Where Have I been? A New Blog?

It has been such a long time since I have written on here, almost two months to the day! this has been for many reasons but the main one being that my mental health had took a bit of a turn, and my motivation and desire to write was just not there anymore.

But that being said in the past few days something has clicked in me, I started to really miss writing and creating content for you, and as a result my mind started to think about the future of and the sort of topics I would love to talk about in upcoming posts. I feel as if I want to make a few changes to my blog and focus on what I really want to create rather than what I believe you would want to read about.

If I am being honest with you, before my break from bogging I feel as if my love for blogging had deteriorated a little. I got myself so caught up in how can this make money, or what posts will get me the most views and this resulted in loosing why I really enjoyed blogging to begin with. I feel as if I lost my spark and individuality and I am so ready to bring that all back!

blogging means so much to me, its a chance to sit back and relax and the end of a busy day or share experiences and thoughts with you, maybe even give you some advice and tips and tricks along the way also. Blogging is not my full time job its my hobby and I love it for just that.

I hope to publish one post a week at 3.00pm on Saturdays, previously writing multiple posts a week amounted to so much pressure and stress and it just was not enjoyable anymore. For now one post a week sounds perfect for me and I am excited for what’s to come in the future!

I hope what I am saying kind of makes sense? I have written and re written this post so many times its all starting to look the same haha! I wanted to end this post with what I have planned for future posts, I feel like this is the perfect time to sort of re launch my blog and write about topics I am truly passionate about and interested in. If you want to keep up to date with me I would love it if you would subscribe to me, don’t feel you have to though ❤

 Posts to expect from

  • Days In The life
  •  Recipe’s
  • Organisation And Cleaning
  • Womens Health
  •  Living Eco-Friendly
  • Mental Health

These are obviously very brief descriptions of what is to come and I would love to hear what you would like to see more off in the upcoming weeks

Love Fern







A Letter To You…

My blog posts I have had planned have had to go on hold, this week has been crazy! I have gone self hosted which is super exciting! Work has been crazy, if any of you work in retail you can imagine how busy it is! And to top it all off The washing machine has broken along with our toilet! It’s been a busy week! But I’ll be back on the proper posts on Monday for sure! 
For today Post I thought I would write a letter to you, I haven’t seen anything like this before, So I hope you like it….

Dear Reader….

I hope your Christmas is full of love and laughter, However your spending your Christmas Day I hope it is the most enjoyable and perfect day you have ever had. Christmas is a day of celebration, So I really do hope you celebrate to the max! For me my Christmas is going to be crazy busy visiting lots of family, we can’t fit it all in one day so our Boxing Day has become a Christmas Day extension with another Christmas dinner and visiting more family. It’s going to be so lovely. I hope you are able to see all your family over the festive period. Family is so precious, and it’s at times like these we need to show each other. How much we really value and love one another. 

While I hope Santa brings you lots of amazing presents, because you really do deserve to be spoilt. I hope you get as much joy from giving some gifts to. Gifting presents is such a lovely way of showing someone just how much they mean to you. Christmas is a day of giving not only receiving. 

I must dash, I have so much to do! It the guide and rangers Christmas camp today and I need to prepare my self for 20 sugar hyped teenagers! Best I start packing too! 

I really do hope your Christmas is everything you ever dreamed of! Thankyou for taking a little bit of time out of your day to read my letter. That means massive amounts to me and so am forever greatfull.

Merry Christmas and A Verry Happy New Year! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


My Top Festive Foods And Drinks

It’s blogmas day 11! We are nearly at the half way mark! Are you enjoying your December so far? I would love to hear about what your all getting up to!

For me one of my favourite things about Christmas is the food and drink! Me and Liam have a Christmas hamper full of goodies that we keep in the living room, so we can munch as much as we like during this merry season! This changes all the time as we are constantly re filling it with new yummy foods and drinks to replace the ones we have eaten!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite treats for this time of year, what are your favourites? What shall I add to our hamper?


