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Loreal True Match Foundation Review

I have been on a constant life mission to find the perfect foundation for me that does not break the bank and gives me a flawless imperfection free skin. I know that this product is likely to never exist but I love trying lots of new foundations in the hope.

Lately I have been using the Bourjois healthy mix foundation and I loved it! however during the last few weeks it started to react with my skin slightly and turn a shade of orange when applied to the skin. I wanted to change my foundation up, I wasn’t happy.

I headed to my local boots to see what foundations they had. That would fit my price bracket. Money was tight (its nearly payday!) so I set myself the budget of £10. I was surprised that so many of the foundations fit into this price bracket so I had plenty of choice!

After looking at what felt like hundreds of foundations I happily walked away with the Loreal True Match Foundation in the shade 2.R/2.C Vanille Rose. This foundation was on sale for £8.99 I was happy.


Here is what I thought…


I have always struggled with acne (read my skin story here) so I have lots of acne scaring and redness that I would like to cover. I would say this foundation had a medium to high coverage. I was fairly happy with the coverage it gave so I only felt I needed to apply a small amount of concealer to some tricky to cover areas.  To help give you an idea of what the coverage is like for the foundation here is a before and after picture…


The left picture shows my skin after my morning skin care routine along with the Maybeline baby skin primer. and The picture on the right shows my completed make up look for the day. I kept it super simple so only wore…

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blusher
  • Setting powder
  • Eye brow pencil
  • Mascara


The foundation can be built up really well, I used a good two pumps of the foundation and built it up gradually. I used the Real Techniques expert face brush to apply the foundation and removed any stroke marks using the Real Techniques beauty blender. this is the way I always apply my foundation and this method seemed to work with the foundation equally aswell.


The consistency of the foundation felt really creamy, which I loved. It also felt rather moisturising on the skin which felt lovely when applying it. It felt like a similar consistency to my bourjois healthy mix foundation although a little bit thicker. I have no complaints with the consistency at all, rather pleasant.

So far I am super impressed with this foundation and I cant wait to try some more things from loreal. this is a brand a never tend to reach for but I will definitely be reaching for their products more!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Confessions Of A Beauty Hoarder

A few days ago I was talking to a lovely group of fellow bloggers and we were discussing all our beauty hoarder confessions. Some of these really tickled me and it got me thinking about all of my hoarder confessions too. I had the idea that this would make a rather interesting post to talk about on my blog so here I am bringing you some confessions of a beauty hoarder. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed hearing about them.

How many of these confessions are you guilty of? 

Unused Products

I am awful for this! I will buy so many new products that I am super excited to try however I always end up using the same products over and over. I even buy products knowing I will never use them! I have been known to buy products just for the packaging or because they were on sale. After doing this for years I now have draws full of unused products that I just cant seem to bring myself to throw away, yet I know I will still buy more in the future.

Self Control

On those rare occasions I do need to buy something new that is beauty related I will walk into the shop with the idea that I will only buy what I need. I do so well for around 30 seconds, then I go crazy and with no self control fill my baskets with so much beauty crap. I know I will always do this yet I always feel so optimistic that one day I will just walk out of boots with the one toothbrush that I needed.

@halfbloodpixie also confessed to doing this!

I didn’t buy anything this January…No wait I did,  but that was because I went into a beauty store and I have no self control!

Out Of Date Products

When we were talking about and confessing all our beauty hoarder sins this was a topic which we all confessed to! I tend to have a beauty clear out every 6 months or so, and yet I will always find products which are way past  their use by dates! where do these products come from that what I want to know haha!

@stephanie_vivienne Confessed

” I have just cleaned out my beauty stuff… it was chaos. I am pretty sure their is lipsticks in there from 10 years that I have not touched since..(impulse purchases)

@Kirakiratsu Confessed

I have just thrown out my first eye shadow pallete (brought 6 years ago)

@evyclocharde Confessed

just sorted through my make up…5 year old foundation be gone!

Do not worry girls we have ALL been there!

I hope you have found this post a little bit of a giggle! I would love to hear all your beauty hoarder confessions too! dont forget to give these girls a follow they upload the most amazing content on their blogs its defiantly not to be missed!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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My Make Up Storage

One of my very first blog posts explained how I stored all my make-up and  you can find that post here. That post was written back in around August 2017 when me and Liam still lived with his parents. Now we are living in our own flat and my make up storage has changed more times than I count! however Now I am finally completely happy with how it looks and I wanted to share it with you!



I store all my vanity bits and pieces on top of my chest of draws. Today I am only going to be telling you about what is on the top of the chest of drawers but if you would like another post about what is inside the draws let me know!

IMG_0063On the left hand side of the chest of drawers I keep my mirror. This Mirror was a present one birthday and it lights up this is a super handy feature. I love this mirror so much! Next to this I have a silver heart shape jewellery stand. This was given to me on my 18th birthday and I think its super pretty. On this I store a few of my perfumes I tend to reach for the most. I also store my everyday Jewellery on this when I am not wearing it.Behind these two things I have a Picture of me and my dad at a beach and a hand drawn picture Liam drew me years ago. I love this space and its really practical for me to use.

In the middle of the chest of draws I keep my Jewellery box. I have had this box for as long as I can remember and I love it. it has three draws on one side that I keep my earrings and other bits and pieces in and on the right hand side there is space to hang Necklaces and bracelets. I love that this side is accessed by a glass door that has a flower painted onto. On top of my jewellery box I keep a little glass jar with a ribbon tied round it. In there I keep all my make-up brushes. I also have a ink sign that says “Happiness is Home made” and I love that saying so much I really do think that`s true and I try to remind myself that every morning while I am getting ready. I also store on here a rock I picked up from my favourite beach in Norfolk.

Finally on the far right of the chest of drawers I use acrylic storage to keep my make-up. IIMG_0066 picked these up really cheaply from Wilkos. These two pieces of acrylic storage fit together really easily to create one large set of storage and I love that. Unfortunately the exact ones I have they no longer stock but you can purchase similar ones here. I love these containers and I highly Recommend them. I have thread tiny fairy lights all round the vanity set up and I love how pretty it looks. I picked these lights up at Primark for about £2 and they are perfect. I love that they are battery powered aswell so I dont have to have them plugged in.

And that is how I am currently storing my Makeup and Jewellery. I love reading these sorts of posts so make sure if you have a link to them you send it to me!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


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My Most Worn LipStick

During the Month of December I really enjoyed wearing lipsticks, I really started to enjoy experimenting with different sorts of colours and working out what does and doesn’t suit me. I found my self picking up warm berry tones a lot during the month and on the occasion nude colours.

For today’s post I wanted to share with you my most worn and favourite lipstick of December 2017!


I have absolutely Loved wearing this lipstick. It is the perfect berry shade for the winter months and I have found it has really suited me. The Bourjois Rouge Editon Velvet in the beautiful shade Nud-ist has a lovely Matte Finish to it also, I have never really enjoyed the look of matte finishes on me but I have loved this one.

IMG_0024.JPGThis lip stick is liquid based and is super easy to apply, it has an amazing staying power and doesn’t dry out your lips like some matte Finishes do. I personally feel the packaging feels of really good quality and has a classy look to it, and I love anything that looks classy. (It makes me feel classy too!)

This Lipstick costs around £8.49 personally I feel this is a little bit pricey but I do feel it is definitely worth that money they quality of it justifies that price tag.

I will 100% buying more from this collection and boots currently have a promotion of selected cosmetics by one get one half price including these lipsticks so I must step on it quick!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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Make up, Set up

I cant write down in words how excited I am for this post!

Today is the first post of a make up series I have been working on with 3 other AMAZING bloggers! Check them out!

We are tackling four different make up related topics all written in our own unique styles. Its going to be something you don’t want to miss! we will be sharing with you one post a day for the next four days the last one being on Monday so make sure you follow us all so you don’t miss it!

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My Make Up, Set Up

My make up set up is fairly basic, I share a room with my other half  Liam so space is tight. What I do have works for me and I love the practicality of it and I think its pretty cute!

IMG_2985We were given a floor to nearly ceiling shelving unit from a family member and that is what I use to store all my skin care, hair care and bath time goodies  as well as random other bits and my makeup. The shelf that hold my makeup has got to be my favourite shelf!I don’t hold much on the shelf as I prefer to keep things as minimalistic as possible. I don’t have lots out but I am very much hoping to expand my makeup collection in the near future has anyone got any products I must try?



On the left hand side of the shelf I have two hand creams at the moment these are a lovely hand crème from Laura Ashley and a ted baker one I got for Christmas also very lovely. I also  have here my tea tree oil, I love using this for my acne. I got my mirror as a gift but I know you can get this mirror at Wilkos, IMG_2986

I love the fact that it lights up using battery power and I love that there are no leads cluttering up the space. Behind the mirror I have a wooden picture that’s reads “this is my happy place” The pink wood makes the space looks really girly and it adds a little bit of colour to the space to. On the mirror I hang my Pandora charm bracelet and I have tied a Pandora ribbon to it also.

In the middle of the shelf I have my makeup brushes, foundations I don’t use daily and my Naked Pallet! IMG_2990My brushes I brought from a website called aliexpress they were MEGA cheap and are super soft and have cleaned up really well. I love them! I store my brushes in a clear plastic pencil pot and to girly it up a little I have a little hair bow around it.

on the right hand side of the shelf I store my make up. I brought img_2991.jpgmy containers from Wilkos also. I think they were around £4.99 for the draws and £3.99 for the tray, they both click together to make up the whole storage box which is handy as then the trays don’t slide about. I organise my draws as follows;

                                Bottom draw: Lip Products

                 Middle draw: Eye shadows and eye primers

Top draw: Contour kits, Brow kits, blusher and concealer Pallet

On top of the draws, I have the tray which has little compartments to help organise your makeup. I keep some makeup products in here but also other everyday bits.


These include….

  • Hair bands and clips
  • Real techniques beauty blender
  • Glasses cleaning spray
  • Eye liners 
  • Mascaras
  • Brow pencils
  • Foundation and BB cream
  • Concealers
  • Lip balm
  • Setting powder
  • Tweezers, scissors and nail clippers
  • Cotton buds
  • Rings and earrings I have been wearing recently
  • Various dental care products

I fit so much into this tray. and for £3.99 its an absolute bargain!

On the shelf under my make up shelf I store my nail varnishes, I have organised them by img_2987.jpg, I have my OPI polishes on the bottom then my chimney’s, a random collection top coat and a Maybelline  then finally my Rimmed. On top of the pink box I store my random nail polishes. I love being able to see them and it always  reminds me to keep my nails looking classy haha 🙂



And That’s It!

Pheww I’m shattered writing all this but I really hope you have enjoyed this little read. I have really enjoyed putting it all together for you 🙂


Don’t forget that this is a collab with three other amazing bloggers, Make sure you visit Amys blog tomorrow for her travel makeup post.

Its going to be a goodun!

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Cheerio for now,

Fern xx