A Festive December…

Todays post is going to be all about what I have been/will be getting up to in the month of December. I have so much going on this month is going to be so hard to document it all. I am going to be posting lots on Instagram so make sure your following me on there @LifeWithFernie. Ill be posting lots of pictures about my December so keep a look out.

To kick start the festive Celebrations, Me and Liam will be spending a day out in a near by town going Christmas shopping. We have so much shopping to do, so I am hoping the say will be successful with maybe a cheeky Mcdonalds lunch thrown in aswell. What kind of shopper are you? an on line shopper or a out and about shopper? I definitely prefer looking at all the shops and picking the presents up that way. I just feel Like I pick up the best kinds of presents this way.

Our town holds a torch light precession. this is an event where everyone receives glow sticks and torches, We all March down the high street then sing carols in our local park. this is such a lovely event and something I defiantly wont miss. This is also held in the village I grew up in, I have to admit I prefer the village on to the town one, I think its because it holds such a sentimental value for me as it feels so familiar. I just love it. this year will be extra special  as my mum is taking part in one of the singing performances, this is something I especially cant miss this year.

Liams family will always have a HUGE family meal to celebrate Christmas. This year there will be around 30 of us all meeting for a huge Christmas dinner, this will be so lovely and I cant wait for good food and great company. This is something I look forward to every year, and this year as there is so many of us, its going to be hopefully the best Christmas meal ever.

Finally When its a little closer to Christmas I will be cooking me and Liam our own Christmas dinner for just the two of us. On the actual Christmas day we are having lunch at his parents house so I thought it would be a lovely idea if we also have our own Christmas dinner too. After all can you have too many Christmas dinners? what id your favourite part of your Christmas dinner? mine is defiantly pigs in blankets YUM YUM!

I hope you have enjoyed reading what I am so far planning to do this christmas, if you have any ideas that I must do let me know, I feel like I dont have many festive things planned in the run up to Christmas.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx


2 thoughts on “A Festive December…

  1. This sounds so wonderful! I don’t think I have time to go to any markets or anything, to be honest. I went to one in November but that felt a bit too early for Christmas markets. Haven’t been to any in London this year – too busy!! My Christmas shopping is all done online so far – not quite the same feel to it, to be honest!

    Reema |


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