My Top Festive Foods And Drinks

It’s blogmas day 11! We are nearly at the half way mark! Are you enjoying your December so far? I would love to hear about what your all getting up to!

For me one of my favourite things about Christmas is the food and drink! Me and Liam have a Christmas hamper full of goodies that we keep in the living room, so we can munch as much as we like during this merry season! This changes all the time as we are constantly re filling it with new yummy foods and drinks to replace the ones we have eaten!

Today I am going to be sharing with you my favourite treats for this time of year, what are your favourites? What shall I add to our hamper?


As you may or may not know, I absolutely love gingerbread! And this time of year is full off gingerbread! While I absolutely love making my super easy gingerbread, you can find the recipe here. And these are definitely in my top foods. Mr Kipling released a few years ago gingerbread whirls. These are exactly like their traditional Viennese whirls but in my opinion a million times more tasty! They are gingerbread flavoured! Get in my belly!
In our family we have a tradition of always giving each other a Cadbury selection box for Christmas. For me Christmas would not be Christmas without selection boxes. I love them and it’s something I will continue to love.

If you can’t have chocolate for Breakfast on Christmas Morning … when can you?

Sticking with a chocolate theme. I bloody love a Terry’s chocolate orange. I know you can buy these all year round for me it’s a Christmas treat! I love that you have to smash it open and all the little segments break apart. I always think they smell amazing aswell! So festive and scrumpy!


Got chocolates are 100% my favourite Christmas drink! I love filling my mug with squirts creams, marshmallows and anything else I can find to top it all off, however to make it super festive I have been sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon on the top. This is a lovely touch and really makes it feel even more Christmassy.

I love the Vimto drink you can buy, and at Christmas time they always release a winter spice flavoured Vimto. It is recommended you serve this hot and it’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold December day. I love this drink and will be super sad when they stop selling it again. Best I start stocking up on it!

Finally I thought I would end this post on an alcoholic drink, as I can’t lie these are usually my go to Christmas celebration drink. I love drinking port and lemonade during the month of December. It’s not my usual go to drink however there is something really special and Christmassy about it. It tastes just like Ribenna and Wally is super yummy. I love this drink and I will defiantly be drinking lots of it the closer we get to Christmas!

And that the end of blogmas day 11! December is going super fast for me this year!

Hope you are all well and having a lovely festive season!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


2 thoughts on “My Top Festive Foods And Drinks

  1. Those chocolate oranges are my favorite too. Since I was a little we’ve always had them in our stockings. I also love that I can smash it and it falls into the wedges. I like drinking miles around the Christmas season, anything with Tangera and cranberries tastes like Christmas smells.


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