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A Summer Ready Home

With Spring in full swing and summer getting closer, I thought I would talk about everything I am doing to get my home summer ready. I love giving everything a good deep clean and organise, so a change in season is the perfect excuse to do it once again! I feel so much more relaxed knowing my home is as clean and tidy as physically possible to begin the summer. Summer can be so busy with holidays and visitors that sometimes the housework and keeping on top of the organisation can be forgotten, Summers are meant for having fun with family and friends so relax and dont let the housework hold you back!

Below is my easy to follow guide to create a summer ready home!

Where to Start?

I aim to go through a room a day, Some rooms are larger than others and will need more sorting so allow myself to do these rooms on  those days where I have very little planned. I tackle a room a day following this basic routine;

  1. Tidy
  2. Clean
  3. De-clutter

I find using this easy to follow step by step method is the easiest way to get your home summer ready. Its simple and not to overwhelming. I love following it!

What To Use?

IMG_4671If your anything like me, knowing exactly what products I need to clean and how to do it can be overwhelming. there are so many products available and knowing which to choose can be scary. I personally love walking into a freshly cleaned room and it to smell amazing. That why I have found myself with a rather large collection off Zoflora. I adore this stuff! basically if you dont already know, zoflora is  concentrated disinfectant that can be used in hundreds of different ways! and they come is loads of IMG_4675amazing smells. Just hop on to pinterest and search uses for zoflora and you will be amazed!

I love using it to clean my whole kitchen pretty much floor to ceiling, when I am finished the room smells incredible for hours, For this clean I decided to use these two spring scented zoflora, I love the “hello Spring” and I am sure I am on at least my 3rd bottle of the stuff.IMG_4683[1]

TOP TIP! Keep your old reed diffusers and re-fill them with neat Zoflora they work amazingly well as a read diffuser and they are so much cheaper too!

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven can be a messy and smelly business. that can IMG_4681take ages and can leave you feeling all achy. this certainly does not sound fun! I discovered this Oven Pride kit and I love it. Its a deep cleaning kit that has everything you need to get your oven sparkly clean! I follow all the instructions on the box to the letter, however I leave it for around 30 hours to do its stuff, rather than the recommended overnight suggestion. This is the easiest and most effective way of cleaning my oven and I recommend it to everyone!

What Next? 

Re Organise-

After everything has been cleaned a de cluttered, I like to spend some more time re organising. this makes the whole home feel almost brand new and refreshed. I like to move furniture around in the living room and bedrooms and organise my kitchen cupboards in different ways. I enjoy finding new photos and ornaments to spice up shelving units and windows. I love doing this part, I find it so relaxing.

TOP TIP! Search your charity shops for new home ware, this can really change up the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Get Green-

IMG_4670[1]I enjoy doing this all year round, however with warmer weather approaching I feel this is even more important. I find filling a home with fresh flowers and plants, helps create a bright and happy area to live in. With an English summer being far from tropical, I find injecting colour in every room in the form of brightly coloured flowers creates a happy and sunny atmosphere and they also look beautiful so what is there not to love! If your budget is tight I really recommend popping to your local Aldi Or Lidl their flowers are super cheap and last for ages. I especially love their Roses for around the £2 mark!

TOP TIP! I personally find roses always look too busy with all their leaves on, so I take them all off, I love the look this gives, even in a old pasta sauce jar! Anything can be a vase.

Have a Tick-list day-

This has got got be something that I find the hardest to try and do. I allow myself a whole day to sit and work through my to do list. Not only will you benefit from having all those jobs ticked of your list. you will also feel amazing to. Working through and crossing off items from a to do list is so important in order to spring clean the mind. A clean and tidy home will be no good if your brain is all busy with endless jobs to do.

TOP TIP! Before starting, spend sometime (preferably with a cuppa tea) to write absolutely everything you have to do down, maybe categorise them in order of priority or area of life. This will give you an easy to guide to follow for the day and you wont feel so overwhelmed. 

A Perfect start!

by now you have probably spent what feels like forever cleaning and organising. Your home looks amazing and your brain is free from things to do. Its now time to relax and enjoy your home and start making those all important plans for summer. I like to throw myself a pamper night to celebrate my hard work, this may sound silly but it really does but the cheery on top of the cake! I like to run a bubble bath and use all my “special” products and maybe even buy some brand new ones to try. I will allocate almost a whole afternoon and evening for eating yummy food,  binge watching TV and pampering myself to the max. A perfect start to the best summer ever!

