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My Weight Journey And Primark Haul

And Breathe…This is by far one of the Hardest posts to write about for a number of reasons. This post I have had planned for sometime however never felt confident enough to do so. In all honesty I still do not feel to confident about the idea but I need to start stretching my self so here I am sharing with you my Fitness and weight loss journey.

It all started back in April 2017, by this point my mental health was really struggling (you can read all about that here) and during a routine doctors appointment I was told I was obese and that had to change. I knew I had gained a lot of weight from being in such a  low mood meaning that I entered into horrid comfort eating cycle resulting in a Huge weight gain. At my heaviest I weighed 11 Stone 6 pounds I had to change. I had looked into Weight Watchers and loved the idea and loved the results I saw others receiving. I joined the “Online Only plan” and it worked a treats! In 4 months I had lost nearly two stone and I was on cloud 9! I had dropped 2 dress sizes and people started to compliment how good I looked. I felt amazing and my mental health and skin dramatically improved. I have also written a post about my skin story you can find that here too.

I reached a healthy 9 stone 9 and I swore I would never put the weight on again. However two holidays later, a new job in a food shop and moving house has resulted in a weight gain. I am now back up to 10 Stone 10 pounds  and I am so disappointed in myself. But from today that stops! I have treated myself to some lovely new workout clothes and have started to calorie count. Weight Watchers was amazing however I now feel like it wasn’t a lifestyle change and that is exactly what I need.

These Pictures were taken exactly a year apart. It shows me at my heaviest and lightest. I also happen to be wearing the exact same outfit in both pictures and I still cant believe the difference.

I am so ready to Re-start my weight loss journey again but first I needed some new work out clothes so I headed to Primark and filled a basket with lots of new items that have definitely motivated me to move more and eat less! I am sharing the pictures below for two main reasons;

A- To show my new workout clothes and what they look like on me

B- To document what my body looked like at the beginning of my weight loss journey, I suppose we could call these my “Before” pictures.



IMG_0163.JPGThese trainers were an absolute bargain. I paid just £12 for them and they are super comfy. I do however wish I brought a smaller size as they have come up rather big. I adore the combination of pink and grey at the moment so I instantly fell in love with them.


Outfit One

IMG_0138IMG_0156I never thought I would like this colour as much as I do. These turquoise patterned leggings are lovely though. I brought these leggings for £8 in size medium so they are a little tight however I figured when the weight starts coming off I still would like them to fit. I also brought the matching sports bra for £5 and it feels a really strong material and feels like it will give me enough support. To finish this set I saw that there was a matching Jacket. I also picked this up in a slightly small size so it will last me. I paid £10 for this jacket and its worth so much more than that!

Outfit Two

IMG_0125I love the combination of grey and pink so when I saw this top I instantly picked it up! I picked this up in a medium and once again it is a little tight IMG_0126but wont be for long! I love the fact this this top actually comes in two parts so can be worn as two separates which I love because I am not entirely sure I love the grey crop top on me. This set was just £7 so a real bargain! To match this I picked up these grey leggings for £8. These fit me lovely and are super comfy too. I am a happy bunny.


IMG_0152When I saw that this top was just £3.50 I picked it up. This top is a super tight fit. this is something I usually always avoid however I brought his piece to help motivate me further. I also picked this up in a size medium. I love that I can match this top to any of the leggings I picked up to and for just £3.50 I thought it was a such a good price not to be ignored.


I hope you have found this post somewhat interesting to read and if you have any tips or tricks for loosing weight then please let me know! I will be updating you all on twitter about how I am getting on with this so make sure your following me on there  @LifeWithFernie.

Cheerio For Now,



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Looking Ahead To Summer

Today has been such a wonderful day and I have been in the best mood. I think the main reason for this has been down to the weather. Today has been so bright and sunny and has been filled with blue skies. I cant help but start to think ahead to warm days and late summer nights. I simply can’t wait!
As today was just so beautiful me and Liam decided to go for a lovely little walk in our local town. Our town has a river and a pathway has now been created that runs by the side of the river, its a perfect little 40 minute walk and me and Liam love it! Today was the first walk off the year and it felt so refreshing and I can’t wait for many more in the warmer months.

During the walk I could not help think about spring and summer. I started to think about everything that I wanted to do during these months. These aren’t goals, these are just 10 things I would love to do this summer. I suppose we could call this my Summer 2018 bucket list!

