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Make up, Set up

I cant write down in words how excited I am for this post!

Today is the first post of a make up series I have been working on with 3 other AMAZING bloggers! Check them out!

We are tackling four different make up related topics all written in our own unique styles. Its going to be something you don’t want to miss! we will be sharing with you one post a day for the next four days the last one being on Monday so make sure you follow us all so you don’t miss it!

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My Make Up, Set Up

My make up set up is fairly basic, I share a room with my other half  Liam so space is tight. What I do have works for me and I love the practicality of it and I think its pretty cute!

IMG_2985We were given a floor to nearly ceiling shelving unit from a family member and that is what I use to store all my skin care, hair care and bath time goodies  as well as random other bits and my makeup. The shelf that hold my makeup has got to be my favourite shelf!I don’t hold much on the shelf as I prefer to keep things as minimalistic as possible. I don’t have lots out but I am very much hoping to expand my makeup collection in the near future has anyone got any products I must try?



On the left hand side of the shelf I have two hand creams at the moment these are a lovely hand crème from Laura Ashley and a ted baker one I got for Christmas also very lovely. I also  have here my tea tree oil, I love using this for my acne. I got my mirror as a gift but I know you can get this mirror at Wilkos, IMG_2986

I love the fact that it lights up using battery power and I love that there are no leads cluttering up the space. Behind the mirror I have a wooden picture that’s reads “this is my happy place” The pink wood makes the space looks really girly and it adds a little bit of colour to the space to. On the mirror I hang my Pandora charm bracelet and I have tied a Pandora ribbon to it also.

In the middle of the shelf I have my makeup brushes, foundations I don’t use daily and my Naked Pallet! IMG_2990My brushes I brought from a website called aliexpress they were MEGA cheap and are super soft and have cleaned up really well. I love them! I store my brushes in a clear plastic pencil pot and to girly it up a little I have a little hair bow around it.

on the right hand side of the shelf I store my make up. I brought img_2991.jpgmy containers from Wilkos also. I think they were around £4.99 for the draws and £3.99 for the tray, they both click together to make up the whole storage box which is handy as then the trays don’t slide about. I organise my draws as follows;

                                Bottom draw: Lip Products

                 Middle draw: Eye shadows and eye primers

Top draw: Contour kits, Brow kits, blusher and concealer Pallet

On top of the draws, I have the tray which has little compartments to help organise your makeup. I keep some makeup products in here but also other everyday bits.


These include….

  • Hair bands and clips
  • Real techniques beauty blender
  • Glasses cleaning spray
  • Eye liners 
  • Mascaras
  • Brow pencils
  • Foundation and BB cream
  • Concealers
  • Lip balm
  • Setting powder
  • Tweezers, scissors and nail clippers
  • Cotton buds
  • Rings and earrings I have been wearing recently
  • Various dental care products

I fit so much into this tray. and for £3.99 its an absolute bargain!

On the shelf under my make up shelf I store my nail varnishes, I have organised them by img_2987.jpg, I have my OPI polishes on the bottom then my chimney’s, a random collection top coat and a Maybelline  then finally my Rimmed. On top of the pink box I store my random nail polishes. I love being able to see them and it always  reminds me to keep my nails looking classy haha 🙂



And That’s It!

Pheww I’m shattered writing all this but I really hope you have enjoyed this little read. I have really enjoyed putting it all together for you 🙂


Don’t forget that this is a collab with three other amazing bloggers, Make sure you visit Amys blog tomorrow for her travel makeup post.

Its going to be a goodun!

You can find it here! —>

If you cant wait till tomorrow follow us all on twitter for random insights to ur lives and most importantly updates on our latest blog posts, you don’t want to miss them!

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Cheerio for now,

Fern xx








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