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My Make Up Storage

One of my very first blog posts explained how I stored all my make-up and  you can find that post here. That post was written back in around August 2017 when me and Liam still lived with his parents. Now we are living in our own flat and my make up storage has changed more times than I count! however Now I am finally completely happy with how it looks and I wanted to share it with you!



I store all my vanity bits and pieces on top of my chest of draws. Today I am only going to be telling you about what is on the top of the chest of drawers but if you would like another post about what is inside the draws let me know!

IMG_0063On the left hand side of the chest of drawers I keep my mirror. This Mirror was a present one birthday and it lights up this is a super handy feature. I love this mirror so much! Next to this I have a silver heart shape jewellery stand. This was given to me on my 18th birthday and I think its super pretty. On this I store a few of my perfumes I tend to reach for the most. I also store my everyday Jewellery on this when I am not wearing it.Behind these two things I have a Picture of me and my dad at a beach and a hand drawn picture Liam drew me years ago. I love this space and its really practical for me to use.

In the middle of the chest of draws I keep my Jewellery box. I have had this box for as long as I can remember and I love it. it has three draws on one side that I keep my earrings and other bits and pieces in and on the right hand side there is space to hang Necklaces and bracelets. I love that this side is accessed by a glass door that has a flower painted onto. On top of my jewellery box I keep a little glass jar with a ribbon tied round it. In there I keep all my make-up brushes. I also have a ink sign that says “Happiness is Home made” and I love that saying so much I really do think that`s true and I try to remind myself that every morning while I am getting ready. I also store on here a rock I picked up from my favourite beach in Norfolk.

Finally on the far right of the chest of drawers I use acrylic storage to keep my make-up. IIMG_0066 picked these up really cheaply from Wilkos. These two pieces of acrylic storage fit together really easily to create one large set of storage and I love that. Unfortunately the exact ones I have they no longer stock but you can purchase similar ones here. I love these containers and I highly Recommend them. I have thread tiny fairy lights all round the vanity set up and I love how pretty it looks. I picked these lights up at Primark for about £2 and they are perfect. I love that they are battery powered aswell so I dont have to have them plugged in.

And that is how I am currently storing my Makeup and Jewellery. I love reading these sorts of posts so make sure if you have a link to them you send it to me!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



23 thoughts on “My Make Up Storage

    1. I am sure it was my mums and she still has a matching one so this one means a lot to me! I like to think I’m organised haha! Xx


  1. My husband got me little fairy lights from a flea market just the other day and after seeing your beautiful setup here, I can’t wait to use them!
    Also, that jewelry box is so pretty! I love the vintage look it gives overall. ❤


    1. Haha, I used to have far too many but I always reached for the same few, I am wanting to expand my makeup collection at some point but for now this works for me z


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