Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks

I feel as if today’s post links really nicely with yesterdays post, if you have not already had a little read of my Christmas gift guide for her, then you can find it here. Today’s post is all about my tips and tricks for ensuring all your Christmas shopping runs smoothly and stress free.

Start Early

For me this is so important, we have such a huge family so its vital I start thinking about budgets and what I would like to buy everyone.I start the whole process off in September by buying a new notebook, that I dedicate to all my Christmas needs. I will then allow my self some time to write a list of everyone I would like to buy gifts for and look at my finances and decide suitable budgets.Without spending a little bit of time doing this ill go crazy and spend all my money and have hundreds and hundreds of presents to wrap and gift. These lists keep me focussed.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

I have picked up some amazing presents and really good prices by just keeping my eyes on lookout while I am out and about. I do this as soon as I have written my list and If I see it I buy it. The amount of times I have seen something and a week later its gone and not to be brought back into stock is heart breaking. By Picking up bits and bobs over a few months and storing them away is so handy, you end up with some amazing gifts and really good prices and when the shops are super busy with everyone doing there shopping you are almost done so you can enjoy the festive season even more.

Shop With A Focus

Sometimes you cant pick up everything in little bits so you need a big shopping trip.Its important to do this with a plan and plenty of time.Allow time for browsing and long queues. Bring a friend or family member and make it an event! stop for lunch and have a lovely day, enjoy the festive displays and the atmosphere.

Before you go agree on the shops you would like to visit and what your looking for this keeps your shopping focussed and then your only entering shops you need to. if you have some spare time you can always wonder round the shops you didn’t have planned

Wrap As You Go

Dont leave all your Christmas wrapping to the last minute, you wont enjoy it and it can become very boring. I love wrapping presents and I love spending time to add bows and Ribbons. I enjoy wrapping presents , I usually make myself a hot chocolate listen to Buble and wrap away. I find if I wrap presents as soon as I buy them I enjoy it alot more, I also love looking at the piles of presents building up under the tree. it makes me super happy.

I hope you have found my tips and tricks helpful, if you have any more please let me know! I still feel like I havnt quite mastered the Christmas shopping but I am getting there.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx


2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks

  1. Having a Christmas notebook to write everything down in one place is such a good idea! I need to start doing this as I always end up with random notes everywhere or finding presents I’d bought early but forgotten about six months later!


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