This year I would love to…

  • Have a beach day in Cromer
  • Have a picnic with my nieces and nephew
  • Go on lots of walks
  • A Family BBQ or many!
  • Have a nap in the sunshine
  • Make Home made lemonade
  • Go on a drive and listen to loud music
  • Have drinks in a Pub Garden
  • Spend as much time as possible outdoors
  • Go to the Zoo

To finish this post I thought I would include a few of the pictures we took while on our walk. I am so pleased we got out the house and enjoyed the sunshine and I definitely cant wait for more days like this, Roll on Summer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed the included pictures, and hearing my summer bucket list! Do you have anything planned for this spring and summer? anything I should be adding to my list?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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make up

Loreal True Match Foundation Review

I have been on a constant life mission to find the perfect foundation for me that does not break the bank and gives me a flawless imperfection free skin. I know that this product is likely to never exist but I love trying lots of new foundations in the hope.

Lately I have been using the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and I loved it! however during the last few weeks it started to react with my skin slightly and turn a shade of orange when applied to the skin. I wanted to change my foundation up, I wasn’t happy.

I headed to my local boots to see what foundations they had. That would fit my price bracket. Money was tight (its nearly payday!) so I set myself the budget of £10. I was surprised that so many of the foundations fit into this price bracket so I had plenty of choice!

After looking at what felt like hundreds of foundations I happily walked away with the Loreal True Match Foundation in the shade 2.R/2.C Vanille Rose. This foundation was on sale for £8.99 I was happy.


Here is what I thought…


I have always struggled with acne (read my skin story here) so I have lots of acne scaring and redness that I would like to cover. I would say this foundation had a medium to high coverage. I was fairly happy with the coverage it gave so I only felt I needed to apply a small amount of concealer to some tricky to cover areas.  To help give you an idea of what the coverage is like for the foundation here is a before and after picture…


The left picture shows my skin after my morning skin care routine along with the Maybeline baby skin primer. and The picture on the right shows my completed make up look for the day. I kept it super simple so only wore…

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blusher
  • Setting powder
  • Eye brow pencil
  • Mascara


The foundation can be built up really well, I used a good two pumps of the foundation and built it up gradually. I used the Real Techniques expert face brush to apply the foundation and removed any stroke marks using the Real Techniques beauty blender. this is the way I always apply my foundation and this method seemed to work with the foundation equally aswell.


The consistency of the foundation felt really creamy, which I loved. It also felt rather moisturising on the skin which felt lovely when applying it. It felt like a similar consistency to my bourjois healthy mix foundation although a little bit thicker. I have no complaints with the consistency at all, rather pleasant.

So far I am super impressed with this foundation and I cant wait to try some more things from loreal. this is a brand a never tend to reach for but I will definitely be reaching for their products more!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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I Designed A Canvas!

If you dont already know, back in October I moved into my first flat with my boyfriend Liam. From then, there was our birthdays, we went on holiday and then we had Christmas, so getting the flat to how we really wanted it had to go on hold till the new year.


So when Photowall contacted me to say they wanted to gift me a canvas, I was over the moon and super excited to start getting the flat filled with special pieces of art. When PhotoWall reached out I  was organising my desk in the bedroom so I knew that I wanted a canvas to fill a little bit of wall space.

The colour scheme of the bedroom is black, grey and pink so I knew that the canvas had to match that. PhotoWall have so many amazing choices of canvas I was spoilt for choice, there was just so many too choose from! I saw that they had a few typography canvases and I loved them. The only problem was that none of the quotes appealed to me personally and the colours wouldn’t match the room. I was back to the drawing board with a lot to think about.

While exploring there website further I noticed that there was a “use your own image” section. After exploring and realising that this meant an image I wanted could be made into a canvas of any size I was excited! I headed straight to Google to find a quote or saying that I could turn into some really personal and relevant typography.

canvas image.pngWhen I discovered the quote I wanted to use, I went onto canva and designed my image and then I uploaded it onto Photowall. The process was really simple and easy to complete, and took less than 5 minuets. Photowall even recommended canvas sizes based on the quality of the image I provided.

Delivery was surprisingly quick and it was all packaged super securely. I was very impressed! putting it together was a little fiddly but Liam helped me and we did it together.

You can read more about the process of building a Canvas from photowall on @Hellobexa Blog Post here 

IMG_0105.JPGI am so pleased with how my Canvas came out and it looks so good on the wall in the bedroom, I have had so many people look at the canvas and compliment it so that makes me even more happy!

