A Festive Flat Tour

As some of you may know this year is mine and liams first Christmas in our flat. We have absolutely loved decorating the flat out for Christmas and I am super pleased with our decorations and how the flat looks. I thought I would share with you what our flat looks like all christmassy, maybe it will give you some inspiration or if your like me you will enjoy looking at and being nosy at our festive flat.

Our living room is mainly where we spend our time so we kept this room as the main decorated room. we have our tree here too. If you would like to see a more in depth tree tour click the link here.

IMG_3897ill start of by showing you how we have decorated our storage heater, do not worry we are not using this heater so its absolutely perfectly safe to decorate it. We chose to use some silver tinsel and I added a home made snowman a little sign another snowman,a jar of tiny baubles and lastly a winter spice reed diffuser. I love this little set up.


On my out TV unit we have decorated it with a few little ornaments too, we have also IMG_3931filled a big glass vase with baubles and lights. its so simple but I think it looks so pretty and festive.I found this glittery sign in a local IMG_3932shop and I love how these looks side by side. On the other side of the unit, I have placed a light up snowman and father Christmas, a nativity scene and another home made fairy decoration.

Our living room has a big bay window so we filled that with lots of festive bits and bobs. Including a singing Santa and snowman sweet container and candy canes. I love IMG_3938these three together and I especially love all the yummy treats we can fill the snowman’s belly with. to fill the rest of this large space we decided to put up another tree in the centre. This is a little 2ft tree from B&M bargains, I brought this last year but I am sure you can find these pretty much anywhere. we decorated this with gold IMG_3941baubles and red beading.the tree has built in lights too which we found so helpful and convenient. To finish this space of we hung a tinsel stocking and a Christmas hat in the window and hung some red tinsel aswell. I think this is my favourite little nook of the flat at the minute.

Next to the main Christmas tree we have a huge IMG_3943shelving unit. this is pretty full with all our junk so I didn’t have much space to turn christmassy. So I just placed a glittery sign that says “let it snow” and placed these three little guys. more on these on my Christmas decorations haul post. And to finish of our living room we brought some fleece blankets IMG_3947super cheap from the original factory shop for £4 each to cover our sofas. these are not the best quality but I love how they look and they do make the sofa super cosy.

And that is our living room full of Christmas and I love it! if you would like to see any more of our Christmas flat tour then let me know. I didn’t want this post to be too long you see.

If you have not seen my last post then you can find it here. I hope your having a wonderful December full of lots of Christmas activities and festivities. I would love to hear all about it.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx



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