Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s international woman’s day and I feel it’s super important to give it a little bit of acknowledgement. Today is a day to celebrate all things woman from admiring great historical women who changed the world for ever, showing how much you love the woman in your life or even giving each other some extra support and encouragement however you choose to celebrate today make it your own. Do something that makes you feel empowered, strong and amazing. Take a moment out of your day to celebrate the most important thing in the world…YOU!

Empowered women, Empower women

In honour of international women’s day I decided that one of the things I wanted to do today was to take sometime out of the day to sit and reflect about how incredible I am. Now I dont want this to come across big headed or cocky but I think one of the most amazing all be it at times the most difficult thing you can do, is celebrate what you love about yourself and everything that makes you feel amazing inside.

So with that in mind for today’s post I am going to be sharing with you 10 things I want to celebrate about me!

  1. I love My sense of Humour, I get it from my dad and grandad and although at times it has got me in trouble, I love it!
  2. I adore being a guide leader, I love watching the girls become young women, with their own personalities and big ideas.
  3. I am so proud of myself for overcoming a patch of terrible mental health. I feel so much stronger than I ever did and I am sure this is down to this.
  4. My passion for my blog can’t be ignored, I am so proud of my achievements and never imagined it would be where is is today. I have worked so hard and it’s definitely starting to shine through!
  5. It’s took time but I am starting to feel comfortable being me, don’t get me wrong there are some days where I want to changeable few things but all in all I am happy with what I see in the mirror.
  6. I have a plan. I love that I have a plan for the future. I love the way my future is looking to be and can’t wait for it. The future used to scare me a little so now knowing I have a plan makes me feel so much more at ease and now I can’t wait for it all to unravel. Off course I expect for things not to go according to plan but I am ready for those challenges.
  7. I enjoy being unique. I am the complete opposite of a “stereotypical” 20 year old, I don’t have huge circles of friends that I go partying weekly with or anything. My social calendar is pretty much non existent and I love that. I feel so happy that I can devote all my time to guiding,work,blogging and Liam. This suits me so much and I love it, I am so content and happy with how this has all happened for me.
  8. Becoming the “perfect housewife” has always been something I long to achieve. And I am finally getting there. Although me and Liam both work, he works much longer shifts than me and hardly has days off. That’s why I have took on the role of the cleaning and cooking and life organising. I love doing this and I love how hard I work to become the best I possibly can be.
  9. I love how I get excited over everything and anything. I find excitement in my everyday life and This always makes me so happy. Find excitement in everything you do was something I read a few years ago and it stuck and once you start doing it it’s catching and you can’t stop!
  10. Watching Liam’s nieces and nephew grow up has been such an honour and to be part of their life is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Spending time with them is so precious to me and hearing them laugh makes the tough days I go through disappear. They bring me such joy and they always encourage me to see the positive in everything. They have helped me smile on even the hardest of days and for that I will forever be grateful. They have taught me so much and have definitely shaped who I am today.

Okay I know number 10 wasn’t exactly something I love about myself but it felt kind of fitting to include it. I would love for you to comment something’s you want to celebrate about yourself or how you are celebrating international women’s day. I Would love the comments to be a sea filled with so much self love!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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23 thoughts on “Celebrating International Women’s Day

  1. I love this! I love that you are so able to praise your worth as a woman! I didn’t know about it being a special day for women until I woke up this morning and wonderful ladies such as yourself make sure I know!


  2. What a lovely idea! I think it’s such an important day to acknowledge and share. Although, We have advanced with women’s rights massively we still have a long way to go! Great post and such lively things to admire about yourself, I personally love the fact that I’m not a typical 19 year old too aha
    Have an amazing day!
    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


    1. Yes! there has been so many great advances but yet even in today’s society we still have so far to go! I love the “non typical” hahaha! 💖💖


  3. I have to say that I love your idea of celebrating women’s day with some self love. Maybe because I ignore it so much. I’m constantly thinking of how I should become better but I’m going to do what you said.

    I love that I embrace my nerd girl side because that’s who I am and I’m happier having accepted that instead of trying to fit someone else’s mold.


  4. Happy woman’s day lovely!!!
    You are an amazing lady!
    I love that you listed all these things about yourself! I didn’t know that you’re a guide leader! I used to go and it’s a great place for young woman!
    Always be you and never change xx


    1. Been a guide leader now for 3 ish years I love it! Always a part time Ranger leader as well! And I love that equally 💕


  5. Wow ! I love this post ! Happy Women’s day! And I can agree with the social life, I am definitely not the typical 19 year old either and it’s okay to not follow the lifestyle of society, but whatever suits you the best 💕


    1. Exactly if you wanna do something do it equally if you don’t want to that’s okay to. Celebrate that we can make our own decisions 💓


  6. What a great post! Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to think about and reflect upon what makes them special ! Happy International Women’s Day!


  7. This is an awesome post I wish everyone could do this as like a self love challenge of some kind. Happy international women’s day to you girl, keep being amazing 💛


  8. Read so many posts about International Woman’s Day but this is by far my most favourite…reading about you and all the great things about you


  9. This is such a lovely blog post idea!
    And I especially love your point about being a housewife (even if you work) – I always feel at my best when our home is clean, clutter-free, and I took the extra effort to cook from scratch or bake early in the morning. There’s not enough appreciation for this kind of daily work!


    1. I always feel so much more ready for the day if all the housework is on top of and meals have been planned and prepped! 💗


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