Preparing For Christmas Day

With Christmas day just a few days away, it is time to start preparing for the big day! All your presents have been brought and wrapped and all the shopping is done,  Its now time to prepare your home, body and mind.

Here are a few things I make sure I do to get ready for the 25th…

Deep Clean

Christmas can be so busy and often everyday housework jobs get neglected. That’s why a few days before the big day I deep clean everything. I work top to bottom and ensure their is not an inch that has not been scrubbed. By doing this the Christmas clear up shouldn’t be half as a big job. Also with people likely to be coming in and out for me its super important the flat is clean, tidy and well presented. I feel so much more relaxed knowing that everything is clean and ready to go!

Make Room For New

Along with a super clean home, its the perfect time of year to declutter and get rid of your old unused bits and pieces. I take some time to go through my makeup and bath and body products and throw out anything I don’t use, is empty or is out of date. This frees up so much space for potential presents and you can really see what you do and don’t have. I try and do this with everything. 

A Clutter Free Home Is A Clutter Free Mind After All…

Is Everything Washed?

Another thing I like to do in preparation for the big day, is to plan my Christmas outfits and make sure everything I need has been washed, dried and is ready to wear. This makes things so easy, as you know everything that you want to wear is ready, contributing to a stress free Christmas. I also make sure I have a bedding set already washed and dried. I do this because on Christmas eve I always make sure its a clean sheet night. I don’t want to be spending Christmas eve doing laundry so I do all the washing a day or two before…easy peasy!

Have Some Me Time

Christmas is a time of year for family and friends and often during the few Christmas days your surrounded by other people. In the lead up to Christmas I take the time to make sure I get in as much “Me Time” as possible. I think this is so important as it prepares your mind for some crazy busy days. Take some time to unwind and relax maybe have a Cosy Christmas night in? whatever you do…enjoy it!

Hopefully you found this post helpful. I find I can totally relax and really get into the Christmas spirit once I have ticked all of these of my forever long to do list. I would love to hear if you do anything to prepare for Christmas? is there anything I should be doing?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



2 thoughts on “Preparing For Christmas Day

  1. Yes to me-time! Christmas is probably the best when the fairy lights are on and we can cozy up in a blanket, watch a film or read a book. I really liked your suggestion to make room for new; it’s that part of the year when things are gonna start afresh and what better than to clean up some mess and make room for some new hot mess, haha 😀 Loved this post! ❤


    1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read! I have cleared so much room for new bits and pieces I feel like a new woman haha! ❤️


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