Chritstmas Tree Tour

For todays post, I thought I would give you a mini tour of my Christmas tree! I love seeing other people trees so I thought I would share mine.

Here is an over view of our tree, we decided  not to have tinsel on our tree as we personally feel they look cluttered with tinsel on. but we do have tinsel dotted about the flat, after all what’s Christmas if it doesn’t have tinsel! We have a mix of battery and mains operated lights and we love this, we like the warmth of lights too they make the room feel ever so cosy and we love that!


I thought I would also show you a few of my favourite Christmas tree decorations we have on the tree.


We got four of these acrylic Christmas trees super cheap! and I love the simplicity of them. They look like glass on the tree and the lights twinkle through them, I find myself often looking at these Decorations.


As we don’t have tinsel on our tree I have tied bows around a few of the branches to fill up some of the gaps. I especially love this one. Its an old red glittery ribbon and I have tied this guardian angel on it, this was a gift that I was given a few years ago it was originally on a keying but it unfortunately broke so this has a lot of sentimental value.

IMG_3877This Stag head looks so lovely hidden in all the lights, I like that he is a little bit hidden so its lie a little game to find him. I wish I brought more of him now as I have a massive soft spot for him.


When I first found these little white snow flakes at my local scout hut I fell in love with them, they are made from a felt kind of material and I loved the simplicity of them. I wish I knew where these where from as I would love to cover my tree in them next year. if anyone knows where to find them let me know!

IMG_3875I love love LOVE this decoration. I love the grey and white on it as I think these colours always looks so lovely next to each other. I love the shape of it and I just think its so simple and pretty. this always brings a smile to my face! IMG_3874

Who does not like glitter? and who does not like glitter especially at Christmas time! I love these silver baubles so much I think they are my favourite baubles I have ever had!



To top our tree we opted for a star, I have never had a star on top of a tree before as I have always had an angel, I love this white star even though its very big and heavy and pulls on the tree, haha I like that it gives our tree and little bit of a personality. Our star had little flecks of green tinsel in it and I love that it gives a subtle bit of colour.


Hope your enjoying my blogmas so far! did you see my last post? I am loving reading all your Christmassy post so don’t forget to send me your links!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx



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