I am so really pleased to also include this discount code that gives you a huge 20% off your purchase, this is valid until March 20th 2018 so make sure you order yours quick!


If your looking for some amazing quality canvases and other wall art make sure you have a look at PhotoWall, I will definitely  be placing more orders in the future!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Confessions Of A Beauty Hoarder

A few days ago I was talking to a lovely group of fellow bloggers and we were discussing all our beauty hoarder confessions. Some of these really tickled me and it got me thinking about all of my hoarder confessions too. I had the idea that this would make a rather interesting post to talk about on my blog so here I am bringing you some confessions of a beauty hoarder. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed hearing about them.

How many of these confessions are you guilty of? 

Unused Products

I am awful for this! I will buy so many new products that I am super excited to try however I always end up using the same products over and over. I even buy products knowing I will never use them! I have been known to buy products just for the packaging or because they were on sale. After doing this for years I now have draws full of unused products that I just cant seem to bring myself to throw away, yet I know I will still buy more in the future.

Self Control

On those rare occasions I do need to buy something new that is beauty related I will walk into the shop with the idea that I will only buy what I need. I do so well for around 30 seconds, then I go crazy and with no self control fill my baskets with so much beauty crap. I know I will always do this yet I always feel so optimistic that one day I will just walk out of boots with the one toothbrush that I needed.

@halfbloodpixie also confessed to doing this!

I didn’t buy anything this January…No wait I did,  but that was because I went into a beauty store and I have no self control!

Out Of Date Products

When we were talking about and confessing all our beauty hoarder sins this was a topic which we all confessed to! I tend to have a beauty clear out every 6 months or so, and yet I will always find products which are way past  their use by dates! where do these products come from that what I want to know haha!

@stephanie_vivienne Confessed

” I have just cleaned out my beauty stuff… it was chaos. I am pretty sure their is lipsticks in there from 10 years that I have not touched since..(impulse purchases)

@Kirakiratsu Confessed

I have just thrown out my first eye shadow pallete (brought 6 years ago)

@evyclocharde Confessed

just sorted through my make up…5 year old foundation be gone!

Do not worry girls we have ALL been there!

I hope you have found this post a little bit of a giggle! I would love to hear all your beauty hoarder confessions too! dont forget to give these girls a follow they upload the most amazing content on their blogs its defiantly not to be missed!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Monthly Wishlists

February Goals

Today is the first day of February, Christmas is a distant memory and now where looking ahead to Valentines day and Easter! With it being a brand new month I wanted to set some new goals and as always  share them with you.

I think Goal setting is super important, I love how setting goals keeps me motivated to achieve and succeed . I love the excited feeling I get when I can say I have achieved something and this motivates me further to set new goals! In all honestly January has been a bit of a flop when it comes to goal setting I have achieved a few but I am dragging alot through with me into February and this is 100% not going to happen again at the end of the month. I am motivated!

With February being the shortest month I am making it my mission to do something everyday to make myself feel proud and that brings me closer towards my goals, I will be tweeting what I have done each day on my twitter so make sure your following me over there to keep updated with how I am doing!


My February 2018 Goals

  • Reach 400 followers on Twitter
  • Use Pinterest More (you can follow my boards here)
  • Drink more water and green Teas
  • Cut out the unhealthy Snacks
  • Keep to my blogging upload schedual

I have hopefully set myself some achievable goals.that I will be proud to achieve. What I have learnt in previous months is setting myself goals that are way to hard or unrealistic will really demotivate me to work to try and achieve them.

Whats the point of working hard at something if you deep down know its not going to be achievable…

I hope you have enjoyed being nosy into what my goals are this month. If you have any goals I would love to hear them and help support you in achieving them!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Gift Set Haul

Its been a little while since I last published anything on here, if you  follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been taking a little bit of time away from blogging to focus on work and catching up with a little bit of blog admin. but it feels so good to be back!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for 100 followers on It means the world to me and with every follow I am getting closer and closer to my dream of becoming a full time blogger!

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

The Other day, I went into the local town and had a browse through all the old Christmas gift sets. In boots They had a HUGE HUGE HUGE sale on so everything was 70% off! I picked up quite a few bits and pieces and I thought I would share them all with you.