As you may or may not know, I absolutely love gingerbread! And this time of year is full off gingerbread! While I absolutely love making my super easy gingerbread, you can find the recipe here. And these are definitely in my top foods. Mr Kipling released a few years ago gingerbread whirls. These are exactly like their traditional Viennese whirls but in my opinion a million times more tasty! They are gingerbread flavoured! Get in my belly!
In our family we have a tradition of always giving each other a Cadbury selection box for Christmas. For me Christmas would not be Christmas without selection boxes. I love them and it’s something I will continue to love.

If you can’t have chocolate for Breakfast on Christmas Morning … when can you?

Sticking with a chocolate theme. I bloody love a Terry’s chocolate orange. I know you can buy these all year round for me it’s a Christmas treat! I love that you have to smash it open and all the little segments break apart. I always think they smell amazing aswell! So festive and scrumpy!


Got chocolates are 100% my favourite Christmas drink! I love filling my mug with squirts creams, marshmallows and anything else I can find to top it all off, however to make it super festive I have been sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon on the top. This is a lovely touch and really makes it feel even more Christmassy.

I love the Vimto drink you can buy, and at Christmas time they always release a winter spice flavoured Vimto. It is recommended you serve this hot and it’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold December day. I love this drink and will be super sad when they stop selling it again. Best I start stocking up on it!

Finally I thought I would end this post on an alcoholic drink, as I can’t lie these are usually my go to Christmas celebration drink. I love drinking port and lemonade during the month of December. It’s not my usual go to drink however there is something really special and Christmassy about it. It tastes just like Ribenna and Wally is super yummy. I love this drink and I will defiantly be drinking lots of it the closer we get to Christmas!

And that the end of blogmas day 11! December is going super fast for me this year!

Hope you are all well and having a lovely festive season!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


My Snow Day

Today is a slightly different kind of blog post, and it’s defiantly not what I had planned for today but giving the weather I Thought you may like to have a little read. Today I am going to tell you all about my snow day! Hope you enjoy! 

Today Britain woke up to a white blanket, it was beautiful! Like a child I woke up at 8 o clock and was up and dressed by half 8 ready for a snowy walk with Liam! I was so excited about the snow it even gave me a nose bleed! Everything looked beautiful and the snow was untouched it was our very own winter wonderland and it was magical! 

We walked to Liam’s mum and dads and popped in for a cup of tea, it was well needed as we definetly needed to warm up! We stayed and watched the cars struggling up the hill, I can’t lie it was a little exciting seeing whether or not the cars would make it! Then we had a cup of tea with Liam’s grandad who popped round his mums. It was lovely and I felt so cosy being all cosy and warm with lots of cups of tea! 

After that Liam went home he needed to get ready for work, I was invited to stay for a sausage casserole and I gladly accepted a Cooked meal beats a tin of soup any day! 

When Liam’s grandad went home we walked up to Liam’s Nans house for some biscuits and more tea. The snow was super thick and it took three of us to push a buggy through the snow, we must of looked so comical to anyone that was watching us. 

By the time we got home it was around three o clock and not long till the sausage caserole. I decided to stay at their house and catch up on my social media and as I sit with yet ANOTHER cup of tea and a small pepperoni pizza I am writing this, happy days! 

The plans for the rest of the day are simple! Drink hot chocolate eat yummy food and then later have a pamper night and watch a Christmas film! This honestly makes me so happy! I wish everyday could be a snow day! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my day! If you would like more posts like this let me know, I have acctually really enjoyed writing it! Also send me your snowy pictures I love seeing them! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


Oak Cabin 2– Holiday Accomodation

You may or may not be aware that me and Liam have been away for a lovely winter holiday break in the heart of Norfolk England. We have loved our stay in our little Cabin and I wanted to share it with all of you. For the Next week I will be uploading lots of holiday related posts including a holiday look book and lots of posts about what we have been up to. I wanted to document it all for my own memories too and I love sharing my life with you so it’s a win for everyone (I hope)

