Christmas Decorations Haul

Being our first Christmas in our own p,ace, me and Liam needed to buy so so SO many decorations to dec out the flat for Christmas. We picked up a few bits from our local town and I would love to show you some of the bits and bobs we brought. A full Christmas tree and flat tour will be coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that!
img_3761.jpgThis isn’t strictly a decoration however they were to cute not to share, I picked up this super snuggly warm Christmas Pjs and I am in love with them. I love that they have a traditional sort of patten to them, with little Christmas tress, reindeer’s and polar bars. I love anything with the traditional Christmas vibe so these could not be left un brought.

Right now actually onto the Christmas decorations. We needed some what I call fancyIMG_3763 decorations to hang on the tree so we picked a hand full up. All these ranged from between the £1 and £3 mark and I think there super pretty and will look lovely on our tree. img_3762.jpg

Next up we found these little cuties at the bottom of the self all chucked in a heap so we had to rescue them. These little guys were £2 each and will look lovely sitting on a shelf, although they do have string so  we could possible hang them on our tree. decisions decisions. I love the fact they are wearing little Christmas jumpers and scarf’s on and there little hats also have bells on which I think is a lovely little touch.  IMG_3767

Next on our list of bits we wanted to buy was what I call Christmas tat! you know the kinda big and bold and in your face Christmas rubbish which all homes need at this time of year! I found these hanging decorations for once again £2 each and I img_3769.jpglove them. I picked up a snowman, Santa hat and stocking and I think they will look amazing in our living room window. I am very excited about these.

Last but not least I saw this glittery wall sign that really img_3772.jpgtickled my pickle, I cant remember how much it was but I am sure it was no more than £5. I think its super pretty and will look amazing where ever I choose to put it.

And thats day three done and dusted, I hope your enjoying my blogmas so far, I’m loving writing it!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xxx



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