November Favourites

What a busy month November has been, I have had my birthday and gone on holiday and I have really focussed on my blog this month, Thank you to everyone that has given me so much love and encouragement, it really does mean the world to me. The month has gone super fast but I have a few random things I wanted to show you. During all the madness of the month these favourites have always been by side. what have your favourites been?


Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser

this product has been well used this month, will the cold weather my skin has taken a beating so I needed to up my skin care routine. I found this and the back of my skincare stash and gave it ago. My skin has never felt better for using this twice a day. its a perfectly light moisturiser for me, I have oily skin so I need a light moisturiser and this works amazingly. Its super cheap to so I will 100% be buying it again. Good job simple!

Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm

Keeping with a skin care theme, I have loved using this lip balm, my lips had started to become dry one day and this was the first thing I found, its perfect. Its plain and simple with no fancy stuff. I love it. it keeps my lips super soft even through bitter coastal winds while on holiday at 10 out of 10

Christmas Leggings

brought last year, I came across them again this year while sorting through my clothes, I tried them on to see whether or not they still fit and I fell in love with them once again. These are the softest and most cosy leggings I have ever come across.I am sure I brought these from Primark so will have to see if this year they are doing them again. I have been wearing these non stop and I am sure I will continue to wear them right the way through till Christmas.

Tetley Super Green Tea  Berry Blast

being a huge tea drinker and being on the go all the time, when I saw this I had to buy it. this tea claim to reduce tiredness and fatigue and I completely support that. Come 11 o clock in the morning I am shattered, so I have been drinking this then and I have seen a massive difference. the tea tastes really scrummy to which actually makes me look forward to drinking it. I brought this in my local Sainsburys for around the pound mark so if you see it make sure you pick it up. its really worth it.

All Things Christmas

Towards the end of this month I have been in a massive Christmas hype. I have been loving all things Christmassy, Christmas songs especially. I have been listneing to christmas songs 24/7 which Liam has found highly annoying.I am so ready for blogmas I am super excited! are you?

And that is November all wrapped up and finished. What have your highlights of the month been, I would love to hear them. hope your November has been a good one. I cant wait for December its by far my favourite month of the year!

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx





4 thoughts on “November Favourites

  1. November has just flown by so quickly!! I’ve been looking for a good lip balm as my lips always got so dry over the winter season. Your Christmas leggings sound ideal, I may have to invest in a pair!! X


  2. For me, once Halloween is over the time flies til Christmas! It’s crazy! Can’t wait for December and winter. The nivea lip balm is awesome, in winter my skin gets soooo dry and I use a lot of Nivea products since are really moisturising!



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