What I Got For My Birthday!

 Today I wanted to share with you what I got for my birthday. I absolutely love posts like these, and the more I read or watch on YouTube them more I love them, if you have done any of these posts let me know! I need new ones to look at! hopefully you love these kinds of post too!

I am so thankful for all the lovely presents I received on my 20th birthday, every present was so thoughtful and appreciated I felt so pleased and split. I was a very happy girl!

23758241_10208405178365653_1958147821_nMe and Liam decided that we was not going to give each other birthday presents this year, money is a little tight due to moving into our first flat and going on holiday so we both agreed to save the money, however when I came home from nipping out with my Mum, Dad and brother he presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers, the flowers were lovely and now over a week has gone by and they still look beautiful in a vase in my kitchen.


My mum and dad took me out on the morning of my birthday to pick up my present 23758241_10208405159405179_436818722_nfrom a local garden centre. I had been talking about getting a large plant for the living room and that is exactly what my mum and dad kindly brought for me, for my birthday present. I picked the plant I wanted and a plant pot to keep it in. I love this plant so much, every time I look at it, it brings a huge smile to my face.

My younger brother while we was in the garden centre pulled me aside and said lets look at the candles, He told me he would buy me a couple for my birthday, We both spent ages smelling 23825475_10208405158205149_925883741_oand looking at the hundreds of candles there was to offer, eventually we decided on four candles from the wax lyrical England company they all smelled amazing and I cant wait to burn them.

One of Liams sisters and her family, gave me the zoella cosy vibes mug and I love it, its the perfect little size for hot chocolates and 23770220_10208405158565158_712493944_osteaming cups of tea. From Liams other sister and her son I was given a box of chocolates and a really sweet candle 23798718_10208405157445130_1357237617_oholder with and owl on it, its beautiful and I use it all the time.

In addition to all of that I also received some money from other family members, so I decided to pick up the Mark hill glam kit from boots, it comes with a brush, hair dryer and 2in1 straighteners and curlers. This is usually around £70, however when I picked it up it was on offer for HALF PRICE! I was extremely happy with that as I had my eye on that kit for months and I had saved my self so much money!

Also with my money I picked up a new perfume from versage, it smells lovely and its perfect for everyday. I’m awful at explaining what it smells like so you’ll have to nip into boots and have a sniff haha.

Finally with left over money I brought myself a desk and chair for the bedroom. I am 23798584_10208405157765138_1377237048_oblogging so much more now and I love it, I’m so happy that I now have my own little space to sit and write. I got my desk from Argos. Me and Liam love their furniture, its so easy to put together and is of lovely quality and is really sturdy also. Half our furniture we have is from Argos.

So that’s everything I got for my 20th Birthday, I was so lucky to receive so many lovely presents and I’m so thankful for each and every one. I was a very VERY lucky girl.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx