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My Top Christmas Movies

Its day two of blogmas and today I thought I would share with you my all time top Christmas Movies. what are your favourite movies?I want to watch as many as possible this season so let me know the good ones. I have so many favourites I am just going to share them all with you and in no particular order.


This is such a lovely film and will ALWAYS make me feel super christmassy and will make giggle at the same time.its such a lovely family film and I am sure it will suit everyone. the story line is amazing and the whole film feels like a warm festive hug.


This is a film that has grown on me overtime.When I was in my early teenage years I hated it as it didn’t follow one story line, and now that is why I love it. I feel like you get 5 films in one. I love the message it sends out and makes me feel all happy. a definite favourite of mine.


Although not strictly a Christmas film, this always outs me in a wintry Christmas mood, maybe its all the snow? I love the sons in this and always gets me up singing and dramatic dancing around my living room. I received this DVD for Christmas a few years ago also so maybe that is another reason why it feels so Christmassy.


Once again this isn’t really a Christmas film, however growing up these films always seemed to be on during the lead up to Christmas. I love that is so magical and maybe that was why it was shown to me when I was growing up. Christmas is such a magical time of year I suppose.

A Christmas Carol

This film was apart of a childhood Christmas tradition so this film hold alot of sentiment value and that probably why its in with my top Christmas films. Every year after church we would watch this film before me and my brother went to bed. we watched it cuddled up in blankets with the open fire blazing. it was lovely.

And those are my favourite movies to watch during the christmas period. what are your favourites?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx




5 thoughts on “My Top Christmas Movies

  1. Great list of festive films Fern 💕. My boyfriend and I have been watching loads of Christmas DVDs recently, I would agree that Love Actually and A Christmas Carol are great! We are watching Elf today and after reading your review I’m really looking forward to it 😃. I’ll have to check out Frozen & Harry Potter! Thank you for the recommendations 😘 xx


  2. I never thought of Harry Potter being a Christmas movie, but you’re totally right! They have the most beautiful Christmas scenes.Watching A Christmas Carol is on one of my family Christmas traditions too!

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it already but You’ve Got Mail is another lovely not-exactly-a-christmas-movie-but-cosy-and-festive film!

    Good luck with the rest of blogmas 💗🎄


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