Looking Ahead To Summer

Today has been such a wonderful day and I have been in the best mood. I think the main reason for this has been down to the weather. Today has been so bright and sunny and has been filled with blue skies. I cant help but start to think ahead to warm days and late summer nights. I simply can’t wait!
As today was just so beautiful me and Liam decided to go for a lovely little walk in our local town. Our town has a river and a pathway has now been created that runs by the side of the river, its a perfect little 40 minute walk and me and Liam love it! Today was the first walk off the year and it felt so refreshing and I can’t wait for many more in the warmer months.

During the walk I could not help think about spring and summer. I started to think about everything that I wanted to do during these months. These aren’t goals, these are just 10 things I would love to do this summer. I suppose we could call this my Summer 2018 bucket list!

This year I would love to…

  • Have a beach day in Cromer
  • Have a picnic with my nieces and nephew
  • Go on lots of walks
  • A Family BBQ or many!
  • Have a nap in the sunshine
  • Make Home made lemonade
  • Go on a drive and listen to loud music
  • Have drinks in a Pub Garden
  • Spend as much time as possible outdoors
  • Go to the Zoo

To finish this post I thought I would include a few of the pictures we took while on our walk. I am so pleased we got out the house and enjoyed the sunshine and I definitely cant wait for more days like this, Roll on Summer!

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I hope you enjoyed the included pictures, and hearing my summer bucket list! Do you have anything planned for this spring and summer? anything I should be adding to my list?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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A Family Breakfast

Today I visited a lovely little cafe for some very yummy breakfast! This cafe is in our local town and is lovely. they offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch options along with lots of milkshakes, healthy smoothies and the classic teas coffees and hot chocolates.

26972912_10208739442722053_1723139599_oI went to this Cafe with Liam, his sister and her two tiniest daughters (the big one was at school) the cafe was lovely clean and inviting and the staff made us feel very welcome.On arrival we sat down and fetched some menus and the waitress took our drinks and food orders. Liam went for a cup of tea with a bacon roll, Liams sister decided for a cooked breakfast with a latte and I fancied the mango,passion fruit and pineapple smoothies with French toast. 

We didn’t have to wait long before our food arrived and when it 26972570_10208739442562049_79653001_o.jpgdid it was delicious! My smoothie was amazing and I have not stopped thinking about it since. my breakfast was also incredibly scrummy! Everyone else scoffed their breakie up with no complaints so I am sure the feeling was mutual.


It was so lovely to spend some time together and have a giggle and put the world to rights. Its something we do not do very often which made it so lovely and special. and we have all agreed to do it again!

Spending time with family or friends and doing something as simple as just meeting up for a breakfast can lift your mood incredibly! I have not stopped smiling all day and I feel like I am on top of the world. Family is so special and I quite often forget just how much they mean to me. I am 100% going to grab every opportunity to spend time with family and friends from now on. And make sure they know just how much I love and care for them…

If you have any suggestions of fun and cheap things to do with family and friends let me know, I would love to try some new things out!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx


Lunch Date In A Tearoom

So today Liam decided he wanted to take me out for lunch in one of our local tearooms, it was super lovely and I had a wonderful time so I wanted to share it with all of you, Me and Liam do not spend much time together just the two of us, so I really treasure the times we do anything like this, If you want to see more of me and Liams adventures check out the post about our 5 year anniversary and let me know if you would like more posts like this ❤

17883860_114432502384466_7577077899068471413_nIt was the cutest little tearoom, called the Hyacinth tearoom it was bright colourful and smelled of tea and freshly baked cakes. it was lovely, their Facebook page describes the it as a beautiful vintage Tearoom serving delicious freshly made breakfasts, sandwiches, lunches and home made cakes with fine teas and freshly ground coffee. If this is your kinda thing keep reading your going to love it.

We found a table for two near the window, and a lovely waitress made us feel very 21389555_10207978315774355_967556611_owelcome and gave us a menu. the prices were extremely reasonable and there was so much to choose from! The menus were super cute and pretty with purple hyacinths on  and the tables had little hyacinths in a vase to decorate it also. This made me feel very happy I love it when things have a constant theme. I finally decided on a lady blue tea 21362131_10207978315614351_43051228_o(it tasted similar to an earl grey) and Liam choose a chocolate milkshake.

Me and Liam chatted and laughed and joked and it was lovely. Our drinks were brought out fairly quickly and I loved how sweetly they were presented to us. Liams chocolate milkshake looked super yummy and I was super jealous of the cute little glass it came in. 21362110_1703755666322430_1843807054_oIt was just like a little hunny pot.  Mt tea came in a little tea pot and I love that the tea was loose leaf. Loose leaf tea is the best kind of tea.


while we chatted about Christmas present ideas, we could smell our lunch cooking. I opted for a sausage sandwich and Liam choose a egg mayonnaise baguette. It smelled delicious! There is no better smell 21389221_1703755622989101_288688008_othan sausages cooking on a wet and dreary day. I was in smell heaven!

Finally our food arrived and by this point our tummy’s were rumbling. and it definitely looked as good as it smelled and most importantly it smelled as good too!

After we finished our Lunch we looked over at the counter top that had the cakes,scones and biscuits displayed. Liam let me choose a slice of cake for me and him, I decided to get us a slice of chocolate cake 21362402_1703755576322439_454074529_oand oh me oh my the slices were HUGE! the slices could of been used as a door stop they were that big!  We definitely should of got one slice to share as unfortunately we couldn’t finish our slices. We felt awful leaving some of our cake as it was the yummiest chocolate cake we had ever eaten, Liam even found a chocolate button in his cake and this was definitely a well welcomed surprise. The chocolate cake had two layers separated with a chocolate cream and finished with more chocolate cream and a crumbled up flake on top YUMMY!

So that was our lovely little lunch date, on a very dark wet and dreary August Monday. We loved this tearoom and we will 100% return again.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx




Our 5 Years <3

As promised in my previous blog, This is how myself and Liam celebrated our 5 year anniversary together. It was so so so lovely to spend some quality time with him and have the most perfect day. Cheers to another 5 years Liam… you lucky lucky fella 😉

IMG_2867We started of the day with a cup of tea and jam on toast at my favourite ever  tea room in Colchester called Jacquelines this is a world war 2 themed tea room. It’s so very lovely. With old war-time music and decor to match. they offer hundreds of different teas all presented in their tea menu and their menu made me smile “today’s rations” it was called.I loved the uniqueness to this tea room and definitely will be returning. I was in my element here! I really am a 90-year-old woman at heart and I am proud of it haha!

next up we visited Colchester castle, we loved looking at the old coins and especially loved looking at the prisons and reading about Mathew Hopkins it was definitely educational.20793796_1674060389291958_28968531_o IMG_2874Both of us had visited Colchester castle a few years ago however this was our first visit since it was renovated and we could not fault it at all. We felt we walked away from the museum knowing so much more about colchester history and Britain we were very impressed.

The third stop on our day out was to a little museum also near the castle called Hollytrees. this museum focusses on modern history and how the home was run. This was really special to me as I visited this a lot with my Nan when I was a little girl.This museum was only small however me and Liam loved looking at the old Victorian household items it did make us giggle and appreciate how lucky we are to have the technology and products we do have today. IMG_2876My favourite part of this museum must be the old victorian dolls house they had on display, I loved all the detail and how pretty it was. It was crazy to think that a little girl once played with it and honestly i was jelous.

By this point me and Liam were getting hungry Liam more than me (he never stops being hungry!) so we decided to have our meal and Kaspas. This restaurant has got to be one of the best ever this is because it’s a resturant completely dedicated to deserts. you can choose for so many different options however we chose to share a fudge chocolate brownie milkshakeIMG_2879 then share two deserts
IMG_2882 one being a crushed oreo waffle and the other being a strawberry cheesecake sundae. When our deserts were delivered we knew we had made a mistake! they were HUGE! we couldn’t even finish them. But Oh me oh my t they were so good. I was in sugar heaven!

To finish of the day we wondered round some shops, there wasnt really much we wanted to buy but we needed to walk off our puddings, the walk hand in hand-made me smile lots! almost as much as i smiled eating at kaspas 😉

We had the most wonderful day spending time together and reflecting on the past 5 years. having  time together just us two doesn’t happen very often but when it does its so special to me and I think Liam likes it to. Liam makes me so unbelievably happy and I am so grateful to have him in my life ❤


I hope you enjoyed reading about what we got up to, I know I have loved writitng about it. Please feel free to coment and share I would love to hear from you.

Cheerio for now,

Fern xx