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Confessions Of A Beauty Hoarder

A few days ago I was talking to a lovely group of fellow bloggers and we were discussing all our beauty hoarder confessions. Some of these really tickled me and it got me thinking about all of my hoarder confessions too. I had the idea that this would make a rather interesting post to talk about on my blog so here I am bringing you some confessions of a beauty hoarder. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed hearing about them.

How many of these confessions are you guilty of? 

Unused Products

I am awful for this! I will buy so many new products that I am super excited to try however I always end up using the same products over and over. I even buy products knowing I will never use them! I have been known to buy products just for the packaging or because they were on sale. After doing this for years I now have draws full of unused products that I just cant seem to bring myself to throw away, yet I know I will still buy more in the future.

Self Control

On those rare occasions I do need to buy something new that is beauty related I will walk into the shop with the idea that I will only buy what I need. I do so well for around 30 seconds, then I go crazy and with no self control fill my baskets with so much beauty crap. I know I will always do this yet I always feel so optimistic that one day I will just walk out of boots with the one toothbrush that I needed.

@halfbloodpixie also confessed to doing this!

I didn’t buy anything this January…No wait I did,  but that was because I went into a beauty store and I have no self control!

Out Of Date Products

When we were talking about and confessing all our beauty hoarder sins this was a topic which we all confessed to! I tend to have a beauty clear out every 6 months or so, and yet I will always find products which are way past  their use by dates! where do these products come from that what I want to know haha!

@stephanie_vivienne Confessed

” I have just cleaned out my beauty stuff… it was chaos. I am pretty sure their is lipsticks in there from 10 years that I have not touched since..(impulse purchases)

@Kirakiratsu Confessed

I have just thrown out my first eye shadow pallete (brought 6 years ago)

@evyclocharde Confessed

just sorted through my make up…5 year old foundation be gone!

Do not worry girls we have ALL been there!

I hope you have found this post a little bit of a giggle! I would love to hear all your beauty hoarder confessions too! dont forget to give these girls a follow they upload the most amazing content on their blogs its defiantly not to be missed!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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18 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Beauty Hoarder

  1. Omg my old foundation…! The funniest part was that it didn’t match me at all – bought during a time when I still thought my vampire skin could tan, so the foundation was ridiculously dark, even against my hand!
    I’ve gotten better with hoarding, though. No makeup bought in months! (…but skincare is another story.)


  2. I agree with what Alice said, I have so many lipsticks that I have never even opened the seal to. I guess it is hard to get rid of things that you had no use out of but if it’s a few years old… then I’m sure it’s probably best too ahaha


  3. I have ZERO impulse control! And what makes it worse is… I could be walking into Aany store and see a makeup section and I’m done! Endnote I throw away NOTHING! Great post! Loved it and it was kinda funny lol. Girls .. we are something else lol


  4. I hope my fiancé doesn’t see this, he doesn’t know I bought something ;)! I’m so glad I’m not the only one though! This made me chuckle a lot :)!!



  5. I have a confession to make! I love to hoard make up too..sometimes I find things I have not used for months in a drawer as I have forgotten that I bought it. I also tend to use some shades…my favourite ones all the time that I forget to experiment on the new shades and colours.


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