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Getting Ready To Go Out When You Don’t Really Feel Like It.

It’s day three! Today’s post is all about easy quick no fuss makeup and it’s a cracking post! I love it! Take a peek if you fancy it!❤

Tea Time & Books...

So me and some other lovely bloggers have decided to do a little bit of a collab. Since friday there has been a blog post every day going up on someone’s blog all to do with beauty, from what to take when you travel to beauty set-ups, it’s all happening. These girls are lovely so be sure to check them all out and give them all a follow:

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like to get all jazzed up if I know I’m going somewhere special or out for the day but there are times when I simply can not be bothered. A few weeks ago (after an 11-day stint in hospital I might add), my dad phoned me up to tell me we were going out for dinner. You don’t understand the excitement I felt at the prospect of going out somewhere, I guess…

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