Organising My Fridge

I am sure to some of you this will be a very dull and completely boring however if any of you are like me with a secrete love of all things housework, organising and cleaning this will be an absolute treat for you!

The other day I came home from our weekly shop and started to put everything away (this is something I find super satisfying!) When I got round to putting all the chilled bits and bobs away I realised how messy my fridge was. Something had to change!


I started of by taking a steps back and looking at the food I already had in there. Some of these things I am ashamed to say were way past their use by dates and needed to be thrown out. this cleared so much room the new and fresh foods.

IMG_0054Next up I started by emptying the whole fridge and giving everything a really good wipe down with my Zolfora. If you have not heard of Zoflora Google it now its mazing and I have a serious love for it! I use an old spray bottle filled with a couple of caps of Zolfora and filled with water. This is the perfect disinfectant spray that also made my fridge smell AMAZING!

When Everything was clean it was time to re organise the shelves and the inside of the IMG_0058door. I put all our fruits and vegetables in the tray at the bottom, Meats above that then dairy’s above the meats. I decided to keep the top shelf clear so we can easily store our lunch boxes and water bottles.

IMG_0061Next I looked at the door and realised I had no need for three sections. I kept all drinks in the bottom section and sauces on the one above it. I did not want to waste the empty container that now was not needed so I decided I would use it to keep our eggs in. I played around with different positions of this and lost two eggs along the way haha! but I finally settled on the container being placed at the back of the fridge.

I am in love with how organised and fresh smelling my fridge now is, if you have any tips or secrets for keeping your fridge organised and clean let me know! I love hearing and trying out new ideas.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx

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19 thoughts on “Organising My Fridge

    1. I live feeling organised and absolutely loved writing this post! There’s something so relaxing about organising things x


  1. I don’t like organizing my fridge. I can honestly say I never was able to get on with the organizing obsession like all my peers. I am so naturally disorganized and scatterbrained that when I tried to section my closet and make it organized, I had a headache looking at the finished product and was always frustrated trying to pinpoint where each thing I needed would be found. I must have a weird brain. HOWEVER I love cleaning so I do constantly clean my fridge cause I hate to think of things I eat in a dirty place! Great post!


    1. Ahh really??? I love feeling organised I hate it when things aren’t in there place and organised, I just love it so much haha! I love cleaning also! I could spend ours and hours cleaning a day if I had the time! Xx


  2. Oops, I should organize my fridge, too… We actually have two smaller ones, one for Korean food because otherwise everything smells like Kimchi. But it’s double the cleaning 😉
    Seeing your finished, organized pictures motivates me a lot!


  3. Your fridge is super small and organised, wish you could come help me organise mine which is so huge and filled with lots of food for the kids and their snacks and pre-cooked food


    1. I would love a big Fridge! It’s so hard to bulk buy items when there cheap because I have no where to store them! I would love to come organise your fridge! Organising is my favourite thing to do haha! Xx


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