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My Weight Journey And Primark Haul

And Breathe…This is by far one of the Hardest posts to write about for a number of reasons. This post I have had planned for sometime however never felt confident enough to do so. In all honesty I still do not feel to confident about the idea but I need to start stretching my self so here I am sharing with you my Fitness and weight loss journey.

It all started back in April 2017, by this point my mental health was really struggling (you can read all about that here) and during a routine doctors appointment I was told I was obese and that had to change. I knew I had gained a lot of weight from being in such a  low mood meaning that I entered into horrid comfort eating cycle resulting in a Huge weight gain. At my heaviest I weighed 11 Stone 6 pounds I had to change. I had looked into Weight Watchers and loved the idea and loved the results I saw others receiving. I joined the “Online Only plan” and it worked a treats! In 4 months I had lost nearly two stone and I was on cloud 9! I had dropped 2 dress sizes and people started to compliment how good I looked. I felt amazing and my mental health and skin dramatically improved. I have also written a post about my skin story you can find that here too.

I reached a healthy 9 stone 9 and I swore I would never put the weight on again. However two holidays later, a new job in a food shop and moving house has resulted in a weight gain. I am now back up to 10 Stone 10 pounds  and I am so disappointed in myself. But from today that stops! I have treated myself to some lovely new workout clothes and have started to calorie count. Weight Watchers was amazing however I now feel like it wasn’t a lifestyle change and that is exactly what I need.

These Pictures were taken exactly a year apart. It shows me at my heaviest and lightest. I also happen to be wearing the exact same outfit in both pictures and I still cant believe the difference.

I am so ready to Re-start my weight loss journey again but first I needed some new work out clothes so I headed to Primark and filled a basket with lots of new items that have definitely motivated me to move more and eat less! I am sharing the pictures below for two main reasons;

A- To show my new workout clothes and what they look like on me

B- To document what my body looked like at the beginning of my weight loss journey, I suppose we could call these my “Before” pictures.



IMG_0163.JPGThese trainers were an absolute bargain. I paid just £12 for them and they are super comfy. I do however wish I brought a smaller size as they have come up rather big. I adore the combination of pink and grey at the moment so I instantly fell in love with them.


Outfit One

IMG_0138IMG_0156I never thought I would like this colour as much as I do. These turquoise patterned leggings are lovely though. I brought these leggings for £8 in size medium so they are a little tight however I figured when the weight starts coming off I still would like them to fit. I also brought the matching sports bra for £5 and it feels a really strong material and feels like it will give me enough support. To finish this set I saw that there was a matching Jacket. I also picked this up in a slightly small size so it will last me. I paid £10 for this jacket and its worth so much more than that!

Outfit Two

IMG_0125I love the combination of grey and pink so when I saw this top I instantly picked it up! I picked this up in a medium and once again it is a little tight IMG_0126but wont be for long! I love the fact this this top actually comes in two parts so can be worn as two separates which I love because I am not entirely sure I love the grey crop top on me. This set was just £7 so a real bargain! To match this I picked up these grey leggings for £8. These fit me lovely and are super comfy too. I am a happy bunny.


IMG_0152When I saw that this top was just £3.50 I picked it up. This top is a super tight fit. this is something I usually always avoid however I brought his piece to help motivate me further. I also picked this up in a size medium. I love that I can match this top to any of the leggings I picked up to and for just £3.50 I thought it was a such a good price not to be ignored.


I hope you have found this post somewhat interesting to read and if you have any tips or tricks for loosing weight then please let me know! I will be updating you all on twitter about how I am getting on with this so make sure your following me on there  @LifeWithFernie.

Cheerio For Now,



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12 thoughts on “My Weight Journey And Primark Haul

  1. You look great Fernie! 💖 Your weight loss story is really inspirational! I lost 4 stone a few years ago and gradually put a bit back on. Now I’m determined to get back to my old shape. I’m going to the gym often and trying to eat healthier. Thanks for this motivating post and I love your workout outfits! 😘 xx

    Bexa |


  2. Wow, that turquoise outfit is gorgeous!
    I love how honest you are here! Weight has become such a hard topic to talk about – but I find that the more I normalized just talking about it neutrally instead of complaining or joking, the more I could set realistic goals and enjoy the journey. 🙂 What kind of exercise do you have in mind?


  3. Wow congratulations on the weight loss! It’s hard work and you definitely worked hard. It’s onay to fluctuate now and again though so don’t be too hard on yourself! :)!



  4. Its so wonderful to read about your weight loss journey Fern, I am sure that you are inspiring so many others with your story which i am sure was really hard for you to share. I love your outfit one, as it looks great on you and shows off your figure better.


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