A Look At Christmas Past

I am finally feeling a little more human, I am getting their finally! Todays post is going to be hopefully a lovely one. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of my favourite childhood memories. I had so many lovely childhood Christmas and my family always went above and beyond to make sure me and my brother woke up on Christmas morning full of festive magic, and I cant wait to share some of these memories with you!

I have such a lovely memory of waking up on Christmas morning, I must of been around the age of 6, so Santa or as we called him Father Christmas was very much still magic! we woke up to lots of snow in our living room fire place and lots of snow around the fire place with a big footprint made in the snow. I remember this so clearly and always brings a smile to my face. I have literally just got off the phone to my dad and he told me a funny story about this! My dad made up the fake snow the night before and by the morning it had dried up, so while my mum was trying to keep me and my brother upstairs, my dad was spraying this now with water to try and re fix it, this did make me chuckle!

Every Christmas eve, me and my family will walk down to our local church for Christmas eve service, its lovely and I would not miss it for the world! I remember one year the road coming home from church was SUPER slippy form all the ice, so we all ice skated home! this was really funny as we was all slipping over on the ice to. This memory sticks in my head like glue!

I will treasure this memory for ever as I think its one of my favourite ever memories I have! One year we was at my Nans house for Christmas day, I was there with all my cousins and auntie and uncle. It was a full house! We had all arrived and sat down with a cup of tea and along the garden path came Father Christmas with all our presents. This is such a heart warming memory, especially as now I know that it was of course my dad dressed up. The magic was so real, I didn’t even realise my dad was not in the room!

Every year when it came to decorating the house, we would decorate the living room and the dinning room. The tree always went in the living room and we would decorate the tree as a family while listening to Gene Autrey Christmas songs. I have a strong memory of my mum and dad both deciding to decorate a room each and fighting over the decorations. My dad kept stealing decoration from my mum and hanging them in his room. This made me and my brother roll on the floor laughing. When all the rooms where decorated we would always sit in the living room altogether, lights the fire and watch some Christmas TV or a film. I loved this so much!

During the festive Period, My Nan would always invite me and my cousin round hers for lunch and a Christmas craft day. there would be so much glitter and it would go EVERYWHERE! for years and years my Nan and grandad would find glitter in little corner of their house. The glittering became a running joke in the family and it became such a problem that glitter was eventually banned haha! this still makes me and my cousin laugh. My Nan would spend the day helping us make handmade bath bombs and other little gifts and cards. Our Nan would also teach us how to cross stich, sew and knit and cook us a lovely lunch! Such sweet childhood memories!

I have So Many Childhood Memories and would love to share them all with you but we would be here all day! I would love to hear your childhood Christmas memories!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx





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