Monthly Wishlists

September 2017 Goals 

  I would love for this month to be a bloody good month, I hope to achieve lots and smile              more and that is why I am sharing with you my September goals for 2017! Leave your goals in the comments and let’s motivate each Other! 

 Work out and stick to a blog upload schedule, when would you like to see more of me? Let me know on my twitter @LifeWithFernie. I’m thinking about doing three uploads a week on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday? With a 7pm upload time would this work for you?

Loose my last 11lbs, ready for my holiday in November, I have come so far and need a big push for the last hurdle. I need to make sure I am moving more, I am going to aim for three jogs a week and lots of toning exercises daily.

Hit 50 blog followers, please share my blog with your friends to help make this happen 😉 Pwetty please ❤

Experiment with different make up looks, I do the same everyday it’s time to mix it up! I am going to try doing a 1 different thing a day even if it’s wearing a different shade of lipstick.

Save my money, I need to reign in with buying unnecessary skin care and hair products. Does anyone have any money saving tricks I just spend spend spend!

So those are my September goals, I cant wait to hear what your goals are! 

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


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