How To Fall Asleep

If there is one thing I love that’s sleep, I would sleep all day if the world would let me. But sometimes I find it hard to get off to dream land after a busy day, For today’s post I am going to share with you my top tips for a good night sleep!

Wind Down Time

I always find I really struggle to get of to sleep if my brain is all busy and going at 100 miles and hour. To avoid this I try and allow myself half an hour to an hour of wind down quite time before I want to go to sleep. I find reading a “easy read” book or a easy watch TV program works the best. Nothing to stimulating basically.

A Warm Drink

To accompany my wind down time I like to have a hot drink. Nothing with Caffeine in though of course! I love a chamomile tea or a hot chocolate these make me feel all cosy and sleepy or even just a decaffeinated earl grey tea.

Lavender Oil
How to fall asleepThis has got to be the thing I recommend the most! A few drops of lavender oil on my pillow, soles of my feet, wrist and behind my ears. Work a charm on getting me of to sleep. I really notice that I don’t have a good night sleep if I don’t use my lavender oil. If you don’t use it already you must! I really recommend the Miaroma Soothing Lavender oil. Its currently on sale at Holland And Barrett to. When buying essential oils make sure they are an essential oil and not a fragrance oil. fragrance oils have the lovely smells but without the amazing health benefits of an essential oil.

Avoid Naps

Sometimes it’s so tempting to have a afternoon nap however I find if I do this I struggle to sleep at bedtime, I was once told if you are desperate for a afternoon power nap limit it to just 20mins this should be enough to get you through the day


My final tip is something I love doing. I find I will always nod off rather quickly if I lay  still in bed and imagine each part of my body relaxing. Starting with my toes I imagine each part of my body becoming completely relaxed I do this all the way up my body. I am left feeling  relaxed and sleepy. This technique has been used in basic meditation for years and really helps me fall asleep.

Hopefully now you feel you have the right tools for a good night sleep. If you have any more tips you think I should try let me know!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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19 thoughts on “How To Fall Asleep

  1. Great tips! Lately I’ve been struggling with this because I work behind a screen literally all day. I am going to try these out! The lavender oil is completely new to me so I am excited to try that. 😊


  2. I find a hot bath followed by a face mask helps me relax enough to sleep. Right now my sleeping pattern is up the left due to medications i end up watching tv into the wee hours. I love essential oils i put them into mine and my little girls bath too so much better than these perfumed bombs and soaps.


    1. That sounds a great goal! I’m sure that will help with the wind down time as your head won’t be still busy with works bits and pieces xx


  3. great post! I find a warm tea and my essential oil dispenser like half hour before sleeping helps me a lot.
    Also, I don’t know if it really works.. but I have started putting my phone on airplane mode while I am sleeping.. and I’ve been having a great night sleep.


  4. Great tips Fernie! 💕 A warm drink and a bath really makes me feel relaxed and ready for bed. I like your tip about using lavender, I’m going to see if I can find some, it sounds very calming. Thanks for sharing these 😘 xx

    Bexa |


  5. Thanks for sharing these great tips Fernie, I never knew lavender oil could help get us to sleep. I normally read a book or books on my phone to help me sleep ahaha I might try lavender oil now.


  6. I loove lavender oil, such a good hack for sleeping better! I find that hot showers really help me relax too, which is why I only shower at night time and that right before going to bed.
    Having a clear, relaxing night routine is my number one rule for good sleep.


  7. Your list is perfect and these are the things I follow to get a good sleep except that I love a large glass of hot chocolate too and turn off all computers and tablets about half hour before bed time.


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