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February Goals

Today is the first day of February, Christmas is a distant memory and now where looking ahead to Valentines day and Easter! With it being a brand new month I wanted to set some new goals and as always  share them with you.

I think Goal setting is super important, I love how setting goals keeps me motivated to achieve and succeed . I love the excited feeling I get when I can say I have achieved something and this motivates me further to set new goals! In all honestly January has been a bit of a flop when it comes to goal setting I have achieved a few but I am dragging alot through with me into February and this is 100% not going to happen again at the end of the month. I am motivated!

With February being the shortest month I am making it my mission to do something everyday to make myself feel proud and that brings me closer towards my goals, I will be tweeting what I have done each day on my twitter so make sure your following me over there to keep updated with how I am doing!


My February 2018 Goals

  • Reach 400 followers on Twitter
  • Use Pinterest More (you can follow my boards here)
  • Drink more water and green Teas
  • Cut out the unhealthy Snacks
  • Keep to my blogging upload schedual

I have hopefully set myself some achievable goals.that I will be proud to achieve. What I have learnt in previous months is setting myself goals that are way to hard or unrealistic will really demotivate me to work to try and achieve them.

Whats the point of working hard at something if you deep down know its not going to be achievable…

I hope you have enjoyed being nosy into what my goals are this month. If you have any goals I would love to hear them and help support you in achieving them!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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February Goals Pinterest.png



42 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Seriously, where did January go? Like you said, Christmas is such a distant memory already…
    Keeping to a more consistent blogging schedule is one of my goals for this month, too! It seems less intimidating since, at least, February is short. 🙂


    1. That’s my plan, with February being a short month it’s seams less intimidating, if I can achieve all my goals this month I am sure I can continue doing it every month 💕


  2. Great goals! The hardest on here is drinking more water. I find it an absolute chore. Also I hate going to the bathroom so often haha!



  3. Good luck with your goals, I can help you on the twitter front and be your new follower 🙂 so now you’re closer to the 400 mark!

    Soffy //


  4. Using Pinterest more is definitely something I need to look into! With the hectic schedule of daily blogging this month I might have to leave that until March though. I’m sure you’ll reach your follower goal! And good luck with the health ones, snacks are always the hardest to change! x



    1. I need to do so much research into how to use Pinterest so watch this space hopefully in the next few days I would of cracked how to use it 💗


  5. Great post! I love Pinterest, I probably spend too much time on it haha, I also want to try fruit infused water myself as I actually don’t like water ahaha, good luck with your goals too, I’m sure you can do them!


    1. Ooooo I love fruit infused water, and totally forgot how much I like it! Going to be giving it a go to break up the taste of water! Xx


  6. Good luck with your February goals! I feel like January went by so fast, but then I also think it went pretty slow! I need to follow some of your goals like cut out the unhealthy snacks but it’s so tough when I know they are there and they are so tasty haha. I usually try keep some water near me so I go drink that instead of going downstairs to get some that is could be slightly unhealthy!



    1. That’s what I do, yesterday was such a flop on the healthy snack front I couldn’t not stop snacking! Today’s a new day and I’m determined to have a snack free day! X


  7. I keep telling myself I need to drink more water. It’s not usually a problem but these days I feel like I’ve cut back a bit. I think reaching 400 on twitter sounds fab! You will get it done along with all your other goals. Keep up the great work 🙂

    xx Lena |


  8. I think it’s a great thing that you are setting monthly goals because I believe it will keep your mind active as you would want to achieve them. I’m sure you will achieve them all either way xx


  9. These are great goals! I think we sometimes get too caught up the the idea of ridiculous unachievable new years resolutions so it’s great that you’ve really made an achievable list! Can’t wait to see how you do and good luck with them x

    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


  10. Love that you have actually stated what you want to achieve in February, so its clearly written. I hope you revisit this post at the end of Jan to see if everything was achieved x


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