The Park:

The park we have stayed in was perfect as it was very tranquil and quite. It had breath taking views perfect for a winter break away. The site itself was set in the middle of nowhere as neither me or Liam drive it was vital that we had buses and with a bus that ran every half an hour we could fairly easily get into the beautiful town Cromer however a car would be recommended. The site was set in a large woodland areas hence the name “woodlands” you could stay in either caravans,cabins or lodges by the looks of things all the accompanies looked amazing however as we only stayed in a cabin we can only really discuss that.

The actual park didn’t really have much to do. However that what me and Liam really wanted, They have an onside restaurant that serves breakfast,lunch and dinner and the food was near to perfection. although a little pricey it was defiantly worth the price. Next to the restaurant was a tiny arcade room this definitely passed half and hour is so after our evening meal. Me and Liam loved using the gym while we was away. And I used the swimming pool both of these facilities were kept to a high, clean standard. In addition to these there was plenty of woodland walks to keep you occupied. overall me and Liam love the park and I’m sure we will return again one day.

The Cabin:

We stayed in Oak Cabin 2. We was blown away with how lovely this Cabin was. It was better than we could ever imagine and it really made the holiday even more amazing! The Cabin was lovely and spacious and perfectly clean. The Cabin was kept really REALLY warm which sounds lovely however me and Liam could not stop sweating haha! we had to turn down the heating by a lot. However I think it’s always better to be hot than cold. When we arrived we was also supplied a small welcome pack that included; Milk,bread,jam,tea,coffee and sugar this was a lovely little touch. The Cabin also included a private and secluded hot tub which was used ALOT during the break. This was an added extra which was very much appreciated.

The Cabin included…

Double bedroom with ensuite bathroo


Twin bedroom






Large family bathroom







Reasonable sized living area with Free view TV and DVD player









Large dinning room table with chairs








Fully equipped Kitchen







Hot Tub






I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking through the pictures of our Cabin that we have stayed in. I would love to hear about anywhere you have stayed, send me link of amazing hotels and unique places to spend a holiday would love to see what about! As always feel free to get in touch ❤️

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Cheerio for now,

Fern xx


Feeling Fabulous!

One of my favourite things to do is pamper my soul and body. I absolutely love it! i have my self a pamper evening at least once a week. I love the way it makes me feel like a sophisticated well put together woman, you know the ones that appear to have everything  in control and never a hair out of place. that’s why I love taking time out of a busy day to recharge my batteries and to reinvent myself even if it is just for a few minuets (it never lasts) I feel its so important to have this time for ourselves as it does wonders for our mental and physical health. and that’s a good enough reason for me! read on for my Top 5 ways to pamper the mind and body…

Tidy Spaces

I feel this is the most important thing to remember when having a pamper session. before I start my pampering I always ensure the bathroom and bedroom are as clutter free and as tidy as possible. This always helps me to relax and it makes things so much easier. you don’t want to get out of a glorious bubble bath with the intention of slobbing out in bed if there is washing that needs to be put away on the bed or course work that needs to be done all over the bed. Sometimes this takes a little bit of time preparing the room for ultimate relaxation but oh boy its important.

tidySo we now have our tidy room, you may of put on  clean bed sheets  and put on the fairy lights, I would highly recommend you do this, if anything its essential that you do this. Your almost ready to get pampering but first you need to make sure that all your jobs for the day have been done. ensuring all your to do lists for the day have been ticked off by doing this your ensuring you mind is as tidy as possible. Make your pamper session the last thing you have to do for the day, there is nothing worse than feeling oh so relaxed and calm to remember the washing up needs doing or you need to go the shops, get all your jobs done first.

Bath Time

So now we are ready to turn on those taps, fill the bath with far to many bubbles and possibly flood the bathroom floor with them, am I the only one that manages this? its time to gather all your favourite lotions and potions use the ones you were saving for a special occasion because this IS a special occasion! bathDuring this time I usually find my self trying to de- hair my body! I feel this is my secret of feeling like a put together woman, with silky smooth legs,  well trimmed eye brows and my lady garden well pruned I feel 2 stone lighter. but of course if this is not for you do what ever you please do what you feel happy and confident doing, do whatever makes you happy, thats the key for a good pamper session doing what makes you feel the happiest you possibly can in that period of time.

I take the time to brush conditioner through my hair and whack on a good hair mask as well, I love the Toni and Guy ones there smashing. I would love some new ones to try so let me know your favourite hair masks! to keep my hair feeling as clean as possible I make sure I rinse all the hair gloop of using fresh water from the shower head, I find using the dirty bath water completely defeats the object of washing my hair all nice and for some reason it took me years to work this out. please tell me this is normal?

Finally I’m out the bath I have washed every part of my body and I’m feeling fresh. before I leave the bathroom and the bubbles on the floor oops :/ I will moisturize my soapbody I will either use a body butter or lotion my favourites must be Soap And Glory sugar crush body butter or the Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion. Sometimes when I’m feeling like really going for it I will even  fake tan. I leave the bathroom feeling a brand new woman, I’m silky smooth moisturised and glowing like a goddess. what’s there not to love!

Hands And Feet

Often our hands and feet are neglected, they are used so often and i will always give them some extra loving during a pamper session. I start of my cutting my nails I hate doing this so its quite a chore but my feet and hands do thank me for it. I choose a nail varnish and I paint my toes and finger nails the same. For me wearing matching nail varnish is the cheery on the cake fro feeling a well put together sophisticated woman. I usually choose a nice red or pink shade. I like to think there classy colours. I finish of with some more lotions, I enjoy using the Laura Ashley hand crèmes for my fingers and love the Soap And Glory heal genius for my totsies.

Choosing The Right Outfit

Now our body’s are all clean and creamed, its time to pick out an outfit for the rest of the evening or day depending when your pampering commenced. I personally love going for shorts and t-shirts in the summer especially loving my lion king ones from Primark there adorable or I enjoy feeling classy in a frilly nightie also from Primark. Basically in the summer I want wear something that’s light and comfy. However when it turns colder it a whole new ball game. pjsI love love love! wearing fluffy socks and the fluffiest pyjamas you could possibly imagine. I love the Matalan ones at Christmas there as fluffy as a onesie but as a jumper and trousers I like to call them twosies. see what I did there? basically to summarise outfit picking you need to feel comfy so if you feel comfiest stark bollock naked you go for it sunshine! embrace the nudity haha!


Telly And Snacks

Now this a topic I could take about for hours but I’m aware this is getting rather long so ill try and keep this short. After your finished pampering for me its always time for telly and snacks. My telly of choice would either be made in Chelsea box sets, YouTube or whacking on a film. In my opinions what ever is on that screen is fine, as I said earlier if it makes you happy go for it. if watching re runs of kids telly makes you happy go for it. this sections is completely  your choice. I’m kind like that haha…

Finally Snacks! to me there is nothing in life that makes me happier that eating food. I feel here you have a few options you could treat your body to some vitamins and nutrients and go for some fruit or you could do what I would do and eat my body weight in Doritos doughnuts and dolly mixtures. dollywhatever you decide to go for make sure its yummy and you remember NOT to share, them share bags may tell you to share but we all know there not really meant for sharing right?

So that’s it for my pampering tips and tricks. share yours in the comments below!

If you follow me on twitter next time you have a pamper session send me a picture of your favourite product and use the hashtag #bubblesonthefloor and ill follow you back!

Cheerio for now,

fern x

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Our 5 Years <3

As promised in my previous blog, This is how myself and Liam celebrated our 5 year anniversary together. It was so so so lovely to spend some quality time with him and have the most perfect day. Cheers to another 5 years Liam… you lucky lucky fella 😉

IMG_2867We started of the day with a cup of tea and jam on toast at my favourite ever  tea room in Colchester called Jacquelines this is a world war 2 themed tea room. It’s so very lovely. With old war-time music and decor to match. they offer hundreds of different teas all presented in their tea menu and their menu made me smile “today’s rations” it was called.I loved the uniqueness to this tea room and definitely will be returning. I was in my element here! I really am a 90-year-old woman at heart and I am proud of it haha!

next up we visited Colchester castle, we loved looking at the old coins and especially loved looking at the prisons and reading about Mathew Hopkins it was definitely educational.20793796_1674060389291958_28968531_o IMG_2874Both of us had visited Colchester castle a few years ago however this was our first visit since it was renovated and we could not fault it at all. We felt we walked away from the museum knowing so much more about colchester history and Britain we were very impressed.

The third stop on our day out was to a little museum also near the castle called Hollytrees. this museum focusses on modern history and how the home was run. This was really special to me as I visited this a lot with my Nan when I was a little girl.This museum was only small however me and Liam loved looking at the old Victorian household items it did make us giggle and appreciate how lucky we are to have the technology and products we do have today. IMG_2876My favourite part of this museum must be the old victorian dolls house they had on display, I loved all the detail and how pretty it was. It was crazy to think that a little girl once played with it and honestly i was jelous.

By this point me and Liam were getting hungry Liam more than me (he never stops being hungry!) so we decided to have our meal and Kaspas. This restaurant has got to be one of the best ever this is because it’s a resturant completely dedicated to deserts. you can choose for so many different options however we chose to share a fudge chocolate brownie milkshakeIMG_2879 then share two deserts
IMG_2882 one being a crushed oreo waffle and the other being a strawberry cheesecake sundae. When our deserts were delivered we knew we had made a mistake! they were HUGE! we couldn’t even finish them. But Oh me oh my t they were so good. I was in sugar heaven!

To finish of the day we wondered round some shops, there wasnt really much we wanted to buy but we needed to walk off our puddings, the walk hand in hand-made me smile lots! almost as much as i smiled eating at kaspas 😉

We had the most wonderful day spending time together and reflecting on the past 5 years. having  time together just us two doesn’t happen very often but when it does its so special to me and I think Liam likes it to. Liam makes me so unbelievably happy and I am so grateful to have him in my life ❤


I hope you enjoyed reading about what we got up to, I know I have loved writitng about it. Please feel free to coment and share I would love to hear from you.

Cheerio for now,

Fern xx


Week in the life

My Week: 7th-11th August 2017

Week Beginning the 7th August 2017…

This week has been a fairly average week. it been lots of work, naps and eating food. Although a fairly average week and a week I am likely to forget come Monday I wanted to document it anyway. So sit back and enjoy or not whatever floats your boat.

hello monday

Monday 7th August 2017

Today was me and Liams 5 year anniversary, we celebrated it at our local town called IMG_2865Colchester. We ate lots of yummy food and visited museums and spent lots of money shopping. it was perfect. I will have a whole post about this day coming up so keep an eye out 🙂

Tuesday 8th August 2017

After lots of excitement yesterday, today I went to work 12 till 5. it was a fairly normal shift with not much excitement. definitely would rather be napping!

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Today was a definite improvement on yesterday, for today me and Liam had a lazy pj day and it was glorious! I spent most of the day in bed nappingpajamas all day and drinking earl grey tea my perfect kinda day, But the highlight of today has got to be booking a holiday for November! a log cabin break in Norfolk with a private hot tub. So bloody excited!!!! we finished the day with a giant domino’s takeaway and a movie.