IMG_0097The first gift set I was drawn to was the soap and glory glow maintenance set. I immediately spotted the bag in came in and knew I had to have it. the bag itself has two pockets so will make the perfect toiletry bag and storage bag. I am currently storing some knickers I do n0t tend to wear everyday in them and it fits them in perfectly. The actual products inside the bag are lovely too, I love Soap and Glory so I knew I would be happy with what ever  was inside. The gift set came with miniature;

  • Riotousness Body Butter
  • the scrub of your life
  • Clean On Me Body Wash
  • Vitamin C Facial Wash
  • Hand Food Hand Cream

Next I spotted the Zoella Range. I have had a few bits and bobs from her collection beforeIMG_0090 but none of her Zoella Lifestyle Range. When I saw her weekly goal Planner was just £3 I had to have it! I personally feel that the original price of £10 was rather pricey though so I am pleased I purchased it in the sale.This is a lovely little planner however I would of loved for it too include the weekend days too, as these are the days I find myself to be the most productive.

As I walked along the aisle, I spotted the Make Up section. I had my eye on a few things from here during December so I picked up ALOT from this section! This year so far I have been really enjoying trying new make-up and learning and experimenting new ways to apply it. So I loved picking up new gift sets to expand my collection.

IMG_0086.jpgFirst Up I picked up this beautiful No7 Make up brush set. I have never used any No7 brushes and this looked too beautiful not to try. The bag they came with is also stunning and looks so lovely on my vanity storage.The brushes are super soft and work really well too, I am yet to give them a good wash so I cant give a full review yet but I am so far very much in love with them!

Finally I went a little bit crazy with the Sleek gift sets, I picked up far too many of these gift sets but I am so pleased I did! I adore Sleek Makeup it is defiantly one of my favourite brands to use. I always find their products are such a good quality and I cant fault them so I stocked up!

I loaded my basket with…

The Pout 4 Perfection Set…

The Sleek Surprises Set…

The Pout And Polish Set X2…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have so far loved all this products and will definitely be including them in a upcoming make-up post so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I managed to receive so massive bargains I spent just £30 pounds in total and brought so many gift sets! my receipt told me I had made a saving off nearly £80! so I walked out of boots feeling exceptionally good.

I love shopping in boots and I love sharing with you what I have brought with you even more! You can find my other boots hauls here…

Mini Make Up Haul With Mini Reviews

Huge Boots Haul

Now reading all this back it has just hit me just how much I have brought! Please tell me I am not the only one that does this…

Once again thank you all so much for 100 followers its crazy and I still cant quite believe it!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



A Family Breakfast

Today I visited a lovely little cafe for some very yummy breakfast! This cafe is in our local town and is lovely. they offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch options along with lots of milkshakes, healthy smoothies and the classic teas coffees and hot chocolates.

26972912_10208739442722053_1723139599_oI went to this Cafe with Liam, his sister and her two tiniest daughters (the big one was at school) the cafe was lovely clean and inviting and the staff made us feel very welcome.On arrival we sat down and fetched some menus and the waitress took our drinks and food orders. Liam went for a cup of tea with a bacon roll, Liams sister decided for a cooked breakfast with a latte and I fancied the mango,passion fruit and pineapple smoothies with French toast. 

We didn’t have to wait long before our food arrived and when it 26972570_10208739442562049_79653001_o.jpgdid it was delicious! My smoothie was amazing and I have not stopped thinking about it since. my breakfast was also incredibly scrummy! Everyone else scoffed their breakie up with no complaints so I am sure the feeling was mutual.


It was so lovely to spend some time together and have a giggle and put the world to rights. Its something we do not do very often which made it so lovely and special. and we have all agreed to do it again!

Spending time with family or friends and doing something as simple as just meeting up for a breakfast can lift your mood incredibly! I have not stopped smiling all day and I feel like I am on top of the world. Family is so special and I quite often forget just how much they mean to me. I am 100% going to grab every opportunity to spend time with family and friends from now on. And make sure they know just how much I love and care for them…

If you have any suggestions of fun and cheap things to do with family and friends let me know, I would love to try some new things out!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx


Achieving Happiness

26157479_199145647305656_2075757303314776064_n.jpgHello! My name is Yasmin, I’m a university student and a fellow blogger and the amazing Fernie kindly asked me to guest post on her blog! This is a lovely opportunity, and I’m very excited about this post! I will be talking about one of the hardest journeys most of us face in our lives, reaching a point where we can truly say we love ourselves, inside and out.

