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Holiday Look Book

So this is the last post in my little holiday series, we started off with a cabin tour then two holiday diary and now we are finishing with my holiday look book. Im excited, are you?

these are my outfits that I wore during my week in Norfolk.Ill start of with the items i wore alot! due to space in suitcases and practicalities I only took a few items. But i tried to create a couple of different outfits from a very limited wardrobe. How do you think I did?

My coat is from Dorothy Perkins and I love it! its the perfect length for me, being small I find this is always a struggle, but Dorothy Perkins have created a coat perfectly for me, the hood is small enough to actually fit round my head so that I can still see ( always a bonus) if your interested in this coat click the link here!

I wore the same boot pretty much everyday, these boots are mega old and brought super cheaply from the original factory shop, these boots were perfect in keeping my toes warm and comfy while on walks and exploring the town.


20171116_194301Today I wore a jumper that I recently brought from the Charity shop, check out my charity shop haul here! the jumper was from primark originally and I love it. I wore my black Eden jeans from Dorothy Perkins these are my favorite kind of jeans, they stay black for ages and are very hard wearing, I would highly recommend. I curled my hair and wore minimum makeup. I wanted today to be comfy as we was travelling.




Today I decided to wear a black jumper from the charity shop, that was originally from next. I loved wearing this jumper, it defiantly kept me warm during our woodland walk. I matched this with Blue wash Eden jeans from Dorothy Perkins, along with my blue boots and coat.


Today was a busy day out! its was super misty and foggy as well so was really hard to get photos, so sorry about the quality! Once again I wore my black Eden Jeans from Dorothy Perkins, along with my coat and boots. I wore with it a super old button shirt from Primark. its a super warm shirt that I have had for years and its kept really well, hopefully they still do these as I would love to purchase more of them.


I’m not going to lie to you I spent all day in my pjs, yep don’t judge me! however we did go out for dinner so I did get ready and dressed for that. I decided to wear black leggings from gold digger (these are the best black leggings!)  and another charity shop shirt, that was originally from Dorothy Perkins. to cover my toes I wore some little black heals from New look.  I curled my hair and slapped some makeup on my face. I was ready to go!


Today was a greasy hair, no makeup kinda day, we were travelling home so I’m guessing that’s okay :/ I wore black leggings again from gold digger and a top from Primark, I love this top its so pretty. it was very chilly today so I wore it with a black cardigan from Matalan and off course my boots, scarf and coat.

And that’s what I wore during my winter holiday, because we was doing so much walking and the weather was freezing warmth and comfort was of top priority! This is also the last holiday post in the little series, this makes me sad as now I feel like the holiday is really over, now to look forward to BLOGMAS! exciting posts ahead so keep a look out for those!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx