Custard Cream Cake!

Today me and Liam decided we would spend our afternoon baking. Baking is something we both love to do together. We have always loved baking together and during our 5 and a half years together we have baked and eaten a lot of cakes! Today we felt like trying to bake something new. After a little bit of googling and pinteresting recipes we came across the lovely Jane from Her website is filled with hundreds of amazing cakes to bake and try. Her website is well worth a visit!

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We loved the look of so many cakes but settled on making her Custard Cream Cupcakes. How delish!

You can find the exact recipe we followed here…

All the ingredients were easy to find and we had most of them sitting in our cupboards. The recipe was also so easy to follow, if we can do it anyone can!

As tradition with baking me and Liam both had a little taste of the cake batter and it tasted exactly like a custard cream! It tasted amazing and we could not wait to try them when cooked.

We gave the cakes an extra 5 minuets in the oven than Jane recommends and the cakes came out perfectly golden brown on top. The had a lovely rise and looked a perfect shape for decorating. After cooling we made up the butter cream. We added to much butter to this and it ended up a little softer than we would of liked, if we had more icing sugar this could of been easily fixed but not to worry it still tasted glorious! Jane decorated hers beautifully, us on the other hand just chucked the icing on and placed half a custard cream biscuit on the top. (our icing was not thick enough to hold a whole one)

Taste Test

At the end of the day this is the most important part of baking. I had high hopes for the overall taste of the cake as along the way it tasted incredible! Unfortunately the cake its self felt rather dense and the cooked cake had lost a fair bit of the custard cream flavouring.,However the icing tasted amazing I could eat bowls of that stuff and of course the custard cream on top was as yummy as always. Overall I would give these cakes a good 7/10 and Liam gave them a solid 8.5/10

If you have any recipes you think I should try, let me know! I am all for eating some more cakes haha!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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This is a post I never thought I would write. My cooking and baking abilities are not to a high standard but I really do try! I love to cook and bake and its something I would love to get better at. One thing I fell like I have really mastered is these super easy home made sausage rolls  and I am super excited to share my recipe with you!

I will warn you now, I am terrible at explaining this but I am hoping I make sort of sense haha!

If you recreate these I would love to here about it! Tweet me @LifeWithFernie or show me on Instagram @LifeWithFernie. I cant wait to see them! 

You Will Need:

  • Puff Pastry
  • 8 Sausages
  • A dash of Milk
  • Baking Paper


 Gather all your ingredients together and preheat the oven to 200c. I always find that really  Having everything I will need in front of me really helps me feel organised and creates an environment I can work better in.



Roll out your puff pastry so its around Half a CM thick  and place it on a sheet of baking paper.Alternatively you could be incredibly lazy and buy pre-rolled out pastry that already comes on a baking sheet (this is what I did) 

 Remove the sausage skins and place the sausage meat into a bowl. I find the IMG_0034easiest way to do this is by using kitchen scissors and cutting the skins off. Once you have a bowl of sausage meat, mix the meat together (so they no longer look like sausages) and add a pinch of salt pepper and mix herbs. I love doing this but season to your taste.

IMG_0037Now its time to place the sausage meat onto the pastry. I start by placing little bits of sausage meat around 1cm away from the edge of the pastry and keep adding the meat along the pastry. To make a long sausage along the pastry. Then using your fingers and a little bit of milk dampen the pastry all the way along this will help the pastry to stick together.

Next step is to Roll the pastry over the sausage meat and cut of any pastry that is IMG_0040left.Using your fingers squash the two ends of pastry together to make sure its all sealed.Using a sharp Knife make cuts along the sausage I tend to make a cut every 4cm or so.

IMG_0043Place the sausage roll and baking paper on a baking tray and cook in the oven for  30mins on 200c. Finally when the sausage roll is cooked remove from the oven and while still hot cut into your bite size pieces I tend to use the cuts I made as a guide.



I hope you have been inspired to make your own sausage rolls! do not forget to send me pictures if you have recreated this recipe!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx