Christmas 2017

I cant believe today is the last day of blogmas! I am so proud of myself I actually stuck to it and never missed a day!

To Round Blogmas 2017 off, I thought I would share with you how I am going to be spending Christmas eve and christmas day, I would love to hear how your spending these days to!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is quite possibly my favourite day over the festive three days! I love the excitement and the atmosphere, and I have a feeling this year is going to be better than ever! The morning will be fairly relaxed and will 100% include a Costa billionaires hot chocolate with ALL the trimmings and maybe even some lunch thrown in there to! I will spend the morning with Liam and potentially have the Costa with his mum and sister! The afternoon is where I start to become busy! I will be picked up early afternoon by my mum and we will go to my parents house. I will give my mum,dad and brother their Christmas present and I honestly cant wait! I am super excited to give them to my family. The older I am getting the more and more excited I become to give people their presents! After something to eat we will head to church for Christmas eve service at meat more family there, this is one of my favourite things about Christmas, I love how excited all the children are for father Christmas to visit and I love the joyous atmosphere. When Church is all wrapped up we will all head to one of the local pubs for some drinks and laughs. I really can not wait for all this to happen!When I get home, I am going to have a pamper night. Then watch the film A Christmas carol. this will be such a lovely and calm way to end the night and calm down ready for the madness to begin again on Christmas day!

Christmas Day

ITS THE BIG DAY! My plans for today will be so lovely and I just can not hide my excitement! Me and Liam will wake up in our flat on Christmas morning. We will open our presents from each other then have a pancake breakfast! When we are all ready for the day we will head off to Liams mums for more gift giving and a huge Christmas lunch! I have been looking forward to this lunch for months!!! When it comes to late afternoon me and Liam will be heading of to my aunties and uncles house for a buffet tea and some party games. Most of my family will be there so I really can not wait! its going to be so incredibly lovely! Although not as busy s Christmas eve I am sure that Christmas day is going to be just as amazing.

Boxing Day

Its the last day of festivities, and yet again I am super busy spending time with family! Liam has to spend the morning at work on boxing day which is really rubbish but I suppose its got to be done! I will spend the morning at Liams mums, just chilling out before heading over to Liams sister for more food, laughs and party games! Liam will meet us there, so its not too bad! I cant wait to have a relaxing day staying almost in just the one place haha!

Christmas 2017 is looking like its going to be as amazing as ever! I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! thank you for spending the time to read my blog post they really do mean the absolute world to me! I would love to hear how you are spending your Christmas!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



A Festive Tea Room Visit

Today Me and my dad went to our local town to get the last little bits and bobs ready for Christmas! And I wanted to share our day with you….

As Niether  of us drive we caught the bus in, it’s around a half an hour bus ride and to be honest it is fairly pretty, The route takes you round a few pretty villages and at this time of year it always looks so festive!

First we headed to a few shops. The town was crazy busy! I think everyone had the same idea as us. We picked up some gifts from a number of shops and by now we were gasping for a cup of tea!


26027184_10208596293303407_1957048432_oWe headed to our favourite ever tearoom! My dad shares a love for a tearoom so we’re the perfect pair! This is a themed tearoom. And it’s themed like World War 2 the menus are called “Today’s Rations” The staff wear clothes of the era and they play old war time songs. It’s so lovely and during Christmas time it’s feels super cosy.

The Tearoom has hundreds of teas for you to choose from and they present it in a super 26024759_10208596293503412_1913583565_ocute little tea menu. I choose to go for a Blue flower Earl Grey tea and my dad decided on an Assam Tea. Both where delicious!

26036278_10208596292783394_2021702291_oI loved the fact that the bathroom had wallpaper that looked like old adverts and news paper articles. I loved it and it’s uniqueness. 

After a couple of cups of tea, we headed back into the busy streets and picked up the last gifts or two. This worked up quite the appetite so we opted for a very cheeky Wimpy lunch! It was super yummy but oh so filling!

25993316_10208596292423385_2128826520_o (1)A final walk round the shops and we was done and dusted! We had just missed a bus so we headed to a pub for a cheeky drink! The pub was rammed so we only stayed for the one.

By now it was starting to get dark, so the Christmas lights had started to shine. These were super pretty and put a huge smile on my face!

It’s been such a lovely day and now I am 100% ready for Christmas to commence!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


Preparing For Christmas Day

With Christmas day just a few days away, it is time to start preparing for the big day! All your presents have been brought and wrapped and all the shopping is done,  Its now time to prepare your home, body and mind.

Here are a few things I make sure I do to get ready for the 25th…

Deep Clean

Christmas can be so busy and often everyday housework jobs get neglected. That’s why a few days before the big day I deep clean everything. I work top to bottom and ensure their is not an inch that has not been scrubbed. By doing this the Christmas clear up shouldn’t be half as a big job. Also with people likely to be coming in and out for me its super important the flat is clean, tidy and well presented. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that everything is clean and ready to go!

Make Room For New

Along with a super clean home, its the perfect time of year to declutter and get rid of your old unused bits and pieces. I take some time to go through my makeup and bath and body products and throw out anything I don’t use, is empty or is out of date. This frees up so much space for potential presents and you can really see what you do and don’t have. I try and do this with everything. 

A Clutter Free Home Is A Clutter Free Mind After All…

Is Everything Washed?

Another thing I like to do in preparation for the big day, is to plan my Christmas outfits and make sure everything I need has been washed, dried and is ready to wear. This makes things so easy, as you know everything that you want to wear is ready, contributing to a stress free Christmas. I also make sure I have a bedding set already washed and dried. I do this because on Christmas eve I always make sure its a clean sheet night. I don’t want to be spending Christmas eve doing laundry so I do all the washing a day or two before…easy peasy!

Have Some Me Time

Christmas is a time of year for family and friends and often during the few Christmas days your surrounded by other people. In the lead up to Christmas I take the time to make sure I get in as much “Me Time” as possible. I think this is so important as it prepares your mind for some crazy busy days. Take some time to unwind and relax maybe have a Cosy Christmas night in? whatever you do…enjoy it!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. I find I can totally relax and really get into the Christmas spirit once I have ticked all of these of my forever long to do list. I would love to hear if you do anything to prepare for Christmas? is there anything I should be doing?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



The Ultimate Christmas Drink

For me nothing screams Christmas more  than cosy nights in with huge hot chocolates! that is why for today’s post I am going to be sharing with you how I make my special Christmas hot chocolates….

Sit back relax and enjoy!

First things first you need to choose your favourite mug,  Seeing as its Christmas I would go for a Christmas mug but what ever you fancy go for it, after all its your hot chocolate!

Next up start the kettle boiling and pick your hot chocolate! here is a list of hot chocolates I highly recommend!

  • Cadbury Fudge Highlights
  • Options Belgian Chocolate
  • Nestle Milky Stars
  • Maltesers Hot Chocolate


To make your hot chocolate add the powder into the mug poor a little bit of cold milk in and stir to turn it into a paste, then add the boiling water and stir thoroughly this always gives  the perfect hot chocolate and without any powdery clumps. PERFECT!

So now you should have yourself a standard hot chocolate, its now time to make it ultimate!

It is at this point i add some marshmallows and maybe some caramel syrup and give it a good stir. Next up I add a generous squirting of cream, more marshmallows,chocolate buttons and a mini gingerbread man! To finish it all off I will always sprinkle a little cinnamon to give it a really warm festive feel! I always fill mine so high it start dripping down the sides!


Now you should have yourself the perfect Christmas hot chocolate! if you recreate this, I would love to hear all about it.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


A Festive Night In

For me long winter nights are the perfect excuse for a pamper and chill out night, and that is why for today’s post I am going to be sharing with you my top tips for having the most perfect festive night in!

Todays post is also a collab with with amazing Chloe from, she is so sweet and she has also shared her Cosy Christmas Night In with everyone over on her blog, so make sure you have a little look at her post and share some love their too!

Tip Number One:

me time.jpgSet aside plenty of time, During this busy season finding time can always be a little bit tricky. I am a true believer in there is always time if you plan for it. if you can rearrange your plans and routine just a little bit, I am sure you can find a few hours of just you time. It super important we allow ourselves time to relax, it keep the mind healthy and during the Christmas time we all need some “me” time.

Tip Number Two:

IMG_40331.jpgI always find the best way to start a night in, is by having lots of yummy food to hand. I thoroughly recommend a takeaway or just having lots of yummy sweets,crisps and chocolates ready. During the festive season I absolutely adore gingerbread especially the cooperatives mini gingerbread men their scrummy! and terry’s chocolate orange! or why dont you go all out with a cheese board! whatever you love to eat, this is your time so enjoy them!

Tip Number Three:

bathI think this is the most important step to creating your perfect festive night in, and that is have a bath. what is there not to love about a long soak in the bath. Now is the time to fill the bath so its over flowing with bubbles, use your fancy and special body washes and lotions, turn up the Christmas music or read a cosy festive book. however you love your bath do it! Maybe be wild and combine tip two with tip three! eat your snacks in the bath maybe?

Tip Number Four:

I think this is my favourite step to a festive Night in. Time to get cosy! being cosy is my elf.jpgfavourite ever thing to do, I love it and its when I am happiest. It is now I would recommend grabbing your festive PJs and fluffy sock! if you do not have festive pjs maybe just wear your favourites, turn on them fairy lights, light your scented candles (I highly recommend candles from MelsMelts) and make your self a hot chocolate! I am cosy just thinking about all of this!

Tip Number Five:

This is my final tip and I think its the perfect way to end your festive night in. Time to snuggle down with your snacks, hot chocolate and blankets and watch a Christmas movie,  I have a whole post about my favourites here if you want any recommendations!

I hope you have enjoyed my tips for a festive Night in, If you have anything you think I should add let me know! what are your favourite way to chill out during the Christmas period?

Make sure you also have a look at chloes post, its so lovely and really made me feel ready for a night in!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx




Hand Made Christmas Decorations

I cant believe today is the 19th of December all ready! blogmas is coming up to the finish line, although this has been super hard and at times stressful, ill be sad when its all finished.

Today I thought I would share with you my home made Christmas decorations. With schools finishing for Christmas I thought this would be a good post to share with you! it may help keep your little ones busy or if your like me and a big kid at heart you may enjoy spending sometime with your favourite drink, Christmas music playing and taking some time to craft. Hope you enjoy….

IMG_3931This is a super easy way to decorate your home for Christmas, its so easy I feel as if I cant really call it a craft, but I suppose it is still handmade. I have this large glass vase and wanted it to look festive so I filled it with baubles and added some fairy lights. Super easy and it looks so amazing!

I made this little snowman years ago and it still comes out every IMG_3929Christmas. I made this snow man by filling a white sock with rice and tying stings around it to make his neck. I tied the top of the sock to stop the rice coming out and then with another sock I cut out the toe bit and made it into a hat. I then just used felt pens and ribbons to decorate. I’m awful at explaining things but here’s a link to much better explained instructions.

IMG_40221.jpgAt one guide meeting we all made paper angels to hang on top of the Christmas tree. I kept mine and I love it. Although looking a little battered now, I still have a soft spot for her. She was really easy to make. I folded gold paper as if I was making a fan, and then I did the same with a smaller piece of gold paper I attached them together using a stapler and added a silver pipe cleaner and her little face. Super easy and mess free!

My Final craft is probably the most tricky, but if I can do it I am positive you can! I used IMG_4021[1]old plastic bottles and wrapped them in string. I then used cotton wool and glued that on to the bottle, this was to create little Christmas people. This can get a little bit gluey but I am sure that’s al part of the fun! I used different sized bottled to create my little Christmas family and I love them!

I hope you have been inspired to do your own Christmas making and if you do I would love to see the pictures! tweet them to me @Lifewithfernie or share them with me on Instagram, also @Lifewithfernie.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



A Look At Christmas Past

I am finally feeling a little more human, I am getting their finally! Todays post is going to be hopefully a lovely one. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of my favourite childhood memories. I had so many lovely childhood Christmas and my family always went above and beyond to make sure me and my brother woke up on Christmas morning full of festive magic, and I cant wait to share some of these memories with you!

I have such a lovely memory of waking up on Christmas morning, I must of been around the age of 6, so Santa or as we called him Father Christmas was very much still magic! we woke up to lots of snow in our living room fire place and lots of snow around the fire place with a big footprint made in the snow. I remember this so clearly and always brings a smile to my face. I have literally just got off the phone to my dad and he told me a funny story about this! My dad made up the fake snow the night before and by the morning it had dried up, so while my mum was trying to keep me and my brother upstairs, my dad was spraying this now with water to try and re fix it, this did make me chuckle!

Every Christmas eve, me and my family will walk down to our local church for Christmas eve service, its lovely and I would not miss it for the world! I remember one year the road coming home from church was SUPER slippy form all the ice, so we all ice skated home! this was really funny as we was all slipping over on the ice to. This memory sticks in my head like glue!

I will treasure this memory for ever as I think its one of my favourite ever memories I have! One year we was at my Nans house for Christmas day, I was there with all my cousins and auntie and uncle. It was a full house! We had all arrived and sat down with a cup of tea and along the garden path came Father Christmas with all our presents. This is such a heart warming memory, especially as now I know that it was of course my dad dressed up. The magic was so real, I didn’t even realise my dad was not in the room!

Every year when it came to decorating the house, we would decorate the living room and the dinning room. The tree always went in the living room and we would decorate the tree as a family while listening to Gene Autrey Christmas songs. I have a strong memory of my mum and dad both deciding to decorate a room each and fighting over the decorations. My dad kept stealing decoration from my mum and hanging them in his room. This made me and my brother roll on the floor laughing. When all the rooms where decorated we would always sit in the living room altogether, lights the fire and watch some Christmas TV or a film. I loved this so much!

During the festive Period, My Nan would always invite me and my cousin round hers for lunch and a Christmas craft day. there would be so much glitter and it would go EVERYWHERE! for years and years my Nan and grandad would find glitter in little corner of their house. The glittering became a running joke in the family and it became such a problem that glitter was eventually banned haha! this still makes me and my cousin laugh. My Nan would spend the day helping us make handmade bath bombs and other little gifts and cards. Our Nan would also teach us how to cross stich, sew and knit and cook us a lovely lunch! Such sweet childhood memories!

I have So Many Childhood Memories and would love to share them all with you but we would be here all day! I would love to hear your childhood Christmas memories!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx





A Christmas Poem

Today I have felt ever so poorly, I came home from guide camp then I felt awful. I was then sent home from work, so today’s post will have to be a little one I’m afraid. Unfortunately I don’t have time to write what I ordiginally have planned so today I thought I would share with you this lovely poem I found and now love….

Our Christmas tree, stood straight and tall, We had it standing in the hall, With decorations, sparkling bright, And baubles, glittering in the light, Rich tinsel laced around branches wide, With bells and bows, that could be spied Hiding among the dark green pine, In silver and gold, boldly they did shine, And at the very top, such a wondrous sight, A star was placed there, which gave delight. The whole effect so pleasured the eye. We planted it outside, now it’s 18 feet high. This year it will once again, be a thrill, Hung with big coloured lights, in the crisp winter chill

This poem was written by the poet Ernestine Northover on the 25th March 1943. I love it and it really makes me feel festive and cosy! 

Hope you like this poem as much as I do, sorry it’s only a little post but fingers crossed I’ll be back to normal tomorow! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


A Letter To You…

My blog posts I have had planned have had to go on hold, this week has been crazy! I have gone self hosted which is super exciting! Work has been crazy, if any of you work in retail you can imagine how busy it is! And to top it all off The washing machine has broken along with our toilet! It’s been a busy week! But I’ll be back on the proper posts on Monday for sure! 
For today Post I thought I would write a letter to you, I haven’t seen anything like this before, So I hope you like it….

Dear Reader….

I hope your Christmas is full of love and laughter, However your spending your Christmas Day I hope it is the most enjoyable and perfect day you have ever had. Christmas is a day of celebration, So I really do hope you celebrate to the max! For me my Christmas is going to be crazy busy visiting lots of family, we can’t fit it all in one day so our Boxing Day has become a Christmas Day extension with another Christmas dinner and visiting more family. It’s going to be so lovely. I hope you are able to see all your family over the festive period. Family is so precious, and it’s at times like these we need to show each other. How much we really value and love one another. 

While I hope Santa brings you lots of amazing presents, because you really do deserve to be spoilt. I hope you get as much joy from giving some gifts to. Gifting presents is such a lovely way of showing someone just how much they mean to you. Christmas is a day of giving not only receiving. 

I must dash, I have so much to do! It the guide and rangers Christmas camp today and I need to prepare my self for 20 sugar hyped teenagers! Best I start packing too! 

I really do hope your Christmas is everything you ever dreamed of! Thankyou for taking a little bit of time out of your day to read my letter. That means massive amounts to me and so am forever greatfull.

Merry Christmas and A Verry Happy New Year! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


Liam’s Christmas List

For todays post, I thought I would do something slightly different and special, by now you must all be so fed up with all my posts, so today we are mixing it up. Today my partner Liam is taking over my blog and is guest writing for me. He is going to be telling you all about his favourite things about the Christmas season.

hope you enjoy and be kind to him haha!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


Hi its Liam, here is a list of my favourite things to do with Christmas! 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

1. Snow Days

Due to current weather in England, it has reminded me how much snow makes everything seem much more festive, we don’t get it very often, maybe once every 2 years if we are lucky but it changes the whole atmosphere, at least for a few days. Walking through town to see the snow covering the roads and paths, people out helping others stuck in the snow. It empathises on the word community, everyone working together to help others in need and that’s what I feel like Christmas is all about!

2. Food

I am a big fan of food, anything and everything, I will most likely eat and I also seem to be blessed of not putting any weight on no matter how much I eat which is a bonus. My favourite Christmas food has to be Pigs in Blankets, I could literally eat an entire plate of them! Whoever thought of simply wrapping sausage with bacon is a genius!

3. Spending time with Family

As me and Fern are now moved out and we are going to my parents for Christmas morning and her parents for Christmas evening. Spending time with family around the Christmas holiday and especially Christmas day, is one thing that I could not live without, everyone happy, spending time with each other, opening presents and having a big laugh, just what family’s should be doing on Christmas!

4. Christmas Films

When me and Fern are both off from Work, its nice to just sit down and relax while watching a film, one of my favourite Christmas films is obviously Elf, which has to be on everyone’s list and of course Home Alone, which coming to realise while writing this, I am yet to watch this Christmas, must add it to the list before Christmas finishes!

5. Presents

Wrapping presents has to be one of the most iconic Christmas things to do, simple boxes which take less than a minute to wrap and then everyone’s favourite, the annoying triangle or cylinder shape present which takes a life time to wrap. Luckily Fern is good at wrapping so ill just stick to the nice and easy ones while she handles the annoying ones 🙂


Well this has been my little list of what Christmas means to me, just the little things which all add up to make Christmas one of the best times of the year!

Hope you’ve enjoyed and ill see you again soon!

Bye, Liam.