Holiday Diary 2017 Part Two

Here is part two of my holiday diary, if you haven’t already make sure you have a little read of part one to help you get up to speed with whats been going on. Long story short me and Liam went away for a winter woodland break and I wanted to share our adventures with you, If you wanted to be nosy and have a look at our accommodation click the link here and it will take you to our cabin tour. Tomorrow at 11am I will be uploading my holiday look book so if that your cup of tea set your alarms for that. Righty That should be you all caught up with whats going on, here goes….

Day Four

After all the excitement from yesterday we both decided we wanted another chill out relaxing at the lodge, Especially as this was our last day, Time had gone so quicklyIMG_3625 but I started to miss our flat back home. In the morning Liam went to the gym and I went swimming, it was lovely to spend a little bit of time apart I loved having the space to clear my mind of everything and just focus on me at the moment in time. I was the only one in the pool at it was amazing. I spent some time thinking about my blog IMG_3643plans for the future and took some time to just breath and be in my own space.

After my swim I felt refreshed and excited to see Liam. We then as planned spent the afternoon and evening dancing round the cabin to top 40 countdowns, reading books, laughing and watching rubbish TV. As much as I love busy days visiting places, days like these are my favorite. In the cabin we was in our own little bubble where nothing else mattered and we didn’t have to think of any one else. I loved it and that’s something I want to recreate more.

20171116_18233320171116_185825We ended the day by having one last meal in the restaurant. We both decided to go for the gammon steak a choice neither of us regretted it was by far the best gammon steak we had ever eaten. finished with ice cream sundaes. we were full and ready to head back to the cabin to pack our bags and have one final dip in the hot tub.

Day Five

IMG_3673Our last morning in the cabin and it was an early one! I was tired before all the traveling had begun and worst of all. I cam on my shitting period haha! I was grumpy and stroppy. I felt sorry for Liam I was like a dragon that was ready to explode. Things were not looking good for our day of travelling. However I put on my big girl knickers (Literally) sucked it up and wore a smile on my face, lets do this. We got are suitcases together our big coats on and we said goodbye to oak cabin two, although sad I was looking forward to getting into my own bed in my own space. even more so now I was cramping like a 20171117_110732good`un. We headed back into Cromer and had a wonder around Morrison’s and had a huge lunch, Liam went all out with a breakfast and I had a scrumptious macaroni cheese. we had some time to kill before our train so we stayed in the café and I did some blog planning, while Liam made use of the IMG_3677customer free WiFi. Our journey home was nice and easy, no trains delayed and everything was plain sailing, exactly how I like it. At around 4pm we opened the door to our home for a cup of hot earl grey tea.



So that​s the end of our holiday, I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what we got up to? I would to hear about any holidays you have been on recently! let me know. Don`t forget that tomorrow will be a holiday look book for you to have a look at.

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx



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