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My Skin Story

So here goes, my first blog post and it’s going to be a long one, so get comfy in your comfiest pjs, your fluffiest socks and get your self a hot cuppa tea! Are we ready???

My skin has always been such a huge struggle for me, Since the age off 11 I have suffered from acne, this is such a common thing and yet so many of us feel ashamed and embarrassed by their skin and will spend hours trying to cover it up and spend hundreds of pounds trying to help clear it or fix it. For years I spent doing this often missing days off school because I was too embarrassed by the state of my skin, I wanted to hide from the world. I hated my skin.

At the age of 14 I was wearing heavy amounts of make up in a desperate attempt to cover it up. I decided this had the change, My skin was never going to improve if I was adding more oils and dirt to it, it’s was only going to get worse. This was the time I stopped wearing make up. This was the hardest thing to do at this point and yes I was bullied for it. I was asked why my skin was the way it was, called names and people even would refuse to sit near me, all because of my acne. However I felt strong. I held my head high proud to show the real me. And I was rewarded, my skin started to improve and I was receiving compliments about how my skin looked and I felt amazing. By the age of 15 my skin was manageable and I started dating the man I am still with today.

Years went by, I tried everything to clear up the scares and what was left of the acne I tried an array of creams and tablets both prescription and over the counter. I gave up but Liam reassured me I was beautiful the way I am and that made me feel a little better.

In December 2016 I had a breakdown (another topic for another day) My acne was now at its worse its ever been, it was sore and it itched. The spots would burst randomly I felt helpless. I was finally referred to see and dermatologist he prescribed many different antibiotics all o fwhich helped but nothing would clear it up for once and for all. The picture on the left shows my skin at its worse.

It was around this time I was gaining weight, I gained weight quickly and put on around 2 stone in a handful of months.despite battling through my breakdown and seeing physiatrists and being on a mixture of anti depressants I decided to loose the weight. I changed my diet and ate healthier. My skin glowed it never looked better. I felt as if I had conquered the world!

With a new found confidence I decided to re visit the world of skin care. I did lots of research and decided I needed a basic 3 step system. Wash,cleanse and then tone my skin. My skin loved this I would use this system morning and night. I would use a gentle exfoliator three times a week and enjoy a facemask once a week to. My skin was looking healthy and I felt great! The picture to the right of the page shows my skin approximately 2 months later and it felt fantastic.

I wanted to finish this post with a well written summary offering wise encouraging words and quite frankly I am struggling. At the end of the day everyone will experience acne of some level at one point during their life and as much as it is soul destroying and there will be some days you want to bury your head in your pillow you can’t live your life like that. You do need to hold your head high and wear a smile on your face even if it’s a fake one. Sometimes life is tough and shit is thrown at you but it’s how you deal with it that defines who you are not the shit that’s thrown! Am I making sense? I’m not sure? Let me know haha!

My skin today is by no means perfect but who defines Perfection? Who decides what is and what is not perfect? Let’s embrace our skin not hide it away from the world, we are ALL beautiful! So right now I am writing this post it’s nearly time for me to go to sleep and My hair is a mess from a busy days work and this is what I look like…and I love it!

Cheerio for now,

Fern xx


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