Hand Made Christmas Decorations

I cant believe today is the 19th of December all ready! blogmas is coming up to the finish line, although this has been super hard and at times stressful, ill be sad when its all finished.

Today I thought I would share with you my home made Christmas decorations. With schools finishing for Christmas I thought this would be a good post to share with you! it may help keep your little ones busy or if your like me and a big kid at heart you may enjoy spending sometime with your favourite drink, Christmas music playing and taking some time to craft. Hope you enjoy….

IMG_3931This is a super easy way to decorate your home for Christmas, its so easy I feel as if I cant really call it a craft, but I suppose it is still handmade. I have this large glass vase and wanted it to look festive so I filled it with baubles and added some fairy lights. Super easy and it looks so amazing!

I made this little snowman years ago and it still comes out every IMG_3929Christmas. I made this snow man by filling a white sock with rice and tying stings around it to make his neck. I tied the top of the sock to stop the rice coming out and then with another sock I cut out the toe bit and made it into a hat. I then just used felt pens and ribbons to decorate. I’m awful at explaining things but here’s a link to much better explained instructions.

IMG_40221.jpgAt one guide meeting we all made paper angels to hang on top of the Christmas tree. I kept mine and I love it. Although looking a little battered now, I still have a soft spot for her. She was really easy to make. I folded gold paper as if I was making a fan, and then I did the same with a smaller piece of gold paper I attached them together using a stapler and added a silver pipe cleaner and her little face. Super easy and mess free!

My Final craft is probably the most tricky, but if I can do it I am positive you can! I used IMG_4021[1]old plastic bottles and wrapped them in string. I then used cotton wool and glued that on to the bottle, this was to create little Christmas people. This can get a little bit gluey but I am sure that’s al part of the fun! I used different sized bottled to create my little Christmas family and I love them!

I hope you have been inspired to do your own Christmas making and if you do I would love to see the pictures! tweet them to me @Lifewithfernie or share them with me on Instagram, also @Lifewithfernie.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



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