Custard Cream Cake!

Today me and Liam decided we would spend our afternoon baking. Baking is something we both love to do together. We have always loved baking together and during our 5 and a half years together we have baked and eaten a lot of cakes! Today we felt like trying to bake something new. After a little bit of googling and pinteresting recipes we came across the lovely Jane from Her website is filled with hundreds of amazing cakes to bake and try. Her website is well worth a visit!

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We loved the look of so many cakes but settled on making her Custard Cream Cupcakes. How delish!

You can find the exact recipe we followed here…

All the ingredients were easy to find and we had most of them sitting in our cupboards. The recipe was also so easy to follow, if we can do it anyone can!

As tradition with baking me and Liam both had a little taste of the cake batter and it tasted exactly like a custard cream! It tasted amazing and we could not wait to try them when cooked.

We gave the cakes an extra 5 minuets in the oven than Jane recommends and the cakes came out perfectly golden brown on top. The had a lovely rise and looked a perfect shape for decorating. After cooling we made up the butter cream. We added to much butter to this and it ended up a little softer than we would of liked, if we had more icing sugar this could of been easily fixed but not to worry it still tasted glorious! Jane decorated hers beautifully, us on the other hand just chucked the icing on and placed half a custard cream biscuit on the top. (our icing was not thick enough to hold a whole one)

Taste Test

At the end of the day this is the most important part of baking. I had high hopes for the overall taste of the cake as along the way it tasted incredible! Unfortunately the cake its self felt rather dense and the cooked cake had lost a fair bit of the custard cream flavouring.,However the icing tasted amazing I could eat bowls of that stuff and of course the custard cream on top was as yummy as always. Overall I would give these cakes a good 7/10 and Liam gave them a solid 8.5/10

If you have any recipes you think I should try, let me know! I am all for eating some more cakes haha!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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17 thoughts on “Custard Cream Cake!

  1. I love baking but am more of a bread or simple muffins kind of baker – any extra steps like icing or frosting intimidate me! This is a great motivation to experiment more in the future. Too bad some of the taste went away during the baking process. Maybe you can just eat all the batter next time? 😉


  2. I have always wanted to bake but am kinda lazy. Lol this kinda puts me in the mood tho cause I surely could go for some sweets and I have the ingredients.. hmmm…. lol great post!


  3. Yum! I love custard creams! This would be the best cupcake for me! I could eat a whole pack of custard creams so it may not last long enough for a cupcake recipe haha!
    It’s a shame they were a bit dense! I prefer fluffier cupcakes! And also less sweet icing.



    1. Hahaha I had to refrain myself from eating them all haha! Me to I love fluffy cupcakes but not too worry they still tasted good! 😍


  4. I’m normally not a custard girl but these look really delicious and I wouldn’t mind recreating them myself. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I’m definitely going to check out Jane’s site for more delicious recipes xx


  5. Don’t even get me started on buttercream I actually think I could eat a bowl for dinner! Some people find it sickly after a while, not me, oh no not me! 🙈 I often find when I add specific flavours to things they cook out? Not just cakes either? It’s weird if I season meat or something it will taste like I never seasoned it at all. I have no idea how it happens all I have gathered is I’m a terrible cook 🤦‍♀️😂 sorry drifted off topic there! 😂 obviously I can’t comment on taste but they look fantastic!!!


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