If you have anymore tips for getting your home summer ready let me know in the comments!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Week in the life

Day In The Life….

For Today’s post I thought I would do a bit of a day in the life kinda post… I have not done anything like this before so I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday 27th February 2018

Today I woke up at around 6.30 and continued to snooze my alarm till 7.00 this is so typical of me and it’s a habit I need to break! I popped the kettle on and then made the bed I love making the bed I find it super satisfying just me that finds this? Anyway yesterday I couldn’t find my Fitbit charger so I turned the flat upside down to try and find it, Anyluck? No! I don’t understand how something can just vanish so I headed to Argos on-line and ordered a new one! It cost a whopping £17 so I am not to impressed!

By 8.00 my tea had gone cold so I re heated it in the microwave I am forever doing this! And then made myself a huge bowl of porridge, I am working today so I need all the energy I can gather, it is only a short three hour shift but the short ones tire me out so much haha! While the porridge was heating up I gave the kitchen a quick tidy and wipe over with bouquet Zoflora (I forgot to do this last night!) I also popped a Load of washing on aswell it’s amazing just how much you can get done in two minuets.

While I scoffed up my breakie I checked my social media, I also had a read and comment of some blog posts too. I do this pretty much every morning and I love it. Leave your blog links in the comments. I  would love to discover some new ones! While I was doing this I created a Vero account would love a cheeky little follow over there…Life With Fernie Thankyou!

Skincare products I used today.

28504584_10209003364319928_134600312_oAt 9.00 it was time to get ready for the day. As I’m only at work today I opted for minimal makeup and hair in a pony tail it took just 20minuits to do including my skincare routine and getting dressed, so I decided to spend a good half an hour or so giving the flat a good speed clean and tidy and put another load of washing on it’s not stop glam for me today!

10 o clock came and it was time to think about a cup of tea! I was gasping for one after all the cleaning! I was rung up by Work asking if so could come in earlier so with my cup of tea I had an extremely early lunch! You see that’s the downside to working shorts shifts over lunch time! No chance to eat lunch at a sensible time! Today for lunch I decided on a tomato and herb mug shot pasta, if you28554977_10209003364039921_680675365_o haven’t tried them you must, they are delicious and are less than 1% fat. With that I had a Mediterranean herb wrap to dip in my pasta (is that weird?) and finally a bag of sweet popcorn and a Alpen bar. That should keep me going till Tea time later!

I got in from work at around half 3 and oh me oh my I was starving! I literally could not stop eating! I decided to cook an extremely early tea! Tonight we had sweet potato chips (homemade) with chicken kievs and veggies yummy! We decided to cook together today which was really lovely! I love cooking with Liam,I wish we did it more often.28504420_10209003363279902_593206300_o

With Tea in the oven it was time for a well deserved cuppa. I was super busy at work so it was well needed! I just can’t get enough of earl grey tea, I’m pretty sure it’s becoming a serious problem!

28641113_10209003363119898_1993598660_oAfter we had eaten our tea I washed up and put everything away! This is such a good habit to get into, if you can wash and dry up straight away it always feels like your winning at life! I also took this opportunity to make me and Liam’s lunches for tommorow, we’re both working so it’s a lunch box kinda day.  I am feeling so bloody organised!

It’s now 5.15 and I am going to sign off this post here before it gets mega long! My plans for the evening are fairly boring but I can’t wait for them! My plans are to catch up with some accounts, edit and upload this post then have a pamper session and binge watch Friends with Liam and I can’t wait for it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading a totally random post from me! I have loved writing it and it’s put me in the best mood! If you have liked this and want to see more of them please let me know! I may make this a weekly kinda series. Let me know what you think?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx

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Confessions Of A Beauty Hoarder

A few days ago I was talking to a lovely group of fellow bloggers and we were discussing all our beauty hoarder confessions. Some of these really tickled me and it got me thinking about all of my hoarder confessions too. I had the idea that this would make a rather interesting post to talk about on my blog so here I am bringing you some confessions of a beauty hoarder. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed hearing about them.

How many of these confessions are you guilty of? 

Unused Products

I am awful for this! I will buy so many new products that I am super excited to try however I always end up using the same products over and over. I even buy products knowing I will never use them! I have been known to buy products just for the packaging or because they were on sale. After doing this for years I now have draws full of unused products that I just cant seem to bring myself to throw away, yet I know I will still buy more in the future.

Self Control

On those rare occasions I do need to buy something new that is beauty related I will walk into the shop with the idea that I will only buy what I need. I do so well for around 30 seconds, then I go crazy and with no self control fill my baskets with so much beauty crap. I know I will always do this yet I always feel so optimistic that one day I will just walk out of boots with the one toothbrush that I needed.

@halfbloodpixie also confessed to doing this!

I didn’t buy anything this January…No wait I did,  but that was because I went into a beauty store and I have no self control!

Out Of Date Products

When we were talking about and confessing all our beauty hoarder sins this was a topic which we all confessed to! I tend to have a beauty clear out every 6 months or so, and yet I will always find products which are way past  their use by dates! where do these products come from that what I want to know haha!

@stephanie_vivienne Confessed

” I have just cleaned out my beauty stuff… it was chaos. I am pretty sure their is lipsticks in there from 10 years that I have not touched since..(impulse purchases)

@Kirakiratsu Confessed

I have just thrown out my first eye shadow pallete (brought 6 years ago)

@evyclocharde Confessed

just sorted through my make up…5 year old foundation be gone!

Do not worry girls we have ALL been there!

I hope you have found this post a little bit of a giggle! I would love to hear all your beauty hoarder confessions too! dont forget to give these girls a follow they upload the most amazing content on their blogs its defiantly not to be missed!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Huge Boots Haul

So for the last couple of weeks, I have been spending far to much money in boots. This is honestly one of my favourite things to do, I love wondering round a shop with a basket taking time out of my busy schedule focusing on only one thing and that thing being anything that looks nice, smells nice or anything that will make me feel good! shopping is my perfect pick me up and I cant wait to share with you my latest buys!


I have separated my purchases into three categories to make things a little easier 🙂

Make Up

I love trying and exploring new make up products, I get super excited when I have money to spare to have a big make up splurge. I have recently cleared out lots of my make up and I am in the process of filling out my collection again, If you have any must have products let me know!

  • Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer £4.9921246061_10207942598041434_1269478725_o
  • Maybelline Baby Skin instant Pore Eraser Primer £7.99
  • Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara £8.99
  • Bourjois Blur The Lines Concealer £7.99

Maybelline had a brilliant offer on aswell “buy one get one half price” So I only ended up paying £2.99 for the concealer BARGAIN!

21245737_10207942597601423_1225167973_oDuring this time Bourjois had an amazing offer on! “spend £12 on any bourjois products and receive a free gift worth £25”. this was an amazing offer that included three full size products that are of amazing quality. The gift included…

  • Rouge Edition Liquid Lipstick in the colour 07 Nude-Ist
  • Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara
  • Brow Duo and Sculpt brow Pencil and Highlighter in the colour Chestnut

Skin Care

For me having a good skin care routine is super important, however I am yet to find a perfect skin care routine that works for me. I am constantly buying new products in order hopefully one day find my dream skin care routine. Alot of the products I brought had amazing offers on aswell!


  • St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub £2.79
  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion £2.26
  • Clean & Clear Advanatage Spot Control Treatment £2.99
  • Garnier Skin Active Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water £1
  • Garnier Skin Active Purifying Botanical Toner 
  • Garnier Skin Active Botanical Day Cream

The Garnier Skin Active Botanical range had a deal 2 products for £5 and the clean and clear range had a third off all products, Finally the garnier micellar water was on a deal for 125ml for only £1

Hair Care

Hair care is something I am not massively into if I am honest but when I saw the cute packaging of these products and the price could not say no!21268208_10207942623282065_426365704_o

  • Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut mask £3.49
  • Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Shampoo £3
  • Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Conditioner £3 

I brought all these hair care products on offer and save myself a whopping £9.50!


I hope you have enjoyed being nosy into my HUGE boots haul, if you have any recomendation on any makeup, hair or skin care product I need to try let me know in the comments or tweet me @LifeWithFernie 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern  xx