I Designed A Canvas!

If you dont already know, back in October I moved into my first flat with my boyfriend Liam. From then, there was our birthdays, we went on holiday and then we had Christmas, so getting the flat to how we really wanted it had to go on hold till the new year.


So when Photowall contacted me to say they wanted to gift me a canvas, I was over the moon and super excited to start getting the flat filled with special pieces of art. When PhotoWall reached out I  was organising my desk in the bedroom so I knew that I wanted a canvas to fill a little bit of wall space.

The colour scheme of the bedroom is black, grey and pink so I knew that the canvas had to match that. PhotoWall have so many amazing choices of canvas I was spoilt for choice, there was just so many too choose from! I saw that they had a few typography canvases and I loved them. The only problem was that none of the quotes appealed to me personally and the colours wouldn’t match the room. I was back to the drawing board with a lot to think about.

While exploring there website further I noticed that there was a “use your own image” section. After exploring and realising that this meant an image I wanted could be made into a canvas of any size I was excited! I headed straight to Google to find a quote or saying that I could turn into some really personal and relevant typography.

canvas image.pngWhen I discovered the quote I wanted to use, I went onto canva and designed my image and then I uploaded it onto Photowall. The process was really simple and easy to complete, and took less than 5 minuets. Photowall even recommended canvas sizes based on the quality of the image I provided.

Delivery was surprisingly quick and it was all packaged super securely. I was very impressed! putting it together was a little fiddly but Liam helped me and we did it together.

You can read more about the process of building a Canvas from photowall on @Hellobexa Blog Post here 

IMG_0105.JPGI am so pleased with how my Canvas came out and it looks so good on the wall in the bedroom, I have had so many people look at the canvas and compliment it so that makes me even more happy!

I am so really pleased to also include this discount code that gives you a huge 20% off your purchase, this is valid until March 20th 2018 so make sure you order yours quick!


If your looking for some amazing quality canvases and other wall art make sure you have a look at PhotoWall, I will definitely  be placing more orders in the future!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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My Happiness Guide

Many people always ask me how I continue to be so happy and bubbly all the time, I really feel like happiness is the key to a fulfilling life and that is why I go above and beyond everyday to ensure I am doing everything possible for me to remain my happy and bubbly self.

“Happiness is not out there it lives in you”

<3 Here is my happiness guide <3

Surround Your Self In Happy

happy 4I always find I am my most happy when I am surrounded by happiness, this is why I try very hard (although not always possible) to surround my self in people and objects that make me feel happy as often as I can. I make sure the people I am around the majority of the time feel my life with happiness and if they are not making me feel happy look for happiness elsewhere. I often find that if I am unable to find happiness with other people I will take my self somewhere where I feel calm. This is usually my bedroom here are my little trinkets and my laptop and my bed all these things make me feel extremely calm and happy. 

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Personally there is nothing that makes me feel happier than retail therapy and taking time to pamper myself. these are my go to pick me ups for those days I need a happiness boost. Finding a handful of things that you know will put a smile on your face can work wonders for your mood. I enjoy planning time out of my busy days for these activities, I look forward to them all day or week or in some cases longer planning what shops to look at or what new products to try. The more planning I make for these activities the more happiness I find when I am actually doing them. I keep this feeling with me for as long as possible trying not think about anything other than the present. By doing something that makes you happy more often you are guaranteed to start feeling happy for longer.

happy 1

Find Happiness In Everything

I think this is the most important of them all. I feel this is something I need to remind my self at least a couple of times a day, There is always something to be happy about, sometimes it may only feel like a tiny thing you can think off but sometimes that is enough to get you buy till something else comes along that has a more obvious happy outcome. for example sometimes when I am at work I can not wait to get home and into happy 2my bed, when I feel like this is find it very hard to find the positive and the happy about being at work, I try so hard in these situations to think of all the lovely things I have been able to do with the money I have earned working, I think of the things that I want to buy on my next shopping trip and then I think of all the good times I have had at work. If anyone has ever watched the film Polyanna you will know exactly how good this happiness game can be, and if you have not watched the film Polyanna you NEED to right now haha! 

I hope I help someone reading this to live a more happy life, that would mean so much to me! If you have any other tips on how to remain happy please leave them below I would love to hear them! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx