mental health


Some of you may be aware of the #unthinkstigma campaign I am currently involved with. I am working on this with some amazing girls who all share the same vision as me.

You must have a look at their blogs, and follow their Twitters ❤️

Chloe — Twitter and Blog 

Bexa– Twitter and  Blog

Kerry– Twitter and Blog

The campaign is focusing on the stigma that is around mental health and how we NEED change to happen! We need to look at how mental health is perceived in our own personal lives and change it for the better. This campaign is hoping to do that. By using the #unthinkstigma on twitter and instagram and any other social media you may enjoy you are helping and contributing to a world that mental health has NO negative stigma.

Maybe tweet how you are feeling today? Or even a little post about your own mental health? Spread the hashtag and create an environment in which mental health is talked about openly, freely and accepted as the norm.


Together we have generated a questionnaire to find out about your opinions around the stigma of mental health and give as many people as possible a voice. We will look at all the questionnaires and look at your views. From then we can develop our campaign to directly and personally benefit as many of you as possible.This is YOUR campaign and we want to do everything we can to benefit you.this is your chance to have a say in the future of the stigma around mental health. Click to take part.

I wanted to give you all an idea of my own personal opinions on the matter So I enclose my personal, answers to the questionnaire.

We are taking our campaign to The AddVentureMind Weekend. In November The events purpose is come up with ideas and solutions to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. It will be such an inspiring weekend and a perfect opportunity to meet so many amazing people. The wonderful Chloe is attending as a blogger and guest speaker, she is so lovely and has so many brilliant ideas, go and say hello 🙂

Tickets for the event are free and can be found here…

Cheerio For now,

Fern xx


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