A Christmas Poem

Today I have felt ever so poorly, I came home from guide camp then I felt awful. I was then sent home from work, so today’s post will have to be a little one I’m afraid. Unfortunately I don’t have time to write what I ordiginally have planned so today I thought I would share with you this lovely poem I found and now love….

Our Christmas tree, stood straight and tall, We had it standing in the hall, With decorations, sparkling bright, And baubles, glittering in the light, Rich tinsel laced around branches wide, With bells and bows, that could be spied Hiding among the dark green pine, In silver and gold, boldly they did shine, And at the very top, such a wondrous sight, A star was placed there, which gave delight. The whole effect so pleasured the eye. We planted it outside, now it’s 18 feet high. This year it will once again, be a thrill, Hung with big coloured lights, in the crisp winter chill

This poem was written by the poet Ernestine Northover on the 25th March 1943. I love it and it really makes me feel festive and cosy! 

Hope you like this poem as much as I do, sorry it’s only a little post but fingers crossed I’ll be back to normal tomorow! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


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