Thursday 10th August 2017

Another boring day at work again but I did come home to a rather lovely pasta and sausage bake tea. Once again nothing exciting.working happy

Friday 11th August 2017

Today I have been non stop busy, I started the day with a very VERY early doctors appointment, afterwards me, Liam his mum, sister and nephew all had a cheeky Costa I had a pot of tea and I am pleased to announce I resisted the yummy cakes (high 5 to me!) we then visited family and drunk enough tea to fill an ocean. If you haven’t already IMG_2904guessed i drink ALOT of tea. To fill my afternoon I decided against a nap and instead I tidied and cleaned our bedroom it now smells of frosted berry candle and an array of cleaning products. It’s a cocktail for the nose!

So that ladies and gentlemen, this was little insight to my week, what do you think? was you week similar? did you do anything super cool or exciting?

let me know in the comments, I would love the hear from you,

Cheerio for now,

Fern xx

Skin Care

My Skin Story

So here goes, my first blog post and it’s going to be a long one, so get comfy in your comfiest pjs, your fluffiest socks and get your self a hot cuppa tea! Are we ready???

My skin has always been such a huge struggle for me, Since the age off 11 I have suffered from acne, this is such a common thing and yet so many of us feel ashamed and embarrassed by their skin and will spend hours trying to cover it up and spend hundreds of pounds trying to help clear it or fix it. For years I spent doing this often missing days off school because I was too embarrassed by the state of my skin, I wanted to hide from the world. I hated my skin.

At the age of 14 I was wearing heavy amounts of make up in a desperate attempt to cover it up. I decided this had the change, My skin was never going to improve if I was adding more oils and dirt to it, it’s was only going to get worse. This was the time I stopped wearing make up. This was the hardest thing to do at this point and yes I was bullied for it. I was asked why my skin was the way it was, called names and people even would refuse to sit near me, all because of my acne. However I felt strong. I held my head high proud to show the real me. And I was rewarded, my skin started to improve and I was receiving compliments about how my skin looked and I felt amazing. By the age of 15 my skin was manageable and I started dating the man I am still with today.

Years went by, I tried everything to clear up the scares and what was left of the acne I tried an array of creams and tablets both prescription and over the counter. I gave up but Liam reassured me I was beautiful the way I am and that made me feel a little better.

In December 2016 I had a breakdown (another topic for another day) My acne was now at its worse its ever been, it was sore and it itched. The spots would burst randomly I felt helpless. I was finally referred to see and dermatologist he prescribed many different antibiotics all o fwhich helped but nothing would clear it up for once and for all. The picture on the left shows my skin at its worse.

It was around this time I was gaining weight, I gained weight quickly and put on around 2 stone in a handful of months.despite battling through my breakdown and seeing physiatrists and being on a mixture of anti depressants I decided to loose the weight. I changed my diet and ate healthier. My skin glowed it never looked better. I felt as if I had conquered the world!

With a new found confidence I decided to re visit the world of skin care. I did lots of research and decided I needed a basic 3 step system. Wash,cleanse and then tone my skin. My skin loved this I would use this system morning and night. I would use a gentle exfoliator three times a week and enjoy a facemask once a week to. My skin was looking healthy and I felt great! The picture to the right of the page shows my skin approximately 2 months later and it felt fantastic.

I wanted to finish this post with a well written summary offering wise encouraging words and quite frankly I am struggling. At the end of the day everyone will experience acne of some level at one point during their life and as much as it is soul destroying and there will be some days you want to bury your head in your pillow you can’t live your life like that. You do need to hold your head high and wear a smile on your face even if it’s a fake one. Sometimes life is tough and shit is thrown at you but it’s how you deal with it that defines who you are not the shit that’s thrown! Am I making sense? I’m not sure? Let me know haha!

My skin today is by no means perfect but who defines Perfection? Who decides what is and what is not perfect? Let’s embrace our skin not hide it away from the world, we are ALL beautiful! So right now I am writing this post it’s nearly time for me to go to sleep and My hair is a mess from a busy days work and this is what I look like…and I love it!

Cheerio for now,

Fern xx