I will be sharing some tips I believe can truly help you reach a place of self happiness, whatever that means to you…

#1 Do one nice thing for yourself daily – This could be taking a walk, making your favourite drink, or allowing yourself half an hour to indulge in a good book. Whatever it is, do it and don’t feel guilty about it! We must treat ourselves well, we work so hard sometimes we just need a break.

#2 Forgiveness – This can be difficult, but moving on from your mistakes and viewing them as a learning curve and not just a complete disaster can be a huge help.

#3 Stop comparing yourself – Comparing your looks, traits, strengths, and weaknesses to other people’s will not help you feel better about yourself. Our uniqueness is what makes us different from all those people, and why all your friends and family love you.

#4 Cut toxic habits and relationships – People and activities that bring you down do nothing for your self love. Cut the people and things from your life that don’t bring you joy, happiness and peace.

#5 Self care ritual – It’s so important we slow down every now and then to take time for ourselves to relax. I love to have a shower, put on a face mask and paint my nails and toes as my little self care routine, it really does help you feel great about yourself!

#6 Notice the beauty around you – Take a moment the next time you step outside your door and appreciate all the beautiful things that surround you. There is beauty everywhere, and loving your environment and surroundings can help you learn to love yourself.

#7 Track your success – Keeping track of all the things you accomplish can be a great way to show yourself that yes, you can do things and you are amazing! It’s a great little book to keep and look back on when you’re not feeling too brilliant, it helps to reiterate all the reasons you’re needed and appreciated.

#8 Meditation – Regularly practising meditation can be immensely helpful. It helps you destress and be happy with yourself. There are plenty of free youtube videos demonstrating guided meditation practises, why not give one a try!

#9 Exercise in a way you enjoy – We all know the benefits regularly exercising can bring, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process you dread every day. Find a form of exercise you enjoy. This could be running, yoga, the gym, a team/individual sport, or even dancing! Find something that suits your mindset and your body will thank you!

#10 Get out there and own the world! – Enjoy your life, accept your mistakes and move on to a brighter place, live in appreciation of all the good people and things that surround you, focus on the positive, don’t neglect yourself and most importantly, love who you are!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks again to Fernie for giving me the opportunity to write it! Lots of love to everyone!

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make up

My Make Up Storage

One of my very first blog posts explained how I stored all my make-up and  you can find that post here. That post was written back in around August 2017 when me and Liam still lived with his parents. Now we are living in our own flat and my make up storage has changed more times than I count! however Now I am finally completely happy with how it looks and I wanted to share it with you!



I store all my vanity bits and pieces on top of my chest of draws. Today I am only going to be telling you about what is on the top of the chest of drawers but if you would like another post about what is inside the draws let me know!

IMG_0063On the left hand side of the chest of drawers I keep my mirror. This Mirror was a present one birthday and it lights up this is a super handy feature. I love this mirror so much! Next to this I have a silver heart shape jewellery stand. This was given to me on my 18th birthday and I think its super pretty. On this I store a few of my perfumes I tend to reach for the most. I also store my everyday Jewellery on this when I am not wearing it.Behind these two things I have a Picture of me and my dad at a beach and a hand drawn picture Liam drew me years ago. I love this space and its really practical for me to use.

In the middle of the chest of draws I keep my Jewellery box. I have had this box for as long as I can remember and I love it. it has three draws on one side that I keep my earrings and other bits and pieces in and on the right hand side there is space to hang Necklaces and bracelets. I love that this side is accessed by a glass door that has a flower painted onto. On top of my jewellery box I keep a little glass jar with a ribbon tied round it. In there I keep all my make-up brushes. I also have a ink sign that says “Happiness is Home made” and I love that saying so much I really do think that`s true and I try to remind myself that every morning while I am getting ready. I also store on here a rock I picked up from my favourite beach in Norfolk.

Finally on the far right of the chest of drawers I use acrylic storage to keep my make-up. IIMG_0066 picked these up really cheaply from Wilkos. These two pieces of acrylic storage fit together really easily to create one large set of storage and I love that. Unfortunately the exact ones I have they no longer stock but you can purchase similar ones here. I love these containers and I highly Recommend them. I have thread tiny fairy lights all round the vanity set up and I love how pretty it looks. I picked these lights up at Primark for about £2 and they are perfect. I love that they are battery powered aswell so I dont have to have them plugged in.

And that is how I am currently storing my Makeup and Jewellery. I love reading these sorts of posts so make sure if you have a link to them you send it to me!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx