Feeling Fabulous!

One of my favourite things to do is pamper my soul and body. I absolutely love it! i have my self a pamper evening at least once a week. I love the way it makes me feel like a sophisticated well put together woman, you know the ones that appear to have everything  in control and never a hair out of place. that’s why I love taking time out of a busy day to recharge my batteries and to reinvent myself even if it is just for a few minuets (it never lasts) I feel its so important to have this time for ourselves as it does wonders for our mental and physical health. and that’s a good enough reason for me! read on for my Top 5 ways to pamper the mind and body…

Tidy Spaces

I feel this is the most important thing to remember when having a pamper session. before I start my pampering I always ensure the bathroom and bedroom are as clutter free and as tidy as possible. This always helps me to relax and it makes things so much easier. you don’t want to get out of a glorious bubble bath with the intention of slobbing out in bed if there is washing that needs to be put away on the bed or course work that needs to be done all over the bed. Sometimes this takes a little bit of time preparing the room for ultimate relaxation but oh boy its important.

tidySo we now have our tidy room, you may of put on  clean bed sheets  and put on the fairy lights, I would highly recommend you do this, if anything its essential that you do this. Your almost ready to get pampering but first you need to make sure that all your jobs for the day have been done. ensuring all your to do lists for the day have been ticked off by doing this your ensuring you mind is as tidy as possible. Make your pamper session the last thing you have to do for the day, there is nothing worse than feeling oh so relaxed and calm to remember the washing up needs doing or you need to go the shops, get all your jobs done first.

Bath Time

So now we are ready to turn on those taps, fill the bath with far to many bubbles and possibly flood the bathroom floor with them, am I the only one that manages this? its time to gather all your favourite lotions and potions use the ones you were saving for a special occasion because this IS a special occasion! bathDuring this time I usually find my self trying to de- hair my body! I feel this is my secret of feeling like a put together woman, with silky smooth legs,  well trimmed eye brows and my lady garden well pruned I feel 2 stone lighter. but of course if this is not for you do what ever you please do what you feel happy and confident doing, do whatever makes you happy, thats the key for a good pamper session doing what makes you feel the happiest you possibly can in that period of time.

I take the time to brush conditioner through my hair and whack on a good hair mask as well, I love the Toni and Guy ones there smashing. I would love some new ones to try so let me know your favourite hair masks! to keep my hair feeling as clean as possible I make sure I rinse all the hair gloop of using fresh water from the shower head, I find using the dirty bath water completely defeats the object of washing my hair all nice and for some reason it took me years to work this out. please tell me this is normal?

Finally I’m out the bath I have washed every part of my body and I’m feeling fresh. before I leave the bathroom and the bubbles on the floor oops :/ I will moisturize my soapbody I will either use a body butter or lotion my favourites must be Soap And Glory sugar crush body butter or the Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion. Sometimes when I’m feeling like really going for it I will even  fake tan. I leave the bathroom feeling a brand new woman, I’m silky smooth moisturised and glowing like a goddess. what’s there not to love!

Hands And Feet

Often our hands and feet are neglected, they are used so often and i will always give them some extra loving during a pamper session. I start of my cutting my nails I hate doing this so its quite a chore but my feet and hands do thank me for it. I choose a nail varnish and I paint my toes and finger nails the same. For me wearing matching nail varnish is the cheery on the cake fro feeling a well put together sophisticated woman. I usually choose a nice red or pink shade. I like to think there classy colours. I finish of with some more lotions, I enjoy using the Laura Ashley hand crèmes for my fingers and love the Soap And Glory heal genius for my totsies.

Choosing The Right Outfit

Now our body’s are all clean and creamed, its time to pick out an outfit for the rest of the evening or day depending when your pampering commenced. I personally love going for shorts and t-shirts in the summer especially loving my lion king ones from Primark there adorable or I enjoy feeling classy in a frilly nightie also from Primark. Basically in the summer I want wear something that’s light and comfy. However when it turns colder it a whole new ball game. pjsI love love love! wearing fluffy socks and the fluffiest pyjamas you could possibly imagine. I love the Matalan ones at Christmas there as fluffy as a onesie but as a jumper and trousers I like to call them twosies. see what I did there? basically to summarise outfit picking you need to feel comfy so if you feel comfiest stark bollock naked you go for it sunshine! embrace the nudity haha!


Telly And Snacks

Now this a topic I could take about for hours but I’m aware this is getting rather long so ill try and keep this short. After your finished pampering for me its always time for telly and snacks. My telly of choice would either be made in Chelsea box sets, YouTube or whacking on a film. In my opinions what ever is on that screen is fine, as I said earlier if it makes you happy go for it. if watching re runs of kids telly makes you happy go for it. this sections is completely  your choice. I’m kind like that haha…

Finally Snacks! to me there is nothing in life that makes me happier that eating food. I feel here you have a few options you could treat your body to some vitamins and nutrients and go for some fruit or you could do what I would do and eat my body weight in Doritos doughnuts and dolly mixtures. dollywhatever you decide to go for make sure its yummy and you remember NOT to share, them share bags may tell you to share but we all know there not really meant for sharing right?

So that’s it for my pampering tips and tricks. share yours in the comments below!

If you follow me on twitter next time you have a pamper session send me a picture of your favourite product and use the hashtag #bubblesonthefloor and ill follow you back!

Cheerio for now,

fern x

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5 thoughts on “Feeling Fabulous!

  1. I love this post! I feel as though I wrote it to be honest ❤
    We sound VERY alike! ❤
    I cannot stress enough about the whole clean room, clean mind! I've never come across something so true – that goes for my wardrobe, my work desk, my car – when everything is clean + tidy, I feel like I got my S**T together 😛


    1. Ahhhh do we! We will have to maybe sort a collar out maybe if your interested? I’ll have to have a binge read of your blog haha! Yes I’m totally into living in an organised and tidy area even if it looks like chaos it’s organised to me! Love feeling like I have my shit together! Xx ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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