Monthly Wishlists

February Goals

Today is the first day of February, Christmas is a distant memory and now where looking ahead to Valentines day and Easter! With it being a brand new month I wanted to set some new goals and as always  share them with you.

I think Goal setting is super important, I love how setting goals keeps me motivated to achieve and succeed . I love the excited feeling I get when I can say I have achieved something and this motivates me further to set new goals! In all honestly January has been a bit of a flop when it comes to goal setting I have achieved a few but I am dragging alot through with me into February and this is 100% not going to happen again at the end of the month. I am motivated!

With February being the shortest month I am making it my mission to do something everyday to make myself feel proud and that brings me closer towards my goals, I will be tweeting what I have done each day on my twitter so make sure your following me over there to keep updated with how I am doing!


My February 2018 Goals

  • Reach 400 followers on Twitter
  • Use Pinterest More (you can follow my boards here)
  • Drink more water and green Teas
  • Cut out the unhealthy Snacks
  • Keep to my blogging upload schedual

I have hopefully set myself some achievable goals.that I will be proud to achieve. What I have learnt in previous months is setting myself goals that are way to hard or unrealistic will really demotivate me to work to try and achieve them.

Whats the point of working hard at something if you deep down know its not going to be achievable…

I hope you have enjoyed being nosy into what my goals are this month. If you have any goals I would love to hear them and help support you in achieving them!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Monthly Wishlists

Dear 2018

After a short break over the Christmas season, I am back with a new post. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and received some lovely gifts. I am so ready for 2018. I have deep cleaned the flat, the Christmas decorations are down and I have been thinking about some goals I would like to achieve in the year of 2018.

If you have any goals for 2018 I would love to hear from you, we can do this together!

My Main goal is to be a happier and more content version of myself and I have a few ideas about how ill get there!

Number One:

This is going to be the hardest to achieve. I have decided its time I  started loosing weight again. Earlier last year I Managed to loose nearly two stone and I felt amazing! this really helped improve my mental health and my acne too. The past few months I have slipped back into old habits and the weight has tumbled back on!  My goal is to loose 2 stone, its going to be hard but I am sure I will get there, if anyone else has a similar goal to me, please get in touch I am thinking about creating a twitter group chat so we can all offer each other motivation and support.

Number Two:

I am a lover of routine, however the past few months my life has followed no routine and its starting to really bother me. I am going to spend the month of January working on cleaning routines, day time routines and night time routines. Basically I need a routine for everything haha! My blog posting  has not followed any sort of schedual also so I have been thinking about it and have deciede on the following…


Number Three:

Drink more water, this sort of links with Number One, I hardly drink enough water, I drink plenty of tea if not too much but no where near enough water. I aim to drink at least a litre of water a day, this is going to be tricky but I am going to try so hard. This will hopefully also stop me from snacking. Fingers crossed I can do this!

Number Four:

I am a big advocate for “me” time, however in all honestly the past few weeks I have not taken enough time for myself to just relax and be me. Its time I listened to my own advice and take some time out my busy life and relax.

Number Five:

This is my last one and I think its going to be equally as hard as Number One. Its time to let things go! I am constantly getting myself upset or annoyed because of the tiny little things in life. its time I just let it go and not let it bother me any more. I have no idea if this will be achievable but giving it my very best go will hopefully equal to a happier more contented me.

I would love to hear what you think of my goals? have I taken on too many? if you are interested in my little group chat idea let me know I would love to hear from you.

Hope you all have a lovely New years and I shall be posting again on Monday with a food shop haul!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern x

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Monthly Wishlists

Dear November…

Just a little post today as I wanted to share with you my goals and aims for the month of November 2017. This past year has been full of so many really amazing things and a lot of really crappy stuff to, I have posts about some of these if you fancy a read? 

My Mental Health Story

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I really hope this month will be a super calm chilled out month where I can really relax christmasand calm down before the Christmas rush starts! I may do Blogmas what does everyone think? I was going to post a Christmassy  post three times a week and two random posts a week as well, what would you like to see?

I feel my body needs November to be super calm as this past year has been everything but super calm. I am exhausted and need to sort out so many new things. I need routine in my life and since moving out into my own flat, routine has been absent from my life. Time to get my routines down, sorted and into motion.

I hope for November to be the Month of me, Liam is always telling me to stop worrying self loveabout others and focus on myself and that is exactly what I’m going to do! And with it being my birthday month I think it’s perfect timing. I plan To have lots of pamper nights, chilled out days binge watching crappy television and really focus on channeling any negative feelings in positive ones. Hopefully creating a happy more content me!

eat less sugarFinally I need to look after my insides. During this year I lost a lot of weight and I felt super happy with the skin I was in. I am now slowly putting that weight back on and my self concept is deteriorating with this.If I’m going to look after the mind I need to look after my body aswell. November I hope to start working out more and eating a healthier diet. Me and Liam are going away for a week with unlimited use of a pool and gym and that’s where I plan to stay! I’ll keep you updated with my health kick!


 I Feel like I have waffled on and on about a lot of rubbish so I think I should finish this off with a little check-list for my November goals! 

  • Time to chill out
  • Lots of “me” time
  • Turn negative feelings into positive ones
  • More workouts and healthier diet

I hope you enjoyed reading about my November goals, I would love to hear what your November goals are! Do we have any the same that we can motivate each other with?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

Monthly Wishlists

September 2017 Goals 

  I would love for this month to be a bloody good month, I hope to achieve lots and smile              more and that is why I am sharing with you my September goals for 2017! Leave your goals in the comments and let’s motivate each Other! 

 Work out and stick to a blog upload schedule, when would you like to see more of me? Let me know on my twitter @LifeWithFernie. I’m thinking about doing three uploads a week on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday? With a 7pm upload time would this work for you?

Loose my last 11lbs, ready for my holiday in November, I have come so far and need a big push for the last hurdle. I need to make sure I am moving more, I am going to aim for three jogs a week and lots of toning exercises daily.

Hit 50 blog followers, please share my blog with your friends to help make this happen 😉 Pwetty please ❤

Experiment with different make up looks, I do the same everyday it’s time to mix it up! I am going to try doing a 1 different thing a day even if it’s wearing a different shade of lipstick.

Save my money, I need to reign in with buying unnecessary skin care and hair products. Does anyone have any money saving tricks I just spend spend spend!

So those are my September goals, I cant wait to hear what your goals are! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx