weight again. Earlier last year I Managed to loose nearly two stone and I felt amazing! this really helped improve my mental health and my acne too. The past few months I have slipped back into old habits and the weight has tumbled back on!  My goal is to loose 2 stone, its going to be hard but I am sure I will get there, if anyone else has a similar goal to me, please get in touch I am thinking about creating a twitter group chat so we can all offer each other motivation and support.

Number Two:

I am a lover of routine, however the past few months my life has followed no routine and its starting to really bother me. I am going to spend the month of January working on cleaning routines, day time routines and night time routines. Basically I need a routine for everything haha! My blog posting  has not followed any sort of schedual also so I have been thinking about it and have deciede on the following…


Number Three:

Drink more water, this sort of links with Number One, I hardly drink enough water, I drink plenty of tea if not too much but no where near enough water. I aim to drink at least a litre of water a day, this is going to be tricky but I am going to try so hard. This will hopefully also stop me from snacking. Fingers crossed I can do this!

Number Four:

I am a big advocate for “me” time, however in all honestly the past few weeks I have not taken enough time for myself to just relax and be me. Its time I listened to my own advice and take some time out my busy life and relax.

Number Five:

This is my last one and I think its going to be equally as hard as Number One. Its time to let things go! I am constantly getting myself upset or annoyed because of the tiny little things in life. its time I just let it go and not let it bother me any more. I have no idea if this will be achievable but giving it my very best go will hopefully equal to a happier more contented me.

I would love to hear what you think of my goals? have I taken on too many? if you are interested in my little group chat idea let me know I would love to hear from you.

Hope you all have a lovely New years and I shall be posting again on Monday with a food shop haul!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern x

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Monthly Wishlists

September 2017 Goals 

  I would love for this month to be a bloody good month, I hope to achieve lots and smile              more and that is why I am sharing with you my September goals for 2017! Leave your goals in the comments and let’s motivate each Other! 

 Work out and stick to a blog upload schedule, when would you like to see more of me? Let me know on my twitter @LifeWithFernie. I’m thinking about doing three uploads a week on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday? With a 7pm upload time would this work for you?

Loose my last 11lbs, ready for my holiday in November, I have come so far and need a big push for the last hurdle. I need to make sure I am moving more, I am going to aim for three jogs a week and lots of toning exercises daily.

Hit 50 blog followers, please share my blog with your friends to help make this happen 😉 Pwetty please ❤

Experiment with different make up looks, I do the same everyday it’s time to mix it up! I am going to try doing a 1 different thing a day even if it’s wearing a different shade of lipstick.

Save my money, I need to reign in with buying unnecessary skin care and hair products. Does anyone have any money saving tricks I just spend spend spend!

So those are my September goals, I cant wait to hear what your goals are! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


Feeling Fabulous!

One of my favourite things to do is pamper my soul and body. I absolutely love it! i have my self a pamper evening at least once a week. I love the way it makes me feel like a sophisticated well put together woman, you know the ones that appear to have everything  in control and never a hair out of place. that’s why I love taking time out of a busy day to recharge my batteries and to reinvent myself even if it is just for a few minuets (it never lasts) I feel its so important to have this time for ourselves as it does wonders for our mental and physical health. and that’s a good enough reason for me! read on for my Top 5 ways to pamper the mind and body…

Tidy Spaces

I feel this is the most important thing to remember when having a pamper session. before I start my pampering I always ensure the bathroom and bedroom are as clutter free and as tidy as possible. This always helps me to relax and it makes things so much easier. you don’t want to get out of a glorious bubble bath with the intention of slobbing out in bed if there is washing that needs to be put away on the bed or course work that needs to be done all over the bed. Sometimes this takes a little bit of time preparing the room for ultimate relaxation but oh boy its important.

tidySo we now have our tidy room, you may of put on  clean bed sheets  and put on the fairy lights, I would highly recommend you do this, if anything its essential that you do this. Your almost ready to get pampering but first you need to make sure that all your jobs for the day have been done. ensuring all your to do lists for the day have been ticked off by doing this your ensuring you mind is as tidy as possible. Make your pamper session the last thing you have to do for the day, there is nothing worse than feeling oh so relaxed and calm to remember the washing up needs doing or you need to go the shops, get all your jobs done first.

Bath Time

So now we are ready to turn on those taps, fill the bath with far to many bubbles and possibly flood the bathroom floor with them, am I the only one that manages this? its time to gather all your favourite lotions and potions use the ones you were saving for a special occasion because this IS a special occasion! bathDuring this time I usually find my self trying to de- hair my body! I feel this is my secret of feeling like a put together woman, with silky smooth legs,  well trimmed eye brows and my lady garden well pruned I feel 2 stone lighter. but of course if this is not for you do what ever you please do what you feel happy and confident doing, do whatever makes you happy, thats the key for a good pamper session doing what makes you feel the happiest you possibly can in that period of time.

I take the time to brush conditioner through my hair and whack on a good hair mask as well, I love the Toni and Guy ones there smashing. I would love some new ones to try so let me know your favourite hair masks! to keep my hair feeling as clean as possible I make sure I rinse all the hair gloop of using fresh water from the shower head, I find using the dirty bath water completely defeats the object of washing my hair all nice and for some reason it took me years to work this out. please tell me this is normal?

Finally I’m out the bath I have washed every part of my body and I’m feeling fresh. before I leave the bathroom and the bubbles on the floor oops :/ I will moisturize my soapbody I will either use a body butter or lotion my favourites must be Soap And Glory sugar crush body butter or the Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion. Sometimes when I’m feeling like really going for it I will even  fake tan. I leave the bathroom feeling a brand new woman, I’m silky smooth moisturised and glowing like a goddess. what’s there not to love!

Hands And Feet

Often our hands and feet are neglected, they are used so often and i will always give them some extra loving during a pamper session. I start of my cutting my nails I hate doing this so its quite a chore but my feet and hands do thank me for it. I choose a nail varnish and I paint my toes and finger nails the same. For me wearing matching nail varnish is the cheery on the cake fro feeling a well put together sophisticated woman. I usually choose a nice red or pink shade. I like to think there classy colours. I finish of with some more lotions, I enjoy using the Laura Ashley hand crèmes for my fingers and love the Soap And Glory heal genius for my totsies.

Choosing The Right Outfit

Now our body’s are all clean and creamed, its time to pick out an outfit for the rest of the evening or day depending when your pampering commenced. I personally love going for shorts and t-shirts in the summer especially loving my lion king ones from Primark there adorable or I enjoy feeling classy in a frilly nightie also from Primark. Basically in the summer I want wear something that’s light and comfy. However when it turns colder it a whole new ball game. pjsI love love love! wearing fluffy socks and the fluffiest pyjamas you could possibly imagine. I love the Matalan ones at Christmas there as fluffy as a onesie but as a jumper and trousers I like to call them twosies. see what I did there? basically to summarise outfit picking you need to feel comfy so if you feel comfiest stark bollock naked you go for it sunshine! embrace the nudity haha!


Telly And Snacks

Now this a topic I could take about for hours but I’m aware this is getting rather long so ill try and keep this short. After your finished pampering for me its always time for telly and snacks. My telly of choice would either be made in Chelsea box sets, YouTube or whacking on a film. In my opinions what ever is on that screen is fine, as I said earlier if it makes you happy go for it. if watching re runs of kids telly makes you happy go for it. this sections is completely  your choice. I’m kind like that haha…

Finally Snacks! to me there is nothing in life that makes me happier that eating food. I feel here you have a few options you could treat your body to some vitamins and nutrients and go for some fruit or you could do what I would do and eat my body weight in Doritos doughnuts and dolly mixtures. dollywhatever you decide to go for make sure its yummy and you remember NOT to share, them share bags may tell you to share but we all know there not really meant for sharing right?

So that’s it for my pampering tips and tricks. share yours in the comments below!

If you follow me on twitter next time you have a pamper session send me a picture of your favourite product and use the hashtag #bubblesonthefloor and ill follow you back!

Cheerio for now,